Great Films By Ridley Scott

  • 1.Alien
  • 2.Black Hawk Down
  • 3.Blade Runner
  • 4.Thelma & Louise
  • 5.G.I. Jane

I actually enjoyed both "Hannibal" and "Gladiator". Though I enjoyed "Hannibal" a bit more. What did you think of these two movies, or does their absence from the list speak for itself?

glad to see you again jen. Gladiator had promise but fell short. It was the british accents and the special effects editing that did it to me. I have yet to see Hannibal, so I can't really tell you just yet.. is good to hear from you.

What about "Black Hawk Down"? I read the book (I was over there with the Air Force at the time), and it took some serious concentration to follow. I though Scott did a great job of taking the incredibly complex story and bringing it to the screen. Additionally, the set was excellent (filmed in Morocco, with not one Somali actor in the movie!)

Black Hawk Down. I need to add that immediately. Thanks Infoman.

And that is where I would place it as well. Other than GI Jane, I would clone the list.

I really enjoyed G.I. Jane.

I need to watch the whole thing. I got in after 15-20 minutes, and from then on I didn't give it a chance.

When I rented it, i thought it would be ho hum, you know? but it is quite good. Like you said, give it another shot Sean.