Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2007

  1. Updated 01 January 2008
  2. Rank, (Previous rank), Player, Quantity, (Change)
  3. (1) staup2005 652 (31)
  4. (2) Oedipus: 511 (0)
  5. (3) WB: 360 (66)
  6. (4) CaptMal: 337 (71)
  7. (7) kaplan: 290 (39)
  8. (5) katielucie: 264 (41)
  9. (9) RosieCotton: 263 (73)
  10. (6) rudolf55: 254 (30)
  11. (8) hinterland: 214 (12)
  12. (13) socialretard: 185 (45)
  13. (15) rushmore 171 (42)
  14. (11) HobbsEnd 163 (16)
  15. (14) nyybella 154 (23)
  16. (20) 1922: 141 (25)
  17. (10) grantica: 138 (0)
  18. (16) lukeprog: 135 (29)
  19. (18) P Pogo: 129 (34)
  20. (21) greenmind: 127 (34)
  21. (17) MaxCastle: 120 (18)
  22. (19) russa03: 108 (17)
  23. (22) diaskeaus 69 (0)
  24. (24) spoky: 67 (15)
  25. (23) Jay_b: 58 (13)
Author Comments: 

This list tracks how many films players have watched in 2007. Shorts (less than 40 minutes), Made-for-TV movies, and TV miniseries do not count toward one's 'score.' I'm allowing direct-to-video ("video premieres"), theatrical features shown on TV, and repeat viewings.

Many thanks to dayfornight who maintained the original list. Thanks to Lukeprog who did a great job maintaining the list for 2005! Thanks also to those who continue to play.

You are welcome to join! Please be sure to check the option to number your list.

Thanks, I forgot to check that. It probably would've taken me weeks to see I hadn't numbered the list

I'd like to join the list again this year. Thanks and Happy New Year everyone!!!

You're welcome.

I'll join the third annual scoreboard with my list as well, if I may.

I'm planning on watching less this year and being a little more selective. Maybe even go outside!

Welcome back!

Let me know how it is outside. :)

I'm in again. Thanks for continuing to maintain this list!

You're welcome!

I am also in. Hopefully I?l be able to keep it up to date ;-)

OK, I'll add you.

Here I am again with my list.

Thank you. Welcome back!

This year, my aim is making all the other participants feel better about themselves by comparing their lists to my paltry one.

Thanks again, Rosie, for keeping this up. It certainly helps me in choosing films.

Oops. I meant, this year.

OK, you're in. I'm glad to have you.

Well I successfully managed to come in last place last year (though it was much closer then I would have guessed). I will try to lose it all again this year. My list

Thanks. Welcome back.

Oh well, why not try another year? ;)

Welcome back!

Count me in, please. My list, such as it is, is here.

Thanks for keeping this up for another year.

You are welcome. Thanks for joining us again.

I know I fell off at the end of last year (though I still got almost 250) but since I'm not trying as hard this year, I'll probably do better. My list is here.

Welcome back.

I'm glad to play again. And thanks for maintaining the list.

You are welcome, and welcome back.

Hi, Rosie. Can I join? I've shortend my nick this time around but I hope my log doesn't end up shorter too.

Welcome back!

I would love to be added to this list. Here is my list

WB suggested I joined this. So here's mine. Looks fun!

Hi, I also want to join this. I even numbered the list:

Welcome to new players grantica, nyybella, diaskeaus, and HobbsEnd.

Although we've lost a few players, we've also gained a few. The first update of the new year, and we have six ties, including a 3-way for 9th place. Staup2005 is still the one to beat, in first place with an average of 3.7 films per day. Tied with me for second place is grantica, a brand new player.

Well, I'll be in again, but don't expect much action until the summer hits and I start up my Netflix again. I usually watch about 120ish movies from June to October and the 30 or so the rest of the year. Thanks for doing this Rosie :)


No problem. You're welcome!

No onr can possibly compete with staup2005, but I'll rejoin the scoreboard for 2007. Here's the list.

Welcome back!

Of course!


