Favorite Movies by Genre (under MUCH CONSTRUCTION)

  • Coming of Age - GHOST WORLD
  • Tear-Jerker - THE COLOR PURPLE
  • Action - THE MATRIX
  • Shark Movie - JAWS
  • Romantic Drama - CYRANO DE BERGERAC (Depardieu)
  • Romantic Comedy - IMPROMPTU
  • Romantic Adventure - ROMANCING THE STONE
  • Romantic Horror - BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA (hell, it may be the only one)
  • Kids' Movie Live-Action - LABYRINTH
  • Kids' Movie Animated - BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
  • Merchant-Ivory Production - HOWARDS END
  • Horror movie, silly - SLEEPAWAY CAMP II
  • Horror movie, slasher - FRIDAY THE 13th Part 3 (the one with Cory Feldman. Way cheesy, but also way freaky.)
  • Horror movie, killer - WHEN A STRANGER CALLS BACK
  • Horror movie, weird - PHANTASM
  • Horror movie, killer animal (other than Jaws) - PIRANHA (the old one, written by John Sayles, check it out!)
  • Horror "film" - THE SHINING
  • Chinese Film - RAISE THE RED LANTERN
  • French Film - CYRANO DE BERGERAC (w. Depardieu)
  • Italian Film - LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL
  • Spanish Film - TALK TO HER
  • 80's "Teen" Flick - SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL
  • Greenaway Film - THE PILLOW BOOK
  • Gangster Movie - GODFATHER II
  • Crime film Guns - RESERVOIR DOGS
  • Crime film No Guns - ZERO EFFECT
  • "Period" Piece - IMPROMPTU
  • Erotic Movie - HENRY AND JUNE
  • Documentary (entertaining) - AMERICAN MOVIE
  • Documentary (fairly serious) - BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE
  • Musical (before 1980) - THE SOUND OF MUSIC
  • Musical (after '80) - MOULIN ROUGE
  • Gay-Themed Movie - THE SUM OF US
  • Kevin Bacon Movie - FOOTLOOSE
  • Dancing Movie - SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, STRICTLY BALLROOM, I just can't decide
  • New Zealand Movie - HEAVENLY CREATURES
  • Aussie Movie - STRICTLY BALLROOM
  • Monkey/Ape Movie - PLANET OF THE APES (orig)
  • Zombie Movie - NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD ('68)
  • Vampire Movie - BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA
  • Epic - GANDHI
  • "Chick" Flick - FRIED GREEN TOMATOES
  • Shakespeare Adaptation - PROSPERO'S BOOKS (adaptation of The Tempest)
  • Comedy (low-brow) - BASEKETBALL
  • Comedy (middle-brow) - L.A. STORY
  • Comedy (high-brow) - IMPROMPTU
  • Christmas Movie - THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROLE(good songs, and who can resist Michael Caine with Muppets?)
  • Anti-War Movie - THE THIN RED LINE (Ostensibly, I suppose, it's just a meditation on war, and doesn't necessarily take a position. But the movie sure felt anti-war to me.)
  • Movie about native peoples - BLACK ROBE (Canadian made, superb, but violent)
  • Drug Movie - REQUIEM FOR A DREAM
Author Comments: 

I've made up many categories, probably cause this is the way I see movies. Also, because I've seen a hell of a lot, so for example choosing one foreign film would leave way too many out.

Mon dieu! Am I glad to see someone else list CYRANO DE BERGERAC. A familiar story, but this version (the one with Gerard Depardieu) is the definitive version. And all the dialogue is in rhyming couplets - but it works. The ending is so sad that I'm tempted to shift this movie from my Costume Drama slot to my Tear Jerker slot - except that it's fiction and I want my TJ to be truth-based.

Btw, I might be mistaken but I think you'll find that HEAVENLY CREATURES is a New Zealand movie - or is it just that the events depicted occurred in NZ?

Have to say though that I can't see how FACE/OFF could be anyone's favorite. I usually like Nicolas Cage, but his performance in this movie was so weird that it put me off.

I used "Aussie" film to represent the whole continent. New Zealand film seemed like too narrow a category.

Travel advisory: If you ever go to Australia or to New Zealand, don't lump them together. In some sections of Oz society (namely the sports-mad sections, which is just about all of them) you'd get lynched for equating A with NZ - and it's much the same in the Land of the Long White Cloud (= a translation of the Maori name for NZ).

Actually, I'd love to be able to figure out some kind of non-lame genre-split that would allow me to include Face/Off on my FMbG list. The whole Cage-plays-bad-guy/Travolta-plays-Cage-playing-bad-guy (and vice-vice-versa) was just too much fun (Travolta-playing-Cage bashing Travolta's appearance, for example). Combined with some fantastic action sequences, decent lines, and a slam-bang finish really make it a contender for best action movie, I think.

I'd completely forgotten about Cyrano; I have to find a place to add it. You've both seen Roxanne, I assume?

Spectacular disagreement there, Jim.

Of course I've seen ROXANNE - one of Steve Martin's best, before he came over all serious and almost stopped being a comedian. I hate it when that happens.

Man, jen, is it just me, or do you have like, many more genres than any one person should have? :)

Oh, and part of a debate I've had before... shouldn't "The Empire Strikes Back" (easily the best of the trilogy) be under "Fantasy" or at least sf/f? :)

Indeed, I do have to many genres... This is because I fritter away too much time watching movies instead of writing papers for example. As to Empire Strikes Back being fantasy... I don't know what to do with these particular genres. I'm not a huge sci-fi/fantasy "geek" so I don't know if I'm qualified to choose which is which... Fantasy always strikes me as an odd name, too, because in a way all movies are fantasies.

I really love all the categories!!! Probably because I really like a lot of the movies-- but I really think the best christmas movie ever is "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

For Horror Movie - Slasher, my I humbly suggest Psycho or the original Halloween?

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Romantic Horror - BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA (hell, it may be the only one)

Interesting. After 10 seconds of thought, I can't think of other nominees for "romantic horror" (except other Dracula versions). Can anyone else?

Would you count the Phantom of the Opera/King Kong school of films featuring misshapen, misunderstood males who fall in love with beautiful women, often causing havok?

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I'd certainly count Phantom of the Opera, good one. And I've felt like there was a big one on the tip of my brain since my last post, and I finally pinned it down: The Sixth Sense.

Thank you for being one of the 26 people on this Earth that saw and liked "Zero Effect," Jen. My friends are starting to get tired of my ranting about it!! Anyways, it's probably on my top ten, so kudos.