"FEEL GOOD" Movies (For women only. Sorry Guys!)

  • 10. MONEY PIT
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Guys, if you are reading this let it be noted that a box of chocolates and one of these movies will make your woman "feel" like you are a prince. Surprise her with a movie that she'll like!

HOPE FLOATS - There is just something about the chemistry between characters that make this happy, sappy, movie work. If you believe chivalry is dead watch this movie and fall in love all over again.

THE WAY WE WERE - If you think you'd just "feel" better after a good cry this movie and a box of Kleenex is for you. Robert Redford never looked so handsome.

FATHER OF THE BRIDE - If you have a daughter or might have a daughter some day (or if you are a daughter) you NEED to watch this movie. It is definitely a "feel good" movie.

LEAP OF FAITH - The gospel music alone makes this movie worth watching. Steve Martin is at his best and if you're feeling a bit down this is guaranteed to make your "feel" on top of the world.

MONEY PIT - "Feel" like you've got money problems?
You're in good company with Tom Hanks & Shelly Long. After you see all their problems yours will not seem so bad.

CITY SLICKERS - If you have a man in your life who is over 30 you'll want to watch this. You will "feel" like you know him better (and have a few laughs along the way). Billy Crystal is a hoot in this mid-life crisis role.

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES - This is for the little girl that lives in your soul. Women of all ages will identify with Anne Shirley's search for her kindred spirit. Gather your daughter, neices, etc. This is perfect for a "Girls Only Night"!

FUNNY FARM - If you think you are about to "lose it". Watch this movie and know that "you are not alone". This movie is not great art, but it will make you "feel" better when all around you is going wrong.

SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE - "Feel" like love has passed you by? Watch this and dream of romance and true love. (you'll adore the little boy in this)

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - Meg Ryan is absolutely tops in this movie. You'll never forget her great scene in the diner! If you "feel" like laughing this is for your funny bone.

Great idea for a list! I haven't seen too many on this list, but I did enjoy The Way We Were and City Slickers (which certainly shouldn't be for gals only!). You may laugh, but I've always wanted to see the mid-80's television version of Anne of Green Gables!

I must admit, however, that neither my wife nor I are very fond of Sleepless in Seattle. Forgive us!

I look forward to seeing more lists from you.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

OK, so you didn't enjoy "Sleepless in Seattle". I would bet that you enjoyed the music. Am I right?
- I am working on a book list. We'll see what I can come up with. Thanks for your comments!

Regarding your City Slickers comment, I didn't realize that a mid-life crisis could kick in as early as 30 (I always figured 40 was the lower bound)! I'll have to keep on my toes. :)

I guess it's all a matter of perspective. If you think you'll only live till you're 60, then mid-life would be 30. However, my husband says he will live to be 100. If that's the case then he'll be wearing lots of gold jewelry and driving a little red sports car at 50! -Chagal

If that's true, I don't have to worry about a mid-life crisis until I'm 70! My wife will be very glad to hear this!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

A couple of comments on these... Father of the bride will make
you not want a daughter, 8^) but it was funny even for
guys. Leap of Faith was rather scary/sobering and
enlightening at the same time, by demonstrating how easy it is to fake
miracles for people who are receptive to such deceptions. If they
want to believe, it won't take much to get them to do
so. The Money Pit was not as good as the original, Mr.
Blandings builds his Dream House
(which is one of my favorites.)
City Slickers was good, not to serious or deep, but deep
enough. The right amount of "feel good" plus action, adventure,
challenge, etc.

This is an interesting list. My wife much prefers "dying baby" movies -- I can't think of any movies off the top of my head, but Dave Pelzer's book A child called it is a good example. Hard to explain, but you know 'em when you see 'em. The Lifetime channel shows a lot of dying baby movies. (I don't care for them, myself. 8^)

I try to stay away from "Boo-Hoo" movies at all cost, so I don't really know much about "dying baby" movies. . .I'm still trying to recover from seeing "Beaches" (dying mother movie). I went on one of the first nights it was showing. Thought it was going to be a fun, sand, sun and beach movie. Boy was I wrong!! -Chagal