Game with Music Groups

  • Try to figure out the following band names. Some are easier than others. This should be fun.
  • 1. Murdered Presidents- Dead Kennedys. (ThereThere)
  • 2. The Children- The Offspring (Imposter)
  • 3. Ancient Female Royalty- Queens of the Stone Age (Conall)
  • 4. Rock Church Aviators- Stone Temple Pilots (Imposter)
  • 5. Dark Banner- Black Flag. (ThereThere)
  • 6. Moving Rocks- Rolling Stones (AJDaGreat)
  • 7. Little Brat that visited the Chocolate Factory- Veruca Salt (ThereThere)
  • 8. Kid Vandalizes Vehicle- Boy Hits Car (ThereThere)
  • 9. Mind Exercises in School
  • 10. A Bound Waitress- Alice in Chains (lbangs)
  • 11.Nymphomaniac from Mars- Alien Sex Fiend (Imposter)
  • 1 2. Fruit that cannot see- Blind Melon (ThereThere)
  • 13. People that produce a lot of kids- The Breeders (lbangs)
  • 14. Snatch
  • 15. Rear End Beach Boys- Butthole Surfers (ThereThere)
  • 16. Inexpens ive Joke- Cheap Trick (ThereThere)
  • 17. Polly Wants One- Cracker (Conall)
  • 18. Psycho City- Crazy Town (lbangs)
  • 19. The Panacea- The Cure (ThereThere)
  • 20. Murdered Dairy Farmers- Dead Milmen (Imposter)
  • 21. Melts in Your Mouth Not in Your Hand- Eminem (AJDaGreat)
  • 22. Always Tr anslucent- Everclear (AJDaGreat)
  • 23. Pb Aircraft- Led Zepplin (AJDaGreat)
  • 24. Hard Lemons
  • 25. Asthmatic Person- Weezer (ThereThere)
  • 26. what I say when someone tells me to have a good day- U2 (Lukeprog)
  • 27. Feigners
  • 28. Always at the end
  • 29. Vegetable tha t Cann ot Spell- Korn (lbangs)
  • 30. Happy Math- Joy Divison (lbangs)
  • 31. Deity Hits- Godsmack (AJDaGreat)
  • 32. Guppy Skeleton- Fishbone (AJDaGreat)
  • 33. Andruw Jones's position. The Outfield. (ThereThere)
  • 34. Daddy Bug- Papa Roach (lbangs)
  • 35. Church of the Kanine- Temple of the Dog (Imposter)
  • 36. Apes that Cannot Spell- Gorillaz (ThereThere)
  • 37. Candy Cluster Toys- Goo Goo Dolls (lbangs)
  • 38. Yelling Conifers- Screaming Trees (Lu keprog)
  • 39. Forn ica ting Guns- The Sex Pistols (ThereThere)
  • 40. Breaking Fruit- Smashing Pumpkins (Lukeprog)
  • 41. 12 O'Clock STP- Midnight Oil (Imposter)
  • 42. Men that Work at Petsmart- Pet Shop Boys (AJDaGreat)
  • 43. Lincoln, Kennedy, Washington, Carter, B ush- The Presidents of the United States of America (Lukeprog)
  • 44. Playboy for Arson ists- Porno for Pyros (ThereThere)
  • 45. Amore and Arsonal- Love & Rockets (Imposter)
  • 46. Gods of LSD- Lords of Acid (Imposter)
  • 47. Hurry- Rush (ThereThere)
  • 48. Tarzan's Girlfriend's Vices- Jane's Addiction (ThereThere)
  • 49. Naughty Theism- Bad Religion (Lukeprog)
  • 50. Building o f Aches- House of Pain (Imposter)
  • nn
Author Comments: 

These are other "names" for band names. Like Goat False God would be Billy Idol. Some are easier than others. Who can find the most? Have fun playing. :o).

Well, let's see here...

1. Dead Kennedys
5. Black Flag
7. Veruca Salt
12. Blind Melon
15. Butthole Surfers
16. Cheap Trick
19. The Cure
25. Weezer
36. Gorillaz
39. The Sex Pistols
44. Porno For Pyros
47. Rush
48. Jane's Addiction

Good Job! :o)|

26. U2
38. Screaming Trees
40. Smashing Pumpkins?
43. Presidents of the United States of America
49. Bad Religion

Fun game, I may have to clone.

But, these are not anagrams. Anagrams are when you rearrange the letters to create a different word, for example: hot malt raves -> the mars volta. Which explains why I had initial incredible difficulty with this game.

Alas, I can't remember the correct word for what you're doing.

Okay, maybe I won't clone, but here's a few more, in roughly ascending difficulty:

1. Hearing-Impaired Panther
2. Darkened Males Upon A Darkened World
3. Metal Virgin
4. Ocean and Dessert
5. Faith Boogie Pure H2O Comeback
6. Unidentified Male Fruit Tents

1. Def Leppard
3. Iron Maiden

Yup. And: it's impossible that you haven't heard of the last two, so don't give up!

2. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet (I think that's what they're called...)
5. Creedence Clearwater Revival (but what's the boogie for?)
#6 has me stumped.

Very nice. #5 is a bit of a cheat, broken into:

Creed Dance Clear Water Revival

Good job! It was actually fun to make.

3. Queen?

Queen is part of the name.

3. Queens of the Stone Age
17. Cracker

You guys might be interested in this:

Good job! :o)~

6. Rolling Stones
21. Eminem
22. Everclear
23. Led Zeppelin
31. Godsmack
32. Fishbone
42. Pet Shop Boys

Good job! :o)

2. The Offspring
3. Stone Temple Pilots
11. Alien Sex Fiend
20. Dead Milkmen
35. Temple of the Dog
41. Midnight Oil
45. Love and Rockets
46. Lords of Acid
50. House of Pain

Good going! :o)

Coming into the game much too late:

10 - Alice in Chains
13 - The Breeders
14 - Pussy Galore (sorry; they are a band, though)
18 - Crazy Town
27 - The Pretenders
29 - Korn
30 - Joy Division (took me a bit...)
33 - Leftfield (complete guess; I don't know who Mr. Jones is...)
34 - Papa Roach
37 - Goo Goo Dolls

I'll think on the others...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Hey! Good job! You answered a couple of the ones that I thought were harder.

Your answer to #14 made me laugh, but it is not the right answer.

Shalom to you to.

Thanks. Was Leftfield incorrect?

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Leftfield was not correct....but you are on the right track. Leftfield is part of this.c

8. Boy Hits Car
33. The Outfield

Good job!n

Pb Aircraft made me laugh lol very well done