Favourite Episodes: Frasier - Top 50

  1. Ham Radio (4)
  2. The Two Mrs Cranes (4)
  3. Author, Author (1)
  4. Travels With Martin (1)
  5. Dial M For Martin (6)
  6. Miracle On 3rd or 4th Street (1)
  7. Daphne's Room (2)
  8. Martin Does It His Way (3)
  9. Look Before You Leap (3)
  10. The Matchmaker (2)
  11. To Kill A Talking Bird (4)
  12. The Doctor Is Out (11)
  13. Hot Ticket (6)
  14. Death and the Dog (4)
  15. The Botched Language Of Cranes (2)
  16. My Coffee With Niles (1)
  17. High Crane Drifter (2)
  18. Moondance (3)
  19. Goodnight, Seattle! (11)
  20. Something Borrowed, Someone Blue (7)
  21. Perspectives On Christmas (5)
  22. Dad Loves Sherry, The Boys Just Whine (4)
  23. The Candidate (2)
  24. Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name (5)
  25. The Ski Lodge (5)
  26. High Holidays (11)
  27. Space Quest (1)
  28. Chess Pains (3)
  29. Halloween (5)
  30. A Midwinter Night's Dream (1)
  31. Our Father Whose Art Ain't Heaven (4)
  32. Mixed Doubles (4)
  33. They're Playing Our Song (7)
  34. The Innkeepers (2)
  35. A Lilith Thanksgiving (4)
  36. Flour Child (2)
  37. Dark Victory (2)
  38. To Tell The Truth (6)
  39. Duke's, We Hardly Knew Ye (2)
  40. Dinner Party (6)
  41. RDWRER (7)
  42. Frasier Grinch (3)
  43. Dark Side Of The Moon (7)
  44. Maris Returns/Murder Most Maris (11)
  45. Three Valentines (6)
  46. The Gift Horse (5)
  47. Leapin' Lizards (3)
  48. Out With Dad (7)
  49. First Date (5)
  50. Decoys (6)
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Episode (season)

Season ranking by # eps in top 5 - Season (Eps in top 50):
2 (9), 4 (8), 1 (6), 3 (6), 5 (6), 6 (6), 7 (5 - one is a two-parter), 11 (4 - but two are two-parters)

Check out my similar lists for other shows. Bear in mind I haven't seen S8-10, though I doubt they'll affect anything here..

brilliant! ha. I totally agree with The Two Mrs Cranes, i'm glad ot see A Lilith Thanksgiving in there. i was never a fan of Our Father Whose Art Ain't Heaven, thoguh it's Kelsey Grammer's favourite. i found it abit boring, and i ahted the line at the end about his father, just thought it was a bit harsh and they had just patched things up. My Coffee With Niles is amazing. all in all great list!

Glad you like the list. :) OFWAAH.. well, I guess it divides fans. I love it, though I see where you're coming from on the 'too harsh' front. Glad you like The Two Mrs Cranes and A Lilith Thanksgiving.

oh, right i'm off to holiday tomorrow but i couldn't leave without asking...Wheres Flour Child!! Season 2's Highlight! seeing Niles worry over a flour bag, is brilliant! Has to make this list!

Agh! I've MISSED IT!

*adds* :) Good spot.

Also, have a great holiday, hopefully Scrubs S2 will await you upon your return! Enjoy Cornwall.

how's fraiser season 8?

also, sup ? having good summer?

Honestly? Not great - some classics, but far, far too many poor episodes. Not particularly recommended unless you want the complete set, but there are some good ones.

As for summer - great thanks! I have one more GCSE exam next Thursday, after that I'm home until September. Great :D Planning on a rewatch of all my Simpsons and Friends sets. Also hoping for a reward for my exam marks (if they're good of course!) which will enable more DVD purchasing! :D

How about you?

ah, might hold of the buying of frasier then lo tbh, i got feeling from some episodes seen on Paramount that it had slipped in qaulity, well it stared doing that by season 5/6

I'm very well thx, just finished my last ever exams, as i am as of now, not going to uni. been to few parties to celebrate few nights in pub :P haha. just planning on getting a job now