Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2005

  1. Closed (last updated 1/10/05

  2. pianoshootis: 679
  3. russa03: 557
  4. hinterland: 497
  5. RosieCotton: 454
  6. Jay BamBaLam: 415
  7. WB: 413
  8. Cosgrove: 410
  9. lukeprog: 379
  10. staup2005: 378
  11. stephnd: 356
  12. Conall: 348
  13. kaplan: 342
  14. SteveR: 293
  15. dayfornight: 246
  16. socialretard: 236
  17. Kza: 230
  18. baker: 178
  19. darktremor: 153
  20. QC: 141
  21. P Pogo: 134
  22. heyrocker: 83

Author Comments: 

This list tracks how many films players have watched in 2005. Shorts (less than 40 minutes), TV movies, and TV miniseries do not count toward one's 'score.' Many thanks to dayfornight who maintained the original list. Thanks also to those who continue to play.

Thanks for maintaining this list!!

Beat you to it :-)

Poll: should we count serial films, if one watches all the chapters?

Name an example.
If you mean something like "watched the whole decalogue" and count it as 1 film, I'm for it.

And thanks for keeping up this thread :-)

It had already been decided when dayfornight ran the list that we aren't counting TV miniseries like The Decalogue or the short films which comprise it, though I'm willing to reconsider the former. A serial film is an action film divided into chapters (each one ending in a 'cliffhanger') that was shown each week at cinemas. They were most popular in the 1910s and 30s-40s. Examples include The Perils of Pauline, Les Vampires, The Red Rider, Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers, Dick Tracy, The Adventures of Captain Marvel, and An Evening with Batman and Robin.

I don't see the point of including 'em, honestly. That would indeed be like counting TV miniseries. Which makes no sense to me.

Yes, the closest parallel might be the TV miniseries, except that serial films were show in cinemas. But then, the only difference between many films and TV movies is that films were first shown in cinemas.

Could i add myself to this?

Absolutely. Looks like you're already not counting shorts and TV movies/miniseries, so I'll just throw you into the mix!

Do you think we should count serial films, if one watches all the chapters?

Cheers. I think you should include them. The Decalogue is the only one i've heard of.

Uh oh. As I pointed out in my post above, The Decalogue is not a serial film. See that post for the definition of a serial film.

There you go, i don't know anything about serial films then.

I think we should include serial films if one watches ALL the chapters.

As for TV-movies, I don't see a difference between a regular movie (besides it's shown on TV), as both can be screened in theater or at home, so I'll include them (not that I've watched any this year to my knowledge, though.)

As for TV-mini series...
I'll include the decalogue as ONE film, when I see it. If this bothers you, I can exclude it from counting (or lukeprog can do this in the listing.) :-)

For the time being, we'll count serial films because they were shown in cinemas as films, and they're quite long and substantial if you watch all the chapters. If I get a lot of feedback saying we shouldn't include them, I'm open to reversing the decision.

WB, for TV movies and TV miniseries, it's fine if you add them to your list but it'd be nice if you'd make them not 'count up' towards your total, since they are not counted in the Listology Scoreboard game and that would make my job easier.

I'll try it with TV-movies, though I can't promise, because I don't watch TV, and so I don't know if a film on DVD/Video is cinema or TV.
As for TV miniseries, I'll mark them extra, so you don't have to work it out :-)


Oooh, newcomer russa03 dives in at second place, and Jay BamBaLam leapfrogs over WB! The excitement! Get your tickets for the next week's action today!

Ha, I've striken back! :-)

How about an update, lukeprog?

Now I see why you asked. WB jumps up 3 spots!

1922 and Jay BamBaLam jump up 2 spots! Seriously though, it's not a race guys; it's not a - ZOOM! Eat my dust, suckaaaas!

Say, why isn't stooky playing (he's around 160)?

lol How does it feel to be #1 in your own list? :-)

Well, remember this was once dayfornight's list - I just picked it up when he asked somebody to do so. I'd feel bad if it was something more important, and I haven't been accused of cheating yet. :-)

I've decided to severely limit the amount of movies I request from my libraries so the rest of you can have a chance :-) - and so I get other things done.

