Favourite Frasier Episodes (By Season)

  • S1 - Author, Author
  • S2 - Flour Child
  • S3 - The Friend
  • S4 - The Two Mrs. Cranes / Ham Radio /
  • S5 - The 1000th Show / The Ski Lodge
  • S6 - Hot Ticket
  • S7 - Rdwrer
  • S8 - Doc U. Drama
  • S9 - Not Yet Decided
  • S10 - Not Yet Decided
Author Comments: 

Some of these are purely vague memory, so some may be based on one joke or running gag, so please excuse some of the choices, but i tried my best to pick, the best (my faves).

I'm about to go on a binge of looking through some of your TV lists I haven't looked at yet/in a while, so forgive me if you log on to a ton Listology Post Alerts in your inbox ;-)

Interesting that you chose "The Friend" for S3 - possibly one of my least favourite S3 episodes! Goo choices elsewhere though, not too much to quibble with really. "The Two Mrs Cranes", "Ham Radio" and "Author, Author" are especially welcome!

ha no worries, nice to see the lists getting attention.

Yeah, the friend is a very good ep in my book but S3 was pretty lackluster in my book too, so meh. I guess Moondance was in there, i'll probably rewatch both in hope of choosing a final decision but i do like The Friend. I haven't been updating my TV seen list much lately, hopefully with the arrival of SP S11 and The Big Bang Theory that'll pick up.

"Moondance" is quality, yep. Other S3 faves for me would be "Martin Does It His Way" and "Look Before You Leap" - in fact, all three of those would be in my Frasier top 10. I share your disdain for the earlier episodes with Kate Costas.

uh, Kate Costas was a buzz kill for the season for sure.

She did ruin the first third or so of S3.. well, maybe "ruin" is strong, as I did enjoy some of her episodes, but I can't see that her character contributed at all. In the long-term, she played no real role either. I'd definitely rather she'd never appeared on the show.