GAME: Guess the Celebrity By their Hair ! Screenshot! Volume2: The Revenge!

  1. Ben Stiller Got by Lukeprog
  2. Matthew Broderick Got By Buddy
  3. Bruce Willis Got By Eve
  4. Krusty Got By Lukeprog
  5. David spade Got By Lukeprog
  6. Elijah Wood Got By jgandcag
  7. BritneySpears Got By Lukeprog
  8. Lisa Kudrow Got By Stumpy
  9. Tim Allen Got By jgandcag
  10. Danny Devito Got By Lukeprog
  11. Bart Simpson got by Lukeprog
  12. George W Bush Got By jgandcag
  13. Thx For Reading and guessing on my first guess the hair idea, because i really enjoyed making that, heres another! more hair pics will be added!
  14. Clue: Two of these pictures are of the same person...kind of ;}

1. Tarantino?
2. Ben Stiller?
3. Robert Dinero? No...
4. Bill Murray?
5. Krusty the Clown
6. David Spade?
7. That Seacrest guy?

10 isn't Kevin Kline, is it?

8. Britney Spears?

#10 almost looks like Ryan Stiles, but probably not.

no sorry :)

yeah most right, some not but very close.

nice one on the David spade guess! i thought that was the hardest one!

It looked familiar, but I guess I never really realized what a massive forehead he has!

9. Alicia Silverstone
12. Hilary Duff

How strange! I got this email from listology (as a message response notification):

A new message has been posted to a discussion you are participating in here:

9. Alicia Silverstone
12. Hilary Duff


You can go directly to the "reply" screen here:

Now, the link to reply was to create THIS message, which means the message that was supposed to list the guesses for 9 and 12 is actually Rushmore's post congratulating me on the David Spade guess, which has been around for several days (and thus, I couldn't have JUST received a listology response notification for it). And, the text about Alicia and Hilary isn't anywhere to be found on the page.

BTW, pooh on all of you for not playing my clone of this excellent game.

nice quiz! great twist on this idea. very cool, i have taken a few guesses, i think 1 is Jay leno
and cheers for the compliment!

#4 Jack Nicholson
#7 Clay Aiken

Am I even close?

Yes very close! it does look a Hell of alot like Jack. #4 also looks like bill murray, which lukeprog guessed. dang its neither! dang!

Rats... this is tough! ;)

That David Space picture really bothers me! It looks like someone Photoshopped out his eyes and eyebrows, but he just has a really huge forehead. ;D

:) yes that spade picture is slighty creepy!

:[ ] (Mmmmuuuuaaahhhh!)

I can ALMOST see the face of #11 in my head.

Could #7 be Jason Mraz, #4 Joe Pesci, maybe...Probably way off but maybe...

No sorry but not way off

13. Devito?
14. Bart Simpson

yep ! nice work

is 4 micheal keaton

no, sorry :(

10 also looks like greg kinear

sadly it is not :( think dinsey channel and pixar

forget it

#3 looks like it might be Matthew Broderick
#7 looks like another Brad Pitt (though I know you had him in your last quiz)
#10 - could this be Tony "wolfish scary smile" Blair? My second guess for this one is Jerry Springer.

3 is right! sadly guess again on 7 / 10


I will give this a try. and be very wrong but here goes.

10. Tim Allen?
15. George W..
7. The old lab guy from CSI
9. Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched. (so Maybe Nicole Kidman...nah...)

4. is a bugger. Looks like my hairline in about 2 years from now.

Is 4 Bruce Willis?

yes!! nice

1 and 15 are right! take another guess at 7 + 9 though. clue for 7: i better give my friend a ring.

Ok 7.

Is the hobbit Elijah Wood?

correct :) welldone

#7 - maybe Shane West?
Is #9 Kelly Preston?
#12 - Cameron Diaz?

No luck, sorry :(

Some wild guesses...

1. Bruce Springsteen
9. Close choice between Lisa Kudrow and Brad Pitt from his "Interview with a Vampire" days, but I'll go with Lisa Kudrow.
11. David Spade (you did say two were the same)
12. Meg Ryan

1. sadly not, this guy is an actor
9. Yep its kudrow!
11. yes there are two the same IN A WAY but its not this one and its not spade, think..yellow.
12. no sorry.

shot in the dark, is the top one Jack Nicholson?