Favorite words

  • 1.Transcend
  • 2.Chaos
  • 3.Intermingle
  • 4.Kisment
  • 5.Kindred
  • 6.Fluffy
  • 7.Picturesque
  • 8.Mofo
  • 9.Placenta
  • 10.Legume
  • 11.Swell

Okay, you've stumped me, as well as dictionary.com and m-w.com. What's kisment?

Kisment is another word for fate.

Ohhhhh.... kismet. Gotcha. I concur. Fabulous word.

Yup, its weird it has two pronunciations.

For some reason, #8 reminds me of Richard Pryor. ;)

Oooo Richard Pryor,most people say that as a bad thing! :)

Kudos is one of my favourites.

This posting reminds me of an episode from Blackadder the Third, when they meet Mr Johnson, who has just spent ten years of his life completing a dictionary of every single word in the English language. Blackadder frustrates Johnson by asking whether he had included certain of his favourite words and proceeds to quote a series of Blackadder-made-up words (which are "common down our way"), such as:


Baldrick later burns the only copy for firewood.

Contrafibulatories? I like it.

That was my favourite too.


I love to say words like 'superfluous' and 'mellifluous'. 'Chaos' and 'kudos' also rule. 'Snap' is also great.

Oh Snap!...Sorry bad pun.

What in the hell is "kisment"?

OK, I see someone else asked that as well. I've never heard of it being pronounced "kisment".

Like I said before, in some places it's another word for fate.

Placenta might be an okay word in and of itself, but after reading about people eating (!) them for their nutritional value, the word just squicks me.

No baby eating :(

Ew! Not the baby, just the placenta. Apparently animals do this - I guess I can understand why. It would be loaded with nutrients and if you're existence is largely looking for your next food source, you take advantage of every opportunity. I first heard about this in Timothy Findlay's Not Wanted on the Voyage , and have heard about it in other contexts since. Which is all just to say, still squicked.

I don't think I could eat my babies placenta.

Good grief, neither would I. I'm an adventurous eater, but you have to draw the line somewhere!

I agree.