Favourite Simpsons B-stories

  • B stories or subplots are the smaller narrative, usually about a trivial or surreal element, usually involving homer :)
  • Homer steals loads of sugar and sells it off (Lisa's Rival, S6, Ep.2)
  • Homer's "Happy Dude" Autodialer scam (Lisa's Date with Density, S8 Ep.7)
  • Homer sets up "Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net" an internet home business (Das Bus, S9, Ep. 14)
  • Homer gets a helper monkey (Girly Edition, S9, ep.21)
  • Homer's "All You Can Eat" lawsiut (New Kid On The Block, S4 Ep.8)
  • Bart owns a factory (Homer's Enemy, S8, Ep.23)
  • Bart runs for class president (Lisa's Substitute, S2 Ep.19)
  • School enforces new uniforms (Team Homer, S7 Ep. 12)
  • Maggie's Great Escape (A Streetcar Named Marge, S4 Ep.2)
  • Moe opens a family restaurant (Bart Sells His Soul, S7 Ep.4)

Ooh, this is a good idea for a list, I think I'll clone it at some point.

All of these are fantastic, of course. I think the "Happy Dude" autodialler thing would have to be my number one.. just brilliant!

One of my favourites you haven't got here is the Mr. Sparkle thing from "In Marge We Trust".

I feel like season 7 might have been the best season for B-stories. One of my favorites is from Bart on the Road; the sequences with Lisa and Homer bonding are better than the main story, IMHO. I also love the Moe B-story in Bart Sells His Soul and the kids' B-story in Team Homer.

My favorite B-story, however, might be the lawsuit one from New Kid on the Block. Hilarious.

Other greats: the Maggie B-story in A Streetcar Named Marge and the two Homer weight-loss B-stories in Brush With Greatness and Bart's Friend Falls in Love.

Ahh yes - strike the above, the wonderful Maggie sub-plot in "A Streetcar Named Marge" might just be my number one after all. :-)

haha i love all of these! nice choices i#ll have to add. i really like the moe bstory to bart sells his soul.

Also, we're getting beyond the classic era here, but of all the overused "Homer gets a job" plotlines, I think one of the funniest is the B-story of Bye Bye Nerdie when he gets a job as a babyproofer. The scene with the woman struggling to open the bottle, Homer's assertion that the baby could order poison by phone - comedy gold.