Favourite Episodes: King of the Hill - Top 30

  1. Keeping Up With Our Joneses (The family attempt to quite smoking)
  2. The Unbearable Blindness Of Laying (It's Christmas, and Hank goes temporarily blind after seeing his father making love)
  3. The Bluegrass Is Always Greener (Hank and friends take Connie to a Bluegrass concet where they are to play)
  4. A Fire-fighting We Will Go (Hank and his friends become volunteer firefighters, with disastrous consequences.)
  5. The Substitute Spanish Prisoner (Peggy and others are conned by the runner of an IQ test)
  6. ..And They Call It Bobby Love (Bobby falls in love with an older girl)
  7. As Old As The Hills (Hank and Peggy celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary by going skydiving; Bobby drives Didi to the hospital when she goes into labor.)
  8. Peggy Hill: The Decline and Fall (Peggy survives her crash but is immobilized in a body cast; Didi gives birth to a healthy baby boy but has post-partum depression.)
  9. Snow Job (It snows in Arlen, and propane needs to be sent aound the city)
  10. Bobby Goes Nuts (Bobby starts fighting "dirty" after taking a Women's self-defence course)
  11. Returning Japanese Part 1 (Hank & family take Cotton to Japan to apologize to the widow of someone he killed in the war)
  12. Returning Japanese Part 2 (It turns out that he had a son with her too, and whilst Hank and Cotton attempt to gain his love, Bobby meets a girl he likes while playing a dance video game)
  13. The Order Of The Straight Arrow (Hank and pals take the children on a scout-style mission)
  14. How To Fire A Rifle, Without Really Trying (The family learn that Hank has unsteady hands, and is useless at shooting; whilst Bobby is a pro)
  15. The Perils Of Polling (It's Election day, and Hank is concerned that George W Bush's handshake is limp and Luanne joins the Communist party)
  16. Aisle 8A (Connie gets her first period while staying at the Hills' house)
  17. Death and Texas (Peggy unwittingly assists a prisoner on death row to smuggle drugs)
  18. Little Horrors Of Shop (Hank takes over Bobby's shop class temporarily, causing rivalry between him and Peggy)
  19. 'Twas The Nut Before Christmas (Bill decides to create his own Santa's workshop at home)
  20. Propane Boom (Part 1 of 2) (Hank loses his job when Strickland Propane is unable to compete with Mega Lo Mart; as Hank leaves Mega-Lo-Mart, a massive explosion occurs)
  21. Death Of A Propane Salesman (Part 2 of 2) (The aftermath)
  22. I Remember Mono (Peggy discovers Hank had mono during high school)
  23. Three Days Of The Kahndo (Hank, Dale and Kahn take a trip to Mexico)
  24. Pretty, Pretty Dresses (Bill becomes suicidal when the Christmas holiday reminds him of his breakup with Lenore)
  25. Lupe's Revenge (Peggy accidentally brings back a Mexican girl on a trip to Mexico)
  26. Hank's Unmentionable Problem (Hank gets constipation)
  27. Movin' On Up (Luanne moves out of the Hills' house, ruining Hank and the guys' plans for a clubhouse)
  28. Dog Dale Afternoon (Hank and his friends drive Dale over the edge when they steal away his state-of-the-art lawn mower)
  29. To Kill A Ladybird (Bobby befriends a raccoon, creating a neighborhood rabies scare.)
  30. Beer and Loathing (Peggy gets a job at Alamo Beer, but a clause in her contract prevents her from telling Hank why Texas is experiencing a shortage of the drink)
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Season ranking: 2, 3, 1, 6, 5, 4, 7, 8 (9-10 unseen)

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A few of the synopsis are from TV Tome's episode guide: http://tvtome.com/KingoftheHill/eplist.html

These are terrific lists, but you might consider sticking a brief one-sentence description by the top episodes. That way casual fans such as myself can know which episodes you mean, and then we'd have more feedback to offer!

I have a horrible problem remembering titles. I do remember most Moonlighting episodes, but they were often pretty cool.

My fave episode is the quitting smoking one...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Good idea, will do tomorrow morning!

The quitting smoking one is actually my #1 too, hehe - "Keeping Up With Our Joneses".


Wow, point in case. I scanned the titles, assuming that the word 'smoking' or 'cigarette' would be in it somewhere, and just supposed you didn't like it much.

That scene where Bobby is rolling around on the floor and growling while gnawing on a nicotine patch...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Yeah, there are so many memorable scenes for me in that ep. The one you mentioned, Bobby smoking the carton, the flashback scene, Luanne keeping the cigarette away from the family, the ending scene where they've made the night without one.. the perfect episode. Anyhoo, I'll do the short synopsis now.

"Blind he's gone now!"

I absolutely love "A Fire-fighting We Will Go", it my be my favorite King of the Hill episode ever, great choice. Bobby goes nuts, returning Japanese 1 & 2, and The Bluegrass is always greener are other excellent episodes/choices.

Thanks as usual! Glad you agree. :)


King hill is the next TV series i'm looking to collect

Ah cool! How much have you seen on TV?

not many. its one of those shows i tune in when i see it on the sky banner. so i usually catch episodes half way through. i've probably only seen handful of full episodes but from what i have seen, i like. What strikes me about it, is that it isn't funny in same ways other cartoons are, its funny, but its like thats not its main objective. it's just a very well made programme with great stories and characters. plus i love the animation. i got some HMV Vouchers, so i'll prob pick up season 1 & 2. then i might get rest from play.com/playusa.

Ah good. Yeah, the humour is more subtle - it's more realistic than Simpsons, South Park, et al. Glad you're finally getting into it - it's a great show! S1 and 2 have great extras on the DVDs too.

got them today. well pleased, they were 12.99 each on sale and i had £20 of vouchers, so i got season 1 & 2 for just over £5. :):)

Good deal! Hope you enjoy 'em.