Favorite Voices

  1. A little different from my favorite voice actors, this is a list of my favorite-sounding voices (speaking), regardless of acting ability.
  2. Sean Connery
  3. Kevin Conroy
  4. Cary Grant
  5. Dan Castallaneta (as Homer Simpson)
  6. James Earl Jones
  7. Christopher Walken
  8. Patrick Warburton
  9. David Hayter
  10. Peter Lorre
  11. Ubiquitous Trailer Guy
  12. Humphrey Bogart
  13. Hal Smith
  14. John Wayne
  15. Walter Brennan
  16. Gabriel Byrne
  17. John Huston
Author Comments: 

Does anybody know the actual name of Ubiquitous Trailer Guy? He's featured most predominantly in the 'Comedian' trailer.

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I luuuved this idea... (but broke my list down 1:1:15:5:5)

All-Time Champeen: Patrick Warburton

One Great Character Performance: Hugo Weaving

Andre Braugher
Steve Buscemi
Joan Cusack
Minnie Driver
Giancarlo Espesito
Laurence Fishburne
John Gielgud
John Houseman
James Earl Jones
Eartha Kitt
Kevin Kline
Michelle Pfeiffer
Alan Rickman
Meryl Streep
Jennifer Tilly

no middle ground:
John Cleese
Gene Kelly
Adam Sandler
Christopher Walken
Robin Williams

Michael Caine
Danny DeVito
Fran Drescher
Bruno Kirby
Jerry Lewis

Ack! How'd I forget Patrick Warburton???? I love him too, and The Venture Bros. is one of my favorite shows right now!!!

I think Steve Buscemi's face and performances are so memorable that I can't seperate his voice from his face for evaluation :-)

Jennifer Tilly's definitely got an interesting voice.

Oh, James Earl Jones....

Oooh! Giancarlo Espesito reminded me of one of my favorites: Gabriel Byrne! (they both starred in The Usual Suspects)

I'll just guess you loved The Emperor's New Groove, then, eh?

Sorry, what do you mean by the 'no middle ground' list?

Right with you on Drescher and Jerry Lewis... *cringe*

Think of the job that Steve Buscemi did as Randall Boggs in Monsters, Inc. Then think of the odd off-beat accents and inflections that he uses in all of his line readings. He's like a fine jazz musician improvising over a rhythm section.

I had an ex (well, have an ex) who would repeat one of Yzma's lines from The Emperor's New Groove : "Pull the lever... Wrong leverrr!" A great Eartha Kitt line delivered perfectly with a Bulgarian tinge... I think I'll always miss it.

no middle ground: their voice is either perfectly suited for the role they are playing and a pleasure to experience (listen to) OR they have the most miscast voice, which grates incessantly in the remainder of their roles. Think of Robin Williams: he was perfect for The Genie and The Genie was perfect for him in Aladdin but Mrs. Doubtfire is beyond unlistenable... you want to throttle him in both genders.

ah, I see.

Can Kathleen Turner find a place on either of your lists?

I can't hear her voice in my head...

Jessica Rabbit.

Lots of great voices on your list. A few extras from my favorites:
I love Henry Fonda's "regular Joe" tone, so I would add him.
And how about Peter Krause from Six feet Under? Sweet and sexy.
For women, I'd say Jeanne Moreau, Simone Signoret and Judy Dench. They all have that "scotch and cigarettes" thing going.

Kathleen Turner, also:
Stacy Lovell (creator of Malibu Stacy) The Simpsons
Liz Strickland (Buck's wife) King of the Hill
Charles Bing (Chandler's dad) Friends
Big fan, not big enough. Besides which she always sounds like herself and I already have two Jenny-one-notes.

Peter Krause: I do enjoy what he does with his voice but I haven't heard enough. I also give Aaron Sorkin much of the credit for what he's done.

Oh it hurts to see Ms. Turner referenced as simply the voice of a cartoon, but I understand you're needing to do so to make the point. Another sultry-voiced vixen of an even earlier period is Lauren Bacall. How soon we forget.

Jim was just trying to remind me of her voice, knowing I would probably best remember Jessica Rabbit of all the characters she had voices, I imagine.

(I think stumpy understood that from his reply.)

So, did my reminder work?

Yeah - it's just not one of my favorite voices. Thanks anyway!