Game: Name That Director!

  • 1.Phantasm(Don Cascarelli,guessed by dgeiser13)
  • 2.Hate(Matthieu Kossovitz,guessed by dgeiser13)
  • 3.Vincent( Tim Burton,guessed by AJDaGreat)
  • 4.Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original)(Tobe Hopper,guessed by jim)
  • 5.The Whiz(Sidney Lumet,guessed by directorspen)
  • 6.Barry Lyndon(Stanley Kubrick,guessed by AJDaGreat)
  • 7.Basquiat(Julian Schnabel,guessed by Slipkid71)
  • 8.Pollack(Ed Harris,guessed by ash_campbell)
  • 9.21 Grams(Alejandro Inarutti,guessed by jim)
  • 10.Happiness(Todd Solondz,guessed by AJDaGreat)
  • 11.Gummo(Harmoney Korine,guessed by Slipkid71)
  • 12.Snake eyes(Brian De palma,guessed by ash_campbell)
  • 13.EraserHead(David Lynch,guessed by ash_campbell)
  • 14.For Love of the game(Sam Raimi,guessed by Smaug)
  • 15.The Majestic(Frank Darabont,guessed by Smaug)
  • 16.Begotten(Elias Merinau,guessed by iwhitney)
  • 17.Sex,Lies and Video Tape (Steven Soderburg,guessed by AJDaGreat)
  • 18.Stop Making Sense(Johnatan Demme,guessed by Slipkid71)
  • 19.They Live(John Carpenter,guessed by Slipkid 71)
  • 20.The Hills Have Eyes(Wes Craven,guessed by Slipkid71)
  • 21.The Man With The Golden Arm(Otto Preminger,guessed by Slpkid71)
  • 22.Bad Taste(Peter Jackson,guessed by iwhitney)
  • 23.Legend(Ridley Scott,guessed by Slipkid71)
  • 24.The People Versus Larry Flint(Milos Foreman,guessed by pivvclam)
  • 25.Crash(David Cronenburg,guessed by jim)
  • 26.Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure(Stephen Herek,guessed by Xfanatic50)
  • 27.Barton Fink(Joel Coen,guessed by AAA)
  • 28.The Crow(Alex Proyas,guessed by iwhitney)
  • 29.Breaking the Waves(Lars Von Trier,guessed by AAA)
  • 30.Dead Man(Jim Jarmush,guessed by jim)
  • 31.Space Balls(Mel Brooks,guessed by jim)
  • 32.The Last Waltz(Martin Scorsese by pivvclam)
  • 33.Metropolis(Fritz Lang,guessed by jim)
  • 34.Serial Mom(John Waters,guessed by jim)
  • 35.Serpico(Sidney Lumet,guessed by directorspen)
  • 36.Re-Animator(Brian Yuzna,guessed by dgeiser13)
  • 37.Adaptation(Spike Jonze,guessed by AJDagreat)
  • 38.Ghandi(Richard Attenburough,guessed by pivvclam)
  • 39.Secrets and Lies(Mike Leigh,guessed by AJDaGreat)
  • 40.Gosford Park(Robert Altman,guessed by AJDaGreat)
  • 41.Insomnia(Christopher Nolan,guessed by AJDaGreat
  • 42.Half Baked
  • 43.Lord of Illusions(Clive Barker,guessed by dgeiser13)
  • 44.Color Me Blood Red( Herschell Gordon Lewis,guessed by Cosgrove)
  • 45.Naked Lunch(David Cronenburg,guessed by dgeiser13 and AAA)
  • 46.Bananas(woody Allen,guessed by directorspen)
  • 47.Platoon(Oliver Stone,guessed by directorspen)
  • 48.Flirt(Hal Hartly,guessed by Cosgrove)
  • 49.Birth of a nation(D.W Griffith,guessed by jim)
  • 50. All or nothing(Mike Leigh,guessed by Cosgrove)
  • 51. Topsy Turvy(Mike Leigh,guessed by Cosgrove)
  • 52. Gozu( Takeshi Miike,guessed by Cosgrove)
  • 53.Peeping Tom(Michael Powell,guessed by Imposter)
  • 54.The commitmnets(Alan Parker,guessed by Imposter)
  • 55.Freaks(Tod Browning,guessed by Imposter)

8. Ed Harris
12. Brian De Palma
13. David Lynch

4. Tobe Hooper
9. Alejandro Inarritu

Barry Lyndon was directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Happiness was directed by Todd Solondz (sp?).

