GAME0003: Name The Series TV Character

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  • 001. Anthony Blake
  • 002. Barbara Gordon - (aka Batgirl) Yvonne Craig on "Batman" (1966) [jgandcag +2]
  • 003. Bill Bittinger
  • 004. Danny Williams - (aka "Dan-o") James McArthur on "Hawaii Five-O" (1968) [jgandcag +2]
  • 005. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew - ? on "The Muppet Show" (1976) [jgandcag +1]
  • 006. Evan Drake - Tom Skeritt on "Cheers" (1982) [jgandcag +2]
  • 007. Franklin Delano Bickley
  • 008. Howard Borden - Bill Daily on "The Bob Newhart Show" (1972) [jgandcag +2]
  • 009. Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo de Huevos Epstein - ? on "Welcome Back, Kotter" (1975) [jgandcag +1]
  • 010. Nicholas Bradford - Adam Rich on "Eight is Enough" (1977) [jgandcag +2]
  • 011. Number 6 - Patrick McGoohan on "The Prisoner" (1967) [lbangs +2]
  • 012. Oscar Goldman - ? on "The Six Million Dollar Man" (1974) [jgandcag +1]
  • 013. Sally McMillan - Susan Saint James on "McMillan and Wife" (1971) [jgandcag +2]
  • 014. Sam Franklin - ? on "The Brady Bunch" (1969) [jgandcag +1]
  • 015. Sheriff Lobo - Claude Akins on "?" [jgandcag +1]
  • 016. Sue Ann Nivens - Betty White on "The Mary Tyler Moore" (1970) [jgandcag +2]
  • 017. Leonard Kosnowski - (aka "Lenny") Michael McKean on "Laverne & Shirley" (1976) [jgandcag +2]
  • 018. Aristotle Nostradamus Shannon
  • 019. Lowell Mather - ? on "Wings" (1990) [jgandcag +1]
  • 020. Nora Wilde - Tea Leoni on The Naked Truth (1995) [timepiec +2]
  • 021. Joseph Francis Tribbiani - (aka "Joey") Matt LeBlanc on "Friends" (1984) [jgandcag +2]
  • 022. Don Leslie Orville - Wayne Knight on "3rd Rock from the Sun" (1996) [buddy +2]
  • 023. Martin Tupper - Brian Benben on "Dream On" (1990) [jgandcag +2]
  • 024. Marty Gold
  • 025. Larry Appleton - ? on "Perfect Strangers" (1986) [DaveDelV +1]
  • 026. Larry Finkelstein - ? on "Dharma & Greg" (1997) [buddy +1]
  • 027. Josiah Bartlet - (aka 'Jed') Martin Sheen on "The West Wing" (1999) [DaveDelV +2]
  • 028. Lucy Knight - Kellie Martin on "ER" (1994) [timepiec +2]
  • 029. Commander John Koenig
  • 030. Oswald Lee Harvey - Diedrich Bader on "The Drew Carey Show" (1995) [buddy +1, bycal +1]
  • 031. Dan Conner - John Goodman on "Roseanne" (1988) [buddy +2]
  • 032. Dennis Finch - David Spade on "Just Shoot Me" (1997) [buddy +2]
  • 033. Chris Peterson - Chris Elliott on "Get a Life" (1990) [buddy +2]
  • 034. Dave Nelson - Dave Foley on "NewsRadio" (1995) [buddy +2]
  • 035. Mallory Keaton - Justine Bateman on "Family Ties" (1982) [buddy +2]
  • 036. Al Freundlich
  • 037. Jackie Chiles - ? on "Seinfeld" (1990) [buddy +1]
  • 038. Willie Tanner - ? on "ALF" (1986)
  • 039. Kelly Bundy - Christina Applegate on "Married... with Children" (1987) [taryn +2]
  • 040. Elaine Nardo
  • 041. Dan Rydell - Josh Charles on "Sports Night" (1998) [timepiec +2]
  • 042. Jodie Dallas
  • 043. Kip Wilson
  • 044. Doug Roberts
  • 045. Doctor Phillip Chandler
Author Comments: 

Hello, All! I thought some might enjoy this game.

I've intentionally avoided animated series, TV mini-series and daytime soap operas. Live action children's shows are still fair game.

