Films I Watched - December, 2006

  • 12/15 - The Queen - Helen Mirren is The Queen. Okay, so that is not news, but she plays Elizabeth, the matron monarch, and although the character is miles uptown from her signature role as Jane Tennison, our lead has no problems carrying this film to success. Thank goodness, because the script is troubled; while it exposes the inside intricacies stirring behind palace walls set off by the crowd's bizarre adoration of Princess Diana and its grief at her death, the screenplay also tries to lift some awfully heavy and obvious symbolism that is both boring and facile. The direction is, on the other hands, wise enough to stand aside and allow this fine cast to do what they do so well. When all is said and done, we’re still left with a film spotlighting a performance so fine, the movie itself is somewhat over-rated. Never mind. You’ll enjoy it all the same. ***

  • At some point, I also caught This Film Is Not Yet Rated. Sadly, I failed to type it up while it was fresh on my mind, but I'd probably give it *** 1/2!
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I'm rating the films on a zero to four star basis. ** 1/2 is average.