Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard

  2. Hey, does anyone out there in Listologyland want to take over this list? You could make new rules, take on new participants, etc. to your heart's content.
  3. lukeprog 143
  4. hinterland 114
  5. RosieCotton 106
  6. Cosgrove 103
  7. SteveR 97
  8. dayfornight 89
  9. 1922 89
  10. WB 86
  11. Jay BamBaLam 84
  12. socialretard 79
  13. QC 63
  14. Kza 62
  15. P Pogo 43
  16. heyrocker 26

My money's on Steve, since there's no way I can keep up this pace.

Yeah, I think the smart money should be on the Dread Pirate. I may be able to break my all-time high (around 350) since I've decided to watch as much old stuff as possible this year, but there's no way in hell I'll be able to compete with Steve.

Eh, I'm just off to a really good start. Just wait until the weather gets warmer and I start drinking again.

Jesus, it took me more than a moment to figure out what this page was about.

I'd be happy to just break last year's 204. But -- let's see if I can be a competitor...

And may I all remind you that SteveR was over 450 last year while I had to struggle to get over 300... :-)

Ah, yes, the mysterious SteveR. We'll see if he can equal his 2004 totals. Of course, I can't imagine anyone ever touching the young Master Baaab's 2002 list.

To beat that, I'd need to win the lottery, become a recluse and stop showering.

That's actually baaab's 2003 list. My bad. I did notice, however, that in 2004 he saw 350 fewer movies. Maybe he actually went to school. ;-)

I've been doing enough drinking for the both of us this month. My extracurricular activities consist entirely of either drinking and shooting pool or watching flicks. There's no time left over for anything else.

Heh, if I crack 100 this year, I'll be thrilled. Now that we've got a 4-month-old, my time for movies has seriously diminished. Viewing of new releases will be few and far-between.
It's going to be embarrassing to even be on this list, I think, especially with the likes of the other names here. Just hoping some real slackers come along and make me look a bit better.

We can always put an asterick by your name, as you are (I think) the only one listed with child. :-)

No, that's okay. I'm already making excuses, aren't I?

"It's an honour just to be nominated."

I'm pretty sure I'd have wasted everybody in 2004, had I kept count. I just know it was 800+ films. Do I get to play this year?

And whether or not I'm 'playing,' what are the rules here? Are rewatches counted? Are shorts? Are straight-to-video releases or TV movies counted?

800+ films in 2004, huh? Wow. And here I was feeling proud of myself for watching 50 in the first 5 weeks of this year. As for this list, I've just been using everyone's films seen numbers. The totals do not include TV movies or shorts, but they will include full-length straight-to-video releases and repeat viewings. I doubt that anyone will be able to compete with ya, though, if you come anywhere close to last year's number.

I bet i could compete with luke, if i kept count and rented movies, which i don't, and probably never will, all i know is in the last 5 months(how long I've been rating movies) i've watched 192 different films, and at least half of them more than once... that would put me on pace for around 600 in a year... then again, this is my first year of being obsessed with movies... i'm sure the selection begins to run out after years and years.

Are we using the Academy rules for what constitutes a "short"?

Yes. Shorts are 40 minutes or less. :-)

Thanks. My lists adhere to that rule.

And here I was feeling so confident... guess it's time to double my efforts. And this should be a revelation for me, in terms of how much time I actually waste watching films -- normally, I only keep track of first-time viewings. Who knows what my yearly totals would be had I kept a tab on, say, the eight or ten times I've seen "Orgazmo".

(There are times when I wish I had a normal 9-to-5 job...)

Also, like Scott says, I don't think we're counting short films. At least I ain't. :-)

(And what the hell... you liked "Sissy Boy Slap Party" better than "Sombra Dolorosa"????)

Yes, I enjoyed it more. Frenetic funny fun.

I'm up for the challenge! Hehe. I sincerely doubt I'll be able to beat lukeprog though.

I was hoping to topple the 500 mark last year, but I got blindsided by a very very busy summer and didn't end up making it. By the looks of it, I'll probably see even fewer this year, but I'll do my best. :)

Not to worry, I'll be lucky to place in the top 3 this year, I think. Since almost exactly the turn of the new year, I've drastically reduced the number of movies I'm seeing.

I'll re-do my list so that it doesn't count up short films, so it'll be easy to maintain count.

I think Shoah should count for at least 5, though :-)

Oh, and just to brag some more about last year: the 800 for 2004 was without short films - of which I saw roughly 230 in that year. Basically, from June 2003 to the end of 2004, I was a movie-viewing psycho and saw about 1900 films in that time. If money grew on trees, I probably wouldn't mind keeping that pace for a decade or so. I wouldn't run out of titles I want to see if I used several different DVD rental services and went to theaters, I'm convinced.

