Great British Movies - my favourites.

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A list somewhat biased towards the 90s. I know that other Listologists will add some further contenders. I considered a few others, such as Hitchcock's Rebecca with Laurence Olivier, but it transpired that they were not British-made.

Remains of the Day is a great film. A fascinating insight into two virtually extinct minorities, masters and servants of 'great houses', with tragic characters at both social levels, very finely acted. Long, but never dull.

I have to say, though, that if these are the only great British movies you can come up with you haven't tried very hard.

You are right - I haven't tried very hard, but still too few spring to mind.

I'm hoping that other Listologists can suggest some further contenders (despite my laziness).

Hint taken, but don't hold your breath.

Well heck, ask and you shall receive:

The Lavender Hill Mob
Passport To Pimlico
Henry V (1945)

to name a few



Here's some fodder.

Fodder indeed. I will add 'If . . .' to my list and probably Henry V and possibly a few others that I would first have to watch again because they don't really stand out in my mind - perhaps a sign that they weren't so great after all. But how on Earth could they rate 'The English Patient' above 'Truly Mady Deeply' (which is not even included in the top 100), and I would not have included 'Carry On Up The Khyber' in my top 1,000 (or possibly 10,000).

I would surmise that the Carry is there as a representative of that sort of low comedy. This is the age of the common man, after all.

but on what level could it be called a great movie by the BFI.

I see their list is of 'favourites' rather then 'best/great', so you are right of course.