Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2008

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This list tracks how many films players have watched in 2008. Shorts (less than 40 minutes), made-for-TV movies, and TV series do not count toward one's 'score'. I'm allowing direct-to-video ("video premieres"), theatrical features shown on TV, and repeat viewings.
And of course: your list needs to be numbered.

Many thanks to dayfornight who maintained the original list. Thanks to Lukeprog who did a great job maintaining the list for 2005!
And all hail Rosie for holding the list in 2006 and 2007!

And thanks also to those who continue to play.

Deal me in, please. I want to play this year.

Thanks for joining the game.

I'll join in again, though I expect to place even lower than last year. List here.

Welcome back.

Hey there! I'm definitely in again. :-D

Here's my list.

WallFIshy In

Thanks for joining, but could you please check the option to number your list?

Welcome back, CaptMal.

I won't do good this year (damn university), but I'll join.

Welcome back. And I hope you're enjoying your studies.

As I have no chance in ever winning this I will be content once again to vie for last place while still trying to beat my previous year's total. I was able to watch one more in 2007 then 2006 but wasn't able to hold on to the coveted last place position. Maybe this year I will reclaim it. My list is here.

Thanks for playing again and hopefully you'll have some competitors for the lanterne rouge.

I'd like to play again, though I'll probably wont be able to see as many films.

Welcome back. And thanks for giving some hope to the other players :-)

Can anybody play this fine idea of a game?

I'd love to.....

It's essential that you create a list with the films you've watched this year. Then you're welcome to play.

Well all righty then. All set....


oh could i join pleeeeez?

Of course!


I was a part of the '07 scoreboard for quite a while, but at some point I deleted my log (can't remember why).

Anyway, my list be here.

Thanks for joining again.

Could I possibly join?

Of course! Welcome. But could you please number your list?

sure will do!

Please include me also this year

You're welcome!

First update of the scoreboard: Phoust took a staupian start with an average of more than three films a day! A lot of fresh blood at the top of the scoreboard: the top three consists of new players.
I hope some of the players of last year will still join. Of course everyone is welcome to join.

Wow! I've got terminology?? ;)

Indeed! But maybe we'll have to use phoustian in the future!

Can i join too please. I don't expect anything like a high rank at the end though lol.

Thanks for joining. It's not only about the first place. In that case I wouldn't play myself. But after a few months you'll find yourself close to one or a few players in the ranking, and so small mini competitions start for place five or seven or whatever. That's the fun of this game.

Can I get in? I hope to get closer to my Top 10 finish of 2006 than to my abysmal 128 movies last year.

Welcome again!

Can I please join? Sounds like fun hope you'll accept me, thanks.

It is fun! Welcome!

Hi kaplan!

Thanks a lot for taking over the list. I would have missed it, if we couldn't have had a scoreboard for 2008. Of course I'll join again, but I think this will be my worst year as I want to concentrate a bit more on other stuff. Anyway, I guess it's impossible for me to ever beat my third place from 2007. ;-)

Good luck for maintaining the game!

Welcome, I was waiting for you! I hope some of the other participants of last year will still join.

I guess I'll join too if Im allowed...

You are!

I'll play. :-)


Ooh! Me too! I love racing for last!

I think it will be difficult to beat spoky :-)

sign me up

Yes sir!

Hey, can you add me into the mix? My list is here.

Of course.

Can you add me, please; my list is here.

Thanks for taking this on this year.

Thanks for playing again this year
I love doing this.

Can I join as well pls?


Can I join please?


why are made for tv movies not aloud? I mean if it's on DVD and you can get it at blockbuster why not?


I second this question. The Decalogue is a collection of 10 "made for TV movies" and it would be a huge mistake not to count it for a list like this. No film critic on the planet thinks that The Decalogue is of lesser quality just because the films were made for TV. Now, on the other hand, I have seen hundreds of made for TV movies on the "Lifetime TV network" and the hallmark channel (my ex wife was a big fan) and I don't think these are worth counting. I think the rule might be there to keep some twit from watching 500 "lifetime network" movies in a year and trying to count them. I don't think there's a very real chance of this happening (such twits don't seem to frequent this site), but I think it explains the rule. Personally, I'd toss out the rule and remove the "made-for-tv-movie twit" from the list if he or she ever pops up.

But then, if you're counting Decalogue, you're counting it as one film. If we're talking canon, nobody ever singles out one bit of it -- rather, they include the whole shebang. Otherwise, what you have is ten episodes of a TV show. Same goes for Berlin Alexanderplatz; yeah, it's divvied up into 13 episodes, but it's considered one work.

i think my point was slightly missed. While i don't watch any lifetime movies, spending two hours watching a movie that was made for tv, doesn't seem like a difference between watch a movie on tnt or tbs that spans two hours with commercials. if open water, which is 80 mins with credits, counts as a movie, then a made for tv movie that spans 90 mins when you ax the commercials should. specially if its on dvd.


I think if it's rentable as a DVD than it should probably count (so long as it's watched in DVD format). Also, there are a couple of made for TV movies that went on the festival circuit before premiering on their network and these should count as well.

There has already been a big discussion about this subject in 2005. Unless a majority of the players really want the rules to change, I'll stick to the old ones. But there's always room for interpretation: I don't object to television series that got a theatrical release, like Berlin Alexanderplatz or Dekalog, but Deadwood hasn't a place on this list. Moreover, since the ten parts of Dekalog were released seperately (and since, contrary to Berlin Alexanderplatz, they can be seen seperately), I would even say they count as ten films.