I may be wrong, but I believe Vincent was directed by Tim Burton?

You are correct,good Job!

14. For Love of the Game is Sam Raimi
15. The Majestic is Frank Darabont

sex, lies, and videotape is by Steven Soderbergh.

Crap, I should know Stop Making Sense. For some reason I wanna say Richard Linklater, but I think that film predates him. I'll think about it.

Oooh! I love these games! Okay, here goes:

7. Julian Schnabel
11. Harmony Korine
18. Jonathan Demme
19. John Carpenter
20. Wes Craven (?)
21. Otto Preminger
23. Ridley Scott

27. Joel Coen
29. Lars Von Trier

25. David Cronenberg?

12) E. Elias Meringe, who also directed Shadow of the Vampire

Begotten, which I just saw for the first time last week, has to be one of the most exciting films I've seen in ages. What a mind blower.

22) Peter Jackson. I'm stunned that I'm the first to guess that.

Oh, 28) The Crow was Alex Proyas. Sadly, I couldn't guess the last remaining 3 without turning to the IMDb.

Good jorb!

Dear Coach Z, I think it's spelled "Jeorb!"

Hey, I'm not sure, but I think I can do all 5 of your latest entries, although I'm not positive on three of them.

30. Jim Jarmusch
31. Mel Brooks
32. Whit Stillman (?)
33. Fritz Lang (?)
34. John Waters (?)

You got 4 Go jim go.

24. Milos Forman(sp?)
32. Martin Scorcese


1. Don Coscarelli
2. Matthieu Kassovitz

Very Good!

Hate(Matthieu Kossovitz)

What is this movie? IMDb searches turn up a couple of silents titled Hate and turns up nothing under the name "Matthieu Kossovitz."

I'm flummoxed.

La Haine (1995) (aka Hate)

Yes it's a french film.

Bill and Ted's was directed by Stephen Herek, who also directed The Mighty Ducks and Don't Tell Mom the Baby-Sitters Dead. This is why my friends tell me constantly that I am the queen of useless knowledge.


I might as well take advantage of my study break. 37. Adaptation was directed by Spike Jonze. I believe 39. Secrets and Lies is by Mike Leigh. I'm in the dark for the others.

you are correct.

38-Richard Attenborough

Yes it is.

40. Robert Altman

41. Christopher Nolan (he is the MAN!)

42. Richard Linklater?

40+41 are correct try again with Half Baked.

5 & 35 - Sidney Lumet
46 - Woody Allen
47 - Oliver Stone

YES!!!! someone finally got the sidney lumet movies.

45. Naked Lunch - David Cronenberg
43. Lord of Illusions - Clive Barker
36. Re-Animator - Brian Yuzna

So my naming of David Cronenberg as the director of Naked Lunch doesn't count? Did I offend someone?

oops...I didn't see that you'd answered that one.

No no one is offended.

Naked Lunch - David Cronenberg


Birth of a Nation - D.W. Griffith. Hey, while I have your attention, enjoy your spring break!

I will :)

Well, I can almost close this down -- "Color Me Blood Red" is an HG Lewis film, "Flirt" is Hal Hartley and both "All or Nothing" and "Topsy-Turvy" were made by Mike Leigh.

And if I could offer a correction, Brian Yuzna was only a producer on "Re-Animator". Stuart Gordon directed. Yuzna did later desecrate that film with two crummy sequels, but that's another story...

"Gozu"! That's Takashi Miike! Sweet!

Yup! Woo! another fan

53.Peeping Tom - Michael Powell
54.The commitmnets - Alan Parker?
55.Freaks - Todd Browning

You are correct.