Frasier Season 7: Rating the episodes!

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  • Momma Mia = 9.5
  • Father of the Bride= 7
  • Radio Wars= 10
  • Everyone's a Critic= 9.5
  • The Dog That Rocks the Cradle= 7.5
  • Rivals = 10
  • A Tsar is Born= 8
  • The Late Dr. Crane= 6
  • The Apparent Trap= 9
  • Back Talk (1)= 9
  • The Fight Before Christmas (2)= 10
  • Rdwrer= 10
  • They're Playing Our Song= 10
  • Big Crane on Campus= 4
  • Out With Dad= 9.5
  • Something About Dr. Mary= 8.5
  • Whine Club= 8.5
  • Hot Pursuit= 7
  • Morning Becomes Entertainment= 9
  • To Thine Old Self Be True= 7
  • Three Faces of Frasier= 10
  • Dark Side of the Moon= 5
  • Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (1)= 6.5
  • Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (2)= 6.5
  • Verdict

  • After a great start, frasier season 7 starts to slip into repeated ideas and storylines. the jokes become the same and boring. For example the idea of someone overhearing something and getting the information wrong is used beyond beleif in this season alone. however there are some crackers in here such as Rdwrer & radio wars,...just not enough !

I'd guess from this that you have recently purchased S7 then? What did you think of S6? Personally I prefer S6 to S7, but many disagree.. both have some greats though.

Look out for the song in "They're Playing Our Song" (you'll know what I mean when you get to it!)

yeah ordered it Thursday. Season 6 was too me a little weaker than most. however it did have some good ones, hot ticket being one of them. I have actually skipped to episode Rdwrer in season 7 because it sounded so interesting. its a great episode, if reast of season 7 is like that, its gonna be great! i loved the austin powers jokes in that one.

cool i'll keep my ears open for the tune

Yes, RDWRER is great, very funny. A lot of S7 is good, though a few weak ones crop up, much like S6. The last three eps of the season are brilliant.

In S6, btw, I loved Dial M For Martin, Hot Ticket and most of disc 3 on the DVD set (Dinner Party, Three Valentines, Decoys, Taps at the Montana..). :)

On a side note, have you seen my Scrubs DVD reviews? Links here.

yeah, both solid reviews. Season 2 always strikes me as a strong season for the main reason that i think more than any of the others, sotryline carries it through. mainly involving Dr.cox and jordan. Season 3 on the other hnad is a nice mix of season 2 / 4. its very whacky but has the story strength of S2. Very cool reviews Wezzo. i noticed you rated S3 **** stars in your "dvds i own" list, wihch is lower than S1 and S2. is that because you think the season is weaker or because of the lack of extras?

I thought S3's episode were just as good as S1-2, the extras let it down unfortunately. I think I gave it 5* for episodes and 3* for extras, which is pretty much accurate - the extras are good, but there's onyl about 30 minutes of them compared to over an hour *plus* commentaries before.

I assume you've got the set too, like it?

yeah, i have the set and totally agree that the lack of extras is terrible. the US release is getting commentaries i hear. i like the set, i think season 3 is a great season, i like it more now than i used too actually. i love the guy who does the fluid rap, that cracks me up. also it seems alot of jokes being done through JDs voiceover more than in any other season , so thats cool.

I heard about the R1 having commentaries too, though I wouldn't be sure about it, as in an interview with DVD Review magazine Bill Lawrence says that they haven't done any this time as the studio didn't want to pay for them.

edited to add: and yeah, I know what you mean about more JD voiceover jokes, always good.

..and I think I said in a comment elsewhere on one of your lists recently that 'My Screw Up' is a televisual masterpiece.

Also, just did a Frasier: Eps Rated list here - I'll do a Scrubs one soon :)

couple more points: - RDWRER is my 30th fave Frasier ep of all-time :-)

You seem to be on Listology less nowadays Rushmore, is thet due to schoolwork or something? A-Levels? Or just more TV? :D

RDWRER is amazing. i think it would have to be in my top5. just watched about 4 more episodes (episodes 1-4) all very good, radio wars is brilliant!

