Favorite Movies by Genre (with many sub-genres)

  • Classic Romance: Casablanca
  • Modern Romance: Far and Away
  • Classic Romantic Comedy: The Awful Truth
  • Classic Romantic Comedy Adaptation: The Philadelphia Story
  • Modern Romantic Comedy: Romancing the Stone
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Classic Tearjerker:* Dark Victory
  • Modern Tearjerker:* Terms of Endearment
  • Classic Drama: Gone With the Wind
  • Modern Drama: Dangerous Liasons
  • Classic Suspense: Laura
  • Modern Suspense:
  • Classic Shakespeare: Taming of the Shrew
  • Modern Shakespeare (adapt):Looking for Richard
  • Classic Musical: Singing in the Rain
  • Modern Musical: Evita
  • Children's Musical: Mary Poppins
  • Classic Animated Film:
  • Modern Animated Film: Beauty and the Beast
  • Classic Adaptation: Rebecca
  • Modern Adaptation: Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Classic Teen angst film: Rebel Without a Cause
  • Modern Teen Angst Film: Heathers
  • Classic Bio-pic Gandhi
  • Classic Detective Story: The Maltese Falcon
  • Modern Detective Story:
  • Modern Foreign Film:
  • Classic Epic: The Ten Commandments
  • Modern Epic:
  • Classic War Movie:
  • Modern War Movie: Braveheart
  • Classic Action: North by Northwest
  • Modern Action: Have to see one!
  • Classic Comedy (Slapstick):
  • Modern Comedy (SLapstick): Noises Off!
  • NC-17 Rated movie Henry & June
Author Comments: 

For Bertie: Classic to me is also made before the 1970's. With the exception of Gandhi, mostly because it is a "classic" and because I don't know any other older bio-pics except "The Unsinkable Molly Brown"

* I define Tearjerker as a film actually calculated to make you cry

I need help placing the following movies into a genre:
The African Queen
The Big Sleep

Welcome to the FbG Club. I like many of the movies on your list, but, to be honest, I consider the classic/modern distinction to be merely a fancy way of taking two bites of the cherry - if you're going to take two bites, just take 'em. (And don't you see how odd it seems to call BRAVHEART a 'Modern War Movie'?)

On the positive side: thanks for reminding me of NOISES OFF! - I'm going to put it on my own list in the genre of Comedy, Farce.

I put THE AFRICAN QUEEN in Adventure, Romantic. And I would put THE BIG SLEEP in Detective, Film-Noir.

Looking forward to the rest of your choices.

I fully confess that it is a fancy way of not having to choose between two movies. I though of some of my favorite movies, and then found genres for them. I just can't choose. I have been thinking, however, of doing a list and limiting it to broad, recognized genres, such as you see in the vidoe store

I think that that would be a real challenge.

PS. If the critera for modern in being made after 1970, then Braveheart has to be a "Modern War Film" although I though about that for a while. It is pretty silly.

Absolutely. The less genre-splitting you do, the greater the challenge. I personally don't think I have the nerve to stick to only seven or eight genres.

I was thinking of the film noir genre for Big Sleep as well. Also, I like the genre of teen angst, and both choices are solid. I know Bertie mentioned this about my list as well, but I strongly believe that even though the people on this site respect some of the earlier movies, there is enough prejudice about not seeing movies solely dependent on what year a movie was made. There have been countless times where I have overheard people decline viewing a movie because it is "too old." In video stores, once a movie is removed from the new release wall, it hardly rents. Therefore, as long as the public differentiates, why can't we as well? On a different note, film technology and the studio systems have changed so maybe the cutoff should be the mid 50's with the advancement of technicolor and theater houses.

bertie took me to task for the whole "classic" thing as well. I caved.

I LOVE Far and Away, I have to remember to put that on my underrated list. My brother and I even go so far as to run lines from the movie on occasion, as we are both fans. He's 16, and since we're growing a garden this summer he is wont to say "The Land, Shannon!" And of course I'm pleased to see Henry and June and Romancing the Stone as well!