I think the "theatrical release" change to the rule would be a good one. But what I was referring to was made-for-TV movies. There's no reason to at this point not count a made for TV movie that has transcended the genre such as "Brian's Song." I think more people have now seen this on DVD than ever watched it on television.

But the best example would be the "Up" series. This is a series that had theatrical release in the United States but doesn't count under the current system because it was made as a TV special in the United Kingdom.

There is absolutely no place on these lists for "Deadwood" or any other serialized TV series that was never intended to be watched in the way we view a traditional film.

I don't think any "series" or "TV on DVD" should even be considered. To exclude these would mean that "series" on HBO or PBS (or The History Channel or Animal Planet or anything) like "P.O.V." would be excluded which is probably a good thing.

I mean, if I counted every two hour series installment on the History Channel that I watched, my list would be twice as large.

I agree, the line between what can and can't be included is somewhat blurred. But I suggest that we let common sense judge when problems arise.

Hey Kaplan!

Thanks for taking over the scoreboard. I'll be joining as soon as I get around to posting my list.

It love doing it! Looking forward to your list.

anyone from north callie?

Yeah, I'll play.


But could you check the option to number your list? Thanks.

I would like to be added, if it's not too late. Thanks!

It isn't. Welcome!

I'm just gonna concentrate on catching up to the person in front of me. Sluggo, your a** is mine! :-)

188 films in 2 months seems a little absurd. Have you ever seen the movie Cinemaniac? These movies that you "watch" do you sit with your eyes on the screen the whole time? Or are they just on in the background?

It's not too difficult really. I once watched 130 during a 2 week holiday (16 days). Now if I didn't have to earn a living.....

It's not about volume it's about passion.

I guess I'm missing that part. To me watching 260 hours worth of movies in 2 weeks would be all about volume and not about passion. Don't you ever just want to reflect on what you've watched? Don't you want to discuss with others? Write up your thoughts? Eat a meal? Sleep? Spend time with the family?

Ok bad example but allow me to elaborate. During the said 2 weeks I made an effort to watch my entire 100 favourite films list. Watching them all in one spell allowed me the opportunity to reflect as you say on what I personally felt constituted great cinema without certain films being deminished due to loss of memory. It was a very rewarding experience and would recommend it to all filmbuffs. The result was that I made some significant changes to the list and at no time did I feel as though I was labouring through but quite the contrary. This is however not the norm and I certain don't do this all the time but if I do I always endevour to ensure the quality of whatever I'm watching. I suppose this is one of the joys of not having to do this as a job, I get to watch what I want and not what is on latest release. As for reflecting ,discussing & writing: I do plenty of that but there are still many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered and it's those little rewards that make it all worthwile.:-)

I foresee ending exactly where I am now. Seems like we've got a bit of a canyon opening up between the 1 a days and the 1.5 a day or more crowd.

Update on the way...?

I finally updated the scoreboard, my apologies for the delay. Sluggo714's list has disappeared.
And a message to Parable: if you want to continue playing, you'll have to check the option to number your list? Thanks.

Sorry, it's fixed now.

It's still not the way it should be. You start counting from scratch each month, which means I would have to add up the monthly results each time I update the scoreboard. I'm not gonna do that, it's too time-consuming. Sorry!

Yeah, I prefer it that way. It's all good.

If it's not too late, you can add me to the scoreboard... well, that is if you don't mind.

You're still welcome to play. Where's your list?

We have a new player, rwebb, a strong contender for - staup2005 seems to be unbeatable again - the second spot.

Sorry for the delay in updating, folks.
Fascinating: the struggle between five players for the tenth spot.
And by gaining two places I finally managed to enter the top 20.

I'd like to join... Can I?


As the originator of this list (I am now using scottwblack instead of my old dayfornight login name), I guess I should enter the fray again. Here's my list.

Indeed! I'll add you at the next update.

Blind's list has disappeared. 27 players left.

Hey, sorry about that, I'm too lazy to maintain it, but thanks for putting me in when I was there! (:

So, you are Blind?

Yeah I changed name. Sorry about pulling out :)

Hey, I never participated in this in years past thinking that I wouldn't be much of a competitor, but I think I should just accept my spot in the bottom half of the list and join in, since it seems like fun. I've watched 103 films since 2008 began (the first film I saw this year was Charlie Wilson's War; this list shows that I watched that and 2 other films; this list shows that I watched 43 films and 10 TV seasons on DVD; this list shows that I then watched 38 films and 6 TV seasons on DVD; this list shows that I watched 19 films and 2 TV seasons on DVD; and 3 + 43 + 38 + 19 = 103). Future updates will be on that last list. Let me know if it's okay if I start playing so late in the game.

It would be great to have you, but you'll have to publish one list with all the films - no tv seasons allowed! - you've seen this year.

Some players haven't updated their list recently, so I'll do a final update on January 12, but still it's safe to say that for the third year in a row staup2005 is the winner. Congratulations! And thanks to all the players. I hope you'll play again in 2009. By the way, the difference between staup2005 and the second place has never been as small as in 2008. That should give hope to some players!

i'm rather proud of my final score lol yay me!

It's official now: staup2005 is the winner. Congratulations!
Five players haven't updated their list for almost half a year, two of them (Phoust & HobbsEnd) seem to have disappeared from Listology completely.
Thanks to everyone for playing. And of course everyone is invited to join the 2009 Scoreboard, first update next Monday (January 19).