Yeah i'm on less mainly because of college workload. Just finished 2 pieces of coursework that had to consist of 3000 words ;) so yeah mostly because of the work. i'm hoping though in my less frequent visits too make some key updates to my lists. There has actually though been a vast amount of TV watching too ! lol nice way to relax after college days. Deal or no deal is a must see for mee if i can, and i usually set to record if i don't make it back in time.

Yes, I also enjoy Radio Wars. You seem to be enjoying S7 plenty - good! :D

I understand about the workload, I've got plenty of coursework that I really should get done myself. TV and the Internet generally fit in plenty as well though! :)

hhmmm looks like i'll be checking the customer reiviews when the R1 copy is out :)

Agreed, My screw up is flawless. i remember feeling emotional when i first saw it, great use of music (as ever) in the last scene. its one of those moments that leaves you going "whoa" also because its unexpected of a comedy to be able to reach those dramatic levels, and do it so well. My old lady is also amazing at that. one show having 2 examples of that is pretty impressive

Yes, the music in the last scene - both of My Screw Up and My Old Lady - is fantastic. I don't think any other show - even a bona-fide drama - can make the viewer so emotional.

Whoa, lotsa 10s! .. And a 4, heh.

yeah mixed bag. there are some of my faves in here, basically all of the 10s, but its not all good. big crane on campus was very weak. hated the character of his girlfriend.

Wow! Not a fan of the season finale? Holy hell, that's one of my favourites!

But aside from that issue, I agree with your analysis. S7 is not Frasier's best. I personally prefer S6 (though many don't).. do you have/have you seen S6? How do you find it compares?

yeah i have season 6, and i think on the whole its better. after season 4, perosnally thats where there is a clear slip in qaulity. mind oyu thats after season 4, because season 4 is outstanding. so that leaves 5 6 7. season 5 was compared to season 2 and 4 weak. it was more on a par with 3. season 5 had some great episodes, such as " The The 1000th Show" which was just classic frasier chaos! Halloween, The Ski Lodge, The Maris Counselor. however even in season 5 there was the start of the decline, The Zoo Story being very weak in my view. But gonig back to your question, yes i liked season 6. it really split me down the middle. In frasier there is a formula that works, such as fraiser not liking something or having a dilema in his hands, because kelsey grammer and David Hyde are so good at expressing that. Season 6 had the hot ticket which is a classic. Season 6 is very much like season 7 i think, it starts off strong, then weakens. in general its alot of give and take. with such great seasons before it i guess we can expect some slip in quality. i have to give the edge to season six because i didn't like the niles / Daphne story in season 7, felt it let it down. I actually have stated in the past not liking the charater of Martin, however he was great in these latter seasons, got less stern and more whacky, which works in favor. My vote goes to season 6 !

I agree S5 was closer to 3 (for me, I slightly prefer S5.. just). Halloween, The Ski Lodge Perspectives and Maris Counsellor are all fantastic. I agree that there are some weak episodes though "The Zoo Story" being among the weakest of the first five seasons to me.

Season 6, my favourites are Dial M For Martin, Hot Ticket, To Tell The Truth, Decoys, Dinner Party and IQ (and the Niles sequence from Three Valentines). They're fairly spread out throughout the season (though none are from disc 2 of the DVD set) - for me, S6 was excellent to start with, and ended eexcellently, but there was a lapse in the middle and for a few episodes near the end.

S6 had a different tone in general I feel compared with S1-5; it was darker and depressing, but this led to a lot of dry and dark humour, and as you mentioned, Martin kind of came out of his shell (although I already liked him anyway).

Not a fan of the Niles/Daphne storyline? Oh well. I have to admit, I was. But I prefer S6 anyway!

well i was a fan of the Niles/Daphne storyline in early years bnut once she found out and he started dating became slightly dull

yeah, Dial M for martin was pretty dark. oh and the inrto of kenny was great for season 6 and 7 !

Heh, as of now I've made 122 posts on your Listology content. (I just counted!) A lot!

:P cool, cheers been fun chatting.

Wow, you gave Something Borrowed, Someone Blue a very low rating. It's not in my top ten, but it's right up there.

hmmm its been a while since i've seen them, i'll probably be re-watching some soon. which is your fave season of frasier, i enjoyed season 1 2 & 4 the most.