Food network shows I love

  • Good Eats
  • 30 minute meals
  • 40 dollars a day
  • Food network Challenge
  • Date plate
  • Iron Chef
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Good Eats is that one with Alton Brown and the science and art of good food, right? If it is, I do so miss that show. What passes for good foodie tv in the UK is just a bunch of pretensious twats getting all elitist about cooking. Well, for the most part, anyway - there are a very few exceptions. My kingdom for Food TV!

I adore Alton Brown, he is the best.

I'm sorry all you have is pretentious twats.

That's actually not entirely true. There is one show that features 2 chefs who seem to be in the business for the sheer love of food. But unfortunately it's only the one show. They prefer reality tv style shows here, where people compete to be an apprentice (and get shouted at and generally abused by pretensious jerks), or minor celebrities try to run a restaurant kitchen and get shouted at and generally abused by a celebrity chef. And the latest is a show that looks like it's more focussed on food, but in practise has ended up being some pretensious jerks slagging off each other's cooking.

Sorry, I know you didn't ask, but the people in England don't know any different, so they don't understand when I complain about these things. I can hardly wait to get home in 8 months and resubscribe to Food TV.

It's my favorite channel.