Fawlty Towers Episodes Ranked

  1. The Wedding Party
  2. The Hotel Inspectors
  3. Gourmet Night
  4. A Touch of Class
  5. The Anniversary
  6. Waldorf Salad
  7. The Builders
  8. The Germans
  9. Communication Problems
  10. The Psychiatrist
  11. Basil the Rat
  12. The Kipper and the Corpse
Author Comments: 

Listed simply in order of how much they can still make me laugh.

I agree that Inspectors and Psychiatrist are among the funniest but my personal opinion would be that the Kipper and the Corpse and the Germans are making me laugh more than Communication Problems or Waldorf Salad, which is probably my least favorite of all... Anyway in DVD Bonuses added to the recently issued Complete Fawlty Towers DVD John Cleese points out his most favorite and least favorite episodes... respectively Kipper&Corpse and Builders

Yeah, The Kipper and the Corpse is good, but it doesn't have a really good John Cleese rant (or at least not any that stand out in my memory). I would never have guessed that would be Cleese's own favorite. Communication Problems I like because the character of Mrs. Richards sets us up for a lot of brilliant frustration from Basil Fawlty ("You can see the sea, it's over there between the land and the sky.")

I think I just don't find it funny to have a senior citizen faking deafness... but yes, that episode has got its hilarious moments