Frasier Season 4: Rating The Episodes!

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  2. The Two Mrs. Cranes = 10.0 / 10
  3. Love Bites Dog = 9.0 / 10
  4. The Impossible Dream = 7.0 / 10
  5. A Crane's Critique = 9.0
  6. Head Game = 9.0 / 10
  7. Mixed Doubles = 10.0 / 10
  8. A Lilith Thanksgiving = 10.0 / 10
  9. Our Father Whose Art Ain't In Heaven = 7.0 / 10
  10. Dad Loves Sherry, The Boys Just Whine = 8.0 / 10
  11. Liar, Lair! = 9.5 / 10
  12. Three Days Of The Condo = 9.0 / 10
  13. Death And The Dog = 8.0 / 10
  14. Four For The Seesaw = 8.0 / 10
  15. To Kill A Talking Bird = 9.0 / 10
  16. Roz's Krantz & Gouldstein Are Death = (Yet Too Watch)
  17. The Unatural = 9.5 / 10
  18. Roz's Turn = 7.5 / 10
  19. Ham Radio = 10.0 / 10
  20. Three Dates And A Breakup = (Yet Too Watch)
  21. Daphne Hates Sherry = (Yet Too Watch)
  22. Are You Being Served? = (Yet Too Watch)
  23. Ask Me No Questions = (Yet Too Watch)
  24. Old Man Out = (Yet Too Watch)

Yay! You like it! :)

The Two Mrs Cranes is my current favourite episode - it's genius!

oh yeah great season here. The Two mrs. Cranes may be the most i've ever laughed while watching frasier! it was sooo funny! i also like the episode where Niles signs the devorce papers and the one where Daf dates a guy exactly like niles. oh and i rewatched Moon Dance and i now love it! that bit where Niles realises it was all for show and when he goes back and picks up that womans number...well..i'm gonna just say..i had to fight back the tears! lol maybe not but it was a sad moment. Aslo Ham radio was a great episode

Yay! You now love Moondance *and* S4! The Two Mrs Cranes and Ham Radio are just fantastic farce, slapstick and wit through and through.. perfect.

Watched the last five yet? :)

lol another one i've forgot to update! :) yeah i saw them and remember liking them, but i will watch them again soon actually to decide a fair rating. lately i've been busy deciding and writting on my topic for a 3000 word essay in "media". it was cool though because it could be on any aspect of media. people before had done stuff like "representation of family life in the simpsons" or "Aspect and take on reality in Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" ! i'm still weighing up a few options. so thats why i've become slightly lazy in my updating of lists. Also any time i watch tv now seems to be just family guy, which is brilliant.

I was oging to buy the DVDS but they just yesterday put up the price. i may take the hit and get the 44.99 boxset...maybe. Actually i'm seeing less and less frasier, which is a shame. i've still yet to get S5 dvd. Though i saw a brilliant episode of cheers where frasier and lilith had just moved in together and invite sam and diane for a drink at their new home. Where diane lets it slip that frasier and her were nearly married! it was classic, imagine kelsey reacting to that. classic. so yes, last five for a rewatch!