Great Films on the IMDB's Top 50 Comedies List That May Contain a Little Humor But Really Aren't Comedies

  • Goodfellas*
  • A Matter of Life and Death*
  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington*
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Sure, there's some subtle humor, but definitely not a comedy)
  • The Searchers (This one was most baffling to me. I've only seen it once, but I didn't remember any humor in it at all)
  • Talk to Her (The silent movie scene is a masterpiece of bizarre humor, but that's pretty much all you get in this serious, poignant film.)
Author Comments: 

Well, it seems that I've gone beyond being simply a guy who watches a lot of comedies to becoming a comedy elitist. I was just checking out the IMDB's top 50 comedies list, and I found some definitely non-comedies on there. These films may contain some humor in them, but they really aren't comedies, despite what the IMDB may tell you.

Films with asterisks are ones I haven't seen, but I'm assuming they shouldn't be classified as comedies. I certainly could be wrong - feel free to disagree.

Goodfellas - the over-the-top Joe Pesci role.
Mr. Smith... - one example: the scene between Stewart, his girlfriend in the balcony, and the expressions on the "Speakers" face during the filibuster.
One Flew Over... - Jacks role was comic throughout.
The Searchers - the Ken Curtis fight with "Marty" and the Texas Ranger charge toward the end with Ward Bond getting rear ended so-to-speak.