Perhaps this list should be titled "The Race for Second Place," because NO ONE is going to be able to compete with staup2005.


Hey, I'll play.

Though it does seem like you'd need to subject yourself to the Ludovico Technique if you want the top spot.


You're welcome!

Maybe if I quit my job and started using crystal meth there might be a chance that I could catch up with staup2005. Otherwise, I'll have to focus on second place.

With me barking at your heels.

I'll enter this time after not doing it last year.

OK. I'll add you.

Too late to add? I'm new 'round here. Very new, actually.

Thanks if I make it, thanks if i don't!

No problem. I'll add you.

What's up Rosie? Checking in, I find it very quiet here for some weeks already. Hope everything is alright and the list will be updated soon

I'm sorry for the delay.

WB has moved from 9th to 2nd place (!!!) which might be why he urged me to update the scoreboard. :)

I'm sorry for not updating sooner. I've been too tired and too busy to even watch movies very much! I still make it out to the theatre once a week, but watching DVDs at home is a challenge, which is why I've dropped to 9th place.

We've been joined by two new players: Oedipus and southbounder, who are already making a good showing.

Two players' lists have disappeared: Dayfornight and windupsemaj.

If you're at all curious about why my scores at so low, I have another list you might be interested in. I started updating it about the end of March, and so far have tallied over a hundred shows.

Watching B5 is a great excuse for not watching more movies.

It most definitely has its moments.

I was a bit sad though, with season 5. It felt too varied, too random.

It's because JS thought the series would be canceled after season 4, so he wrapped up the main story arc in that season, and left all the subplots to be wrapped up in season 5.

WB kindly reminded me to link myself up for this game. Not that I'll be any competition...

I am glad to have you back, if only because it gives me an excuse to read your reviews.

Somebody's reading them? I guess I'd better really write something for them, then!

Yes :)

Oops. I just realized I haven't added you yet. Sorry. You'll be there this time.

I made my year to date movie list here.

Your new list puts you in second place!

Most of my TV will be done this week, so I have restarted my Netflix for the next 5 or 6 months. Get ready here I come.

Time to play some futile catch-up :)

You'll probably get me until the end of the year ;-)

I'd like to join in too, if it's not too late. my list is here:

No problem. You're welcome to join. I'll add you.

It's been two months since I updated the scoreboard.

Oedipus has nearly caught up with staup2005! An amazing feat!

Three lists have disappeared: dayfornight, windupsemaj, and WriterWill37.

Seems this has been in a limbo for a while...

Hope we will continue :-)

I'm sorry for the delay. I plan to update soon.

That's really good news :-D
Hope you know we all appreciate your work here ;-)

You're sweet.

I've finally updated the scoreboard.

Southbounder's list is no longer available.

Hello Rosie,

Sorry but I can am not able to see as many movies as I used to due to changing of job. I also cancled the list as I was not able to refresh. Therfor I am sorry to ask to cancel me from this game.

Sorry again and good luck to all :D

That's OK. I've been real bad about not updating the scoreboard. I intend to do it once more, on New Year's Day, and then I'll let someone else take over. Or I could keep maintaining it inconsistently.

I think you did a great job with the scoreboard these past two years. But I must admit I find it more fun if the scoreboard is updated more regularly, like every two weeks or so. But if I'm the only one who cares for that, I won't complain about it.

Yes, it would be more fun, and more competitive, if someone could update it more often than I did last year. It's a commitment I can't make at the moment.

I wouldn't mind taking over as long as you aren't able to do it.

Please do!

I want in on the 2008 list, whoever ends up doing it . . . By the way, I think you did a fine job this year. Inconsistent has always been just fine by me :)

Gracious of you to say so. :)

Congratulations to staup2005 for winning the 2007 Scoreboard by a landslide! And in a very respectable second place is Oedipus, who hasn't updated his list since August, and might take over first when he does.

Thank you all for playing!

Hey, Ive seen fewer films than during the last two years, yet Im third. :-D

That is good news.

Looking forward to 2008.