Woo-hoo! Alongside other movement, russa03 convincingly grabs the top spot from yours truly!

That's pretty insane. I don't know what to feel about that ;).

Really messes with your paradigm of the universe, doesn't it?

No position changes this week, but russa03 confirmed his leading spot by watching 18 movies last week!

Makes you feel almost normal, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, that's where I feel most comfortable. There's horrible pressure at the top. Do you feel the heat, russa03? :-)

I'm going to stop watching so much and read a book, problem is that it's Cinema Iran Week on tv. It has 9 films over four nights.

That's totally awesome. I'm jealous.

Can Conall join in?

Absolutely. But, as much as I'd like to, I won't add people without their consent (stooky, grrr...). If Conall wants to, I'll certainly add him on the next update.

Conall joins the game this week, tied for first place with russa03 (who saw another 20 movies this week). No other position changes.

Nice. I'm #4 now.

Should I be counting films that I'm seeing for the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) time? Because I noticed in Russa03's list that they don't.

Yes, you should be counting rewatches. So should russa03. Uh-oh, we're all really in trouble catching up with you guys, now!

I'll try to remember the films i've rewatched this year. I'll keep them seperate at the bottom.

I'd like to get on top of this. Typing out my list now.

Are you ready to join the fun, then? If so, I'll add you on the next update.

I'll just take that as a "yes". :-)

Boy, looking at this list is downright disturbing. Just trying to calculate the collective number of minutes spent in front of a screen is mindboggling. I suddenly feel like a non-enthusiast having seen a mere 72 films so far this year.

Does your link mean you'd like to join the game?

I can't really compete with this crew, now can I? This is a game for the "extreme cinephile" and I don't think I'm ready. Thanks though.

Lots of activitiy this week. Newcomer pianoshootis dominates by a loony 167 films seen this year, hinterland jumps up two spots, and Kza finally makes it past WB, who hasn't updated his list in ages.

I'd still like to know how in heck pianoshootis manages to watch three-plus movies a day. Does he sleep? Does he work? Does he go to school? I need answers!

No kidding.

I know I haven't updated (and done anything else here for the previous two months), but that's only because I started studying, I've moved to Berlin, and had loads of things to do. I still have, but I promise an update soon (in the coming week), and I'll sure jump some spots up :-)

RosieCotton and Jay BamBaLam jump a spot, I continue my freefall toward the bottom of the list, and pianoshootis further increases his insurmountable lead.

Funny thing is that I've somehow mysteriously deleted some of my seen movies and now have less than at the last sum-up. Ah, smeg. :)

Yeah, I noticed that. How'd that happen? Any idea which titles you deleted?

Probably it happened when I was changing some tidbits/style of the list in the word file and then copying it back probably resulted in this. I will look up some lists for movies and try to remember, but it's still no biggie if I don't retrieve the stuff.

The big news this week is that WB finally updated his list, which causes him to jump up 7 spots. Welcome back, WB!

I'll probably update my list in about a fortnight. I've seen only three or four films in the past 5 weeks, but I expect to see 15-20 in the first week of August when I get back to Australia, as that will be the last week of the Melbourne Film Festival

I'll probably update next week, but I'm really busy at the moment. Problem is also too many short films in thew last month ;-)

QC, you magically dropped points again. What's up with that?

Kza and socialretard lost points this round, somehow. What's up, guys?

The count was off for me last week, it said I had more movies than I did.

Same here. I didn't want to say anything cuz it made me look like a Big Man.

No position changes, just a couple of ties.

I must excuse myself from this list due to Hurricane Katrina. I will not be seeing any movies for quite a long time.

Shit man, I hope you're not hurting too bad but it sounds like you might be. My prayers are with you.

You can add me back to the list. I may only be able to watch a movie a week for a while, but that's better than nothing and right about now I do need something to take my mind off what's going on around me.

Dayfornight, the best of luck with any problems Katrina has left you with.

