Favorite Videos Still Not on DVD

  • Baryshnikov: The Dancer and the Dance - A fantastic look into Misha's life and career through intimate interviews and clips of his past work. The video also follows the rehearsals of Configurations (choreography by Choo San Goh), the first ballet Baryshnikov commissioned as artistic director of the American Ballet Theatre. A performance of the entire ballet is included as well. I've nearly worn out my library's copy of this.
  • Doctor Who: Shada - The remnants of this famous 'lost' Doctor Who story were finally released in the 90s linked with commentary by Tom Baker. Given the voracious appetite of the show's fans for any DVDs at all, I'm sure a re-release of this would be received happily - especially if paired with the usual assortment of extras.
  • Red Dwarf: Smeg Ups and Red Dwarf: Smeg Outs - With any other show these would be called blooper reels. :-) Nearly all of the content here made it upon the appropriate season DVD set, but somehow they're more satisfying in this original edit. The crew behind releasing the Red Dwarf DVDs seems sad to have come to the end of the season sets and have been looking for the next potential DVD release. I bet these will be coming soon.
  • Riverdance: The Show Not Live in New York, not Live from Geneva, not The Best of Riverdance - nothing but the original 1995 program with Michael Flatley and Jean Butler. I can't believe the best known Riverdance is still floundering away in VHS Land. Some segments from this program are included in The Best of, but it's no substitute.
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Programs (TV, documentaries, etc.) that were released on VHS but have not made the jump to DVD yet.

bring forth the smeg ups!

What are Smeg Ups and Smeg Outs?

Blooper compilations from the TV show Red Dwarf. Smeg is a sort of all-purpose curse word in the world the series is set in.

I know about the "smeg", I'm a small Red Dwarf fan myself. ;)
PS. 'Just read your new write-up, now it's alles klar :) to me.