Great Films By Howard Hawks

  • 1. Red River
  • 2. To Have And Have Not
  • 3. Ball Of Fire
  • 4. The Big Sleep
  • 5. Bringing Up Baby
  • 6. Rio Bravo
  • 7. Only Angels Have Wings
  • 8. His Girl Friday
  • 9. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  • 10. Seargant York

i've only seen red river, the big sleep, and rio bravo, but i've gotta say that i did prefer red river of the 3. the big sleep was good, i enjoyed that movie more for the atmosphere it created and humphrey bogart's acting but what detracted was the fact that i couldn't piece the story together. rio bravo was really good too, i'll have to find time to watch hawk's other movies.

i've only recently begun to enjoy this master film maker myself. He truly was a visionary.