I was really shocked when i read the news. But in the end I hope you know that it`s most important to be alive...

It is a nightmare in the city now. Think "Escape from New York" times ten. Destruction everywhere and men with machine guns killing people and robbing stores.

Thanks for everything. We all appreciate it.


I need a judgment call regarding Lars Von Trier's "Riget" (1994). It's a Danish TV miniseries which was released theatrically in the US. Does it count as movie for this game?

I didn't count it when I watched it this year. We aren't counting television miniseries for this list.


Can we just call a spade a spade and name this list what it really should be called...

Listology: Who Has The Bigger Penis Contest?


Suddenly I'm very satisfied that I don't watch movies all that often.

Is it an inverse measure of who is using their penis the most?

As long as we're calling a spade a spade, why not a graph of who is doing what amounts of digging with theirs?

In my own best interests, I decline.

Hey Luke, it looks like you're using the wrong count for WB. The number 432 includes shorts. He's actually seen just 318.

Thanks for the catch!

I have impure motives, but you're welcome anyway :).

Woooo-hooo, I'm #9. That like made my day. :)

Ok, now who was it again that revealed my trickery??? :-)))
I tried a new counting system, so that also all films I`ve seen this year can be counted together, because I list all films on my other lists, no matter how long as equally important. Sorry if I`ve complicated things for you.
And I see I`m losing ground... hm, I need to watch more films again!

There seem to be some people who haven't updated in ages. C'mon only two months to go.
Don't tell me you are tired of typing everything down.

Add me if you like. I'm at 287, if I drop out the television series (I count entire series on disc as one film). I don't count shorts, though I wish now that I'd at least put them on the list.

Hey Y'all, I'd like to take part on this scoreboard too. I'm at 226. Thanks!

Cool. Please edit your list so that it is numbered ("make this a numbered list") and not counting short films, TV movies, etc. (precede each of those with an underscore)

Cool. I think i've made the necessary changes. Let me know if there is anything left to edit. Glad to be taking part in this.

Thanks, looks good. I'll add you on the next update.


Hey, throw my name up there. I saw this list early in the year, but I never thought I'd watch as many movies as I did.

Here's my numbered list:

Two new players this week, and I continue my plummet!

Whoops. Thanks. Fixed.

Wow, there seems to be finally a bit more action going on. :-)

Thanks! Out of curiosity, do you have a script that catches changes in the lists, or do you update manually? I also remember seeing someone's list sorted in reverse (with highest number at the top) -- how do you do that??

It's all manual. Those numbered in reverse are numbered manually, rather than using automatic numbering.

Any way I could join the contest? I do indeed have a "films seen 2005" list:

Darktremor: films seen: 2005

I am pathetic, I vow to at least break freakin 100 in 2006

I suppose I'll check again in a week to see if any lists have changed. I won't be doing this for 2006; someone else is welcome to. Congrats, pianoshootis!

Woo-hoo! I made it to #5! Congrats to all on playing the game and pianoshootis' almost 700 movies seen still astounds me. :)

Yes, nicely done. You finished strong.

Hey I`m 6th, not bad.
This is in fact my strongest year ever.
Don`t think I`ll be able to keep this up in 2006

"Yes, nicely done. "
Thanks. And also, lukeprog, big thanks for maintaining this game.

"This is in fact my strongest year ever.
Don`t think I`ll be able to keep this up in 2006"

I too haven't watched this much movies in like... ever - this year was quite my relevation year towards movies. Also I don't think I will keep up, althought I'm already subconsciously doing it. :)

#4 is a respectable showing for the token female on the list, if I may say so myself. I have no idea what this year will bring, but I'm off to a good start :).

I'll clone this and keep score for 2006, if no one objects.

If you want to play in 2006, and you approve of me keeping score, please send your list links to



Any chance of still participating in the 2005 list? You'll find my list here:, but it's not yet complete.
My 2006 list is here:

I've added you to the 2006 list.


Let me know when you've finished the list.

It's done.

So, how bout an oficcial "closing", Luke?