For one point name the series. For another point name the actor.

buddy: +16
bycal: +1
DaveDelV: +3
jgandcag: +26
lbangs: +2
taryn: +2
timepiec: +6

2. Is Batgirl from Batman played by Yvonne Craig
4. James McArthur Bookem Dano from Hawaii Five-O
5. Is from the about Frank Oz
8. Is Bill Dailey from Bob newhart Show
9 is from Welcome Back Kotter but cant remeber is name Heyges maybe..
10 Is Adam Rich From Eight is enough
12 Is cfrom Six million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman no idea who played him though
13. Is Susan Saint James from McMillan and Wife
16. Is Betty White From Mary Tyler Moore

Thats enough for now

Check out the Big Brain on Brad!? Good job, dude. Points tallied and list updated and extended.

Pulp Fiction on the brain comment but I think it was Brett. Not a big brain really I am just old without losing my memory yet

14. Sam Franklin is Sam the Butcher Brady Bunch no idea who played him though

19. is from Wings dont remember his name either.

17. is Micheal McKean from Laverne and Shirley.

21. is matt LeBlanc from Friends

23. Is Brian Benben from HBO's Dream on. A nice little show.

Yes i have watched too much TV

see and all of that TV watching has payed off :-)

Yes now I just need to figure how to become rich off it.

I did see the Prisoner along time ago and I remeber loving it.


19 is Thomas Hayden Church.

11 - Patrick McGooan - The Prisoner

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs


BTW, Has anyone watched this show extensively?! I'm really thinking about sitting down some time and watching them all but I want to know if that payoff is worth it...

#22 is Wayne Knight on 3rd Rock from the Sun

you are correct, sir!

Thanks. But, just FYI - it's ma'am ;)

buddy is a ma'am?! my world is crumbling...

#26 is Dharma's dad on Dharma and Greg, but I don't know the actor's name.

you are correct, ma'am!

#25: is "Cousin Larry" to Bronson Pincot's [sp?] "Balki" on an ABC sitcom from the late 80's set in Chicago whose name escapes me at this early hour.

#27 of course is President Bartlett, Martin Sheen in The West Wing.

3 Points!

006 is from Cheers and its that guy with an english accent....Roger Rees..I think thats it.

015 was played by Claude Akins I think but I cant remeber the show. I think there was a spin-off called Sherriff Lobo

028 is from the Practice and Her name Is Marla Sokolof..something like that...

006. Wrong Actor, Correct Show
015. Correct Actor, Wrong Show (But Close)
028. Wrong Actor, Wrong Show

2 Points!

Not Roger; then it must be Tom Skerrit.

Yep! Good Job!

Just a stab in the dark... is 18 from Brisco County Junior?


Hint Time! OK, where I can I'll give the name of another TV character that this actor played...

001. David Bruce Banner
003. Merle Jeeter
007. George Utley
020. Dana Sculley [Note: This is not Gillian Anderson. Think...what other actress played Dana Sculley?]
024. Harve Schwartz
028. Rebecca Thatcher
029. Rollin Hand

28 was Kellie Martin on ER (and I knew that without the hint).

Good Job, Tp! 2 points for you!

#30 is Drew Carey, though I had to look up the actor's name, so I'll leave that to someone else.
#31 is John Goodman in Roseanne
#32 is David Spade in Just Shoot Me
#33 is Chris Elliot in Get A Life

7 points for you Buddy, and thanks for playing! This game has been languishing a little.

Oswald is played by Diedrich Bader..he also appeared in a few Xerox ads!

he shoots, he scores! 1 point that is...

Oswald is played by Diedrich Bader..he also appeared in a few Xerox ads!

#34 is Dave Foley in Newsradio
#35 is Justine Bateman in Family Ties
#37 is the lawyer guy in Seinfeld, though I don't know the actor's name
#38 is the dad on Alf - same actor who plays Denbigh on the Norm Show

boy you're good :-) i'll tally your new score shortly.

Sorry it took me so long to update. 6 points for Buddy!

38 is Max Wright

#20 is Tea Leoni on Naked Truth? I'm not sure of the series title.

that is correct! 2 points for you!

wasn't "Kelly Bundy" Christina Applegate on Married with Children?

I see someone beat me to 39, but 41 is Josh Charles from Sports Night.

I know it's been a while since this game has been visited but Elaine Nardo was Marilu Henner's character on Taxi and Kip Wilson was Tom Hanks' character on Bosom Buddies.