Maybe someone should set up a race for books in 2005! I'd have a shot at winning that one.

Dude, how did you have the time to see that many? Even if all I did with my free time was watch movies, that'd be tough. With this friendly competition this year, I'm sure I'll at least break my pitiful record of 251 from 2002.

Quite literally, I only slept a couple nights a week. I also chose not to do school for the most part, and didn't have a job most of the time (living VERY frugally off savings).

In most circles, 251 movies a year is pathetic in the opposite sense, like "Dude, get a life!" :-)

I'd rather live vicariously anyway. I hope I live to see the day where you can plug yourself into movies and really 'experience' them. Probably not, though.

Can I throw my name in the hat for inclusion?

Done! :-)

You may as well add me although my pathetic total isn't even worth laughing at. Starting to pick up though.

So do you take noobies? ×)

For awhile I thought I might be a real contender in this race. But it's becoming increasingly apparent that I don't have a chance. Better to readjust my expectations to hitting the 300 mark or something.

Ah, come one now, don't be so defeatist...

It seems I'm only receiving 3 Netflix discs a week now, and that's pretty much all I watch, so you can at least take me on! :-)

I think I'm becoming overly concerned with keeping pace. So I figured if I came out and said I had no chance, I wouldn't worry about it. Either that or I'm trying to lull everyone to sleep and then watch like 15 movies this weekend.

Maybe this list should be called something other than a "race", 'cuz in the long run it's more about quality than quantity. I'm amazed, though, that with a full-time job, a wife and two very active dogs, I've been able to see as many movies as I have so far this year.

I've at least got the full-time job thing. :-)

It's more about quality than quantity? Sez the guy who just watched Saw

(Sez the guy who just watched Krull.)

Yeah...uh..."Saw" has a 7.5/10 rating at the IMDb. And you know how astute those IMDb voters are. ;-)

I could be a contender.

This is probably the most unhealthy thing I've seen since the Deep Fried Oreo Cookies stand at a local carnival.

I once saw a deep-fried twinkie in some kind of coating at a state fair. You should've seen the people lined up for that "treat?"

0dysseus, I think this is a positive step for you :-)

Well, my name and the word "healthy" haven't been mentioned in the same sentence since I was 16-years-old. Not sure what that has to do with anything, but there you go...

Now I feel ready for this, even though I have got serious doubts if I manage to keep the rhythm up. Well, it's just a game and time will tell.

P.S.: TV films and shorts are not numbered in my list.

I'm already beating a large number of you, and I wasn't even trying. :P :P :P :P

My list, made before realizing such a contest existed


Is there any way to join the game? I'm interested in playing, since I've already got a good start.

Good luck everybody :) :)

My kingdom is a small one, but I am the troll with no life there.

Man, are you actually going to your classes? ;-)

Ok, I'm new on this website, but my viewing hasn't been bad f this year compared to my standards. Best was about 350 in 2003.
I'll edit my list (not counting shorts), and ask to be included after that.

Attendence is overrated. School is overrated. Rating things is overrated. Yeah, sure, Luke. Back off, yo: your mother is overrated! I have more important things to learn from Jon Stewart and Mr. Sun, anyway. When you see my celluloid consumption slow I'll either be dead or happy & successful. Somebody give me a Pavlovian pill while I watch Rear Window, please!

Luke is puttin' the boots to movie addict bootie it seems. :?)

What's with all the re-watches though? Just a thought.


I'm doing what, now? I must not be kicking hard enough, then...

I hardly did any rewatches last year, and there are a lot of films that really deserve multiple viewings. Several I wanted to rewatch to see what I think of them since my tastes and valuation methods have changed even in the past 6 months. Also, molasses currently outpaces my Netflix turnaround times, so to fill the gaps with anything but hard work and accomplishment I turned to watching films at my library or in my own personal collection (my town's only video store is abominable) that I had already seen.

Ok, I've been accepted on the site.
Hello to everyone, and here's my viewing log:

Cool, looks like you'll definitely be in the running! Welcome aboard.

Welcome, WB!

Thanks for the welcomes!
Yeah, I've had a good start, but I doubt that I will compete with most of you in the end (when the year will be closing), as I start studying next month, and won't have much time. But who knows, Berlin is a great city for films, and maybe I'll be in aviewing ecstasy ;-)

I'd be happy to take over the list, if you like. But why toss away such a great (and popular) list?

Only because I'm taking on a second job and may not have the time and energy to give this list the time it deserves.

Sorry to hear that. If I hear an official "Go ahead, Luke," I'll clone the list.

Go ahead, Luke. It's not that I don't want to maintain the list, it's just that I can't promise to keep it updated. So, have at it...

Okay, here is the new list. Comments craved (from all).

Oops, didn't see Luke's reply.

How do you join the game? I have a list of this sort.