Favorite movie scenes in categories (Warning: Possible Spoilers)

  • Favorite movie scene...
  • … at the airport: 12 Monkeys (James Cole’s nightmare/memory of watching himself being shot by the police – a great and fascinating movie finale), followed by Casablanca (of course, the classic farewell scene between Bogart and Bergmann – “Here's lookin' at you, kid…”)
  • … at an aquarium: Romeo + Juliet (the first meeting of the star-crossed lovers, accompanied by Desree’s “Kissing you”), followed by Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (the Monty Python crew as fish, swimming and talking in an aquarium – stupid, but hilarious!) and Star Trek IV (Mr. Spock jumping into a whale’s basin, to find out that the whale is pregnant – I’m definitely not a Trekkie, but to watch Spock and Kirk messing around in the 20th century is really funny…)
  • … in a dark back alley: Spider-Man (the famous kiss in the rain with Spider-Man hanging upside-down), followed by Batman (his first appearance “I’m Batman” and the Joker killing his parents “You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?”)
  • … in a ballroom: Ghostbusters (capturing the “Slimer” in a hotel’s fancy ballroom – completely destroying the room, of course), followed by Carrie (Carrie’s high school prom, at first perfect with dream date Tommy, then pure horror after the pig blood attack)
  • … in a basement: Fight Club (the confrontation of Tyler Durden with “fuckin’ Lou”, resulting in a bloody but cool fight – “Ok, I got it, I got it…Shit, I lost it!”), followed by Psycho (the discovery of Norman Bates’ mummified mother)
  • … in a bathtub: American Beauty (Lester Burnham’s fantasy about his daughter’s friend Angela in a bathtub full of rose petals), followed by The Shining (Jack’s gruesome hallucination in forbidden Room 237)
  • … on a battlefield: Return of the King (the battle on the Pelennor fields, especially the moment when Theoden sees the Oliphants appear on the scene) followed by Braveheart (William Wallace’s great monologue – “They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!”)
  • … on a bench: Good Will Hunting (the conversation between psychologist Robin Williams and Matt Damon – “You're just a boy. You don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about...”), followed by Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks and his funny and sometimes sad comments, sitting on a bench for three hours) and Muxmäuschenstill / Quiet as a Mouse (shocking scene – guy suddenly shoots his girlfriend – in a funny German pseudo documentary)
  • … on a bridge: The Fellowship of the Ring (Gandalf on the bridge of Khazad-Dûm), followed by Interview with the Vampire (“'Don't be afraid. I'm going to give you the choice I never had”) and Monty Python and the Holy Grail (the bridgekeeper and his three questions…)
  • … on a bus: Almost Famous (the beautiful scene in which everyone sings along to Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”), followed by Forrest Gump (the first day in the Army and his first meeting with Jenny – “Are you stupid or something?”) and Speed (the whole movie takes place in a bus – pick a scene…)
  • … at a campfire: Stand by me (the serious and funny conversations between the 12 year-olds, including the “What’s Goofy?” discussion) followed by Brokeback Mountain (the first shy and confused approach of Ennis and Jack) and Memento (Leonard burning his wife's stuff: "I can't remember to forget you")
  • … in a car: Back to the Future (Marty’s first arrival in the 1950s), followed by Jurassic Park (the Tyrannosaurus Rex looking through the car windows) and Sin City (Dwight’s hallucination of dead Jackie Boy talking to him – hilarious!)
  • … at Christmas: Home alone (Kevin’s mom arriving at home), followed by A Christmas carol and Scrooged (the joyous last scenes of the converted Scrooges)
  • … in the cinema: Donnie Darko (“Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?” Frank: “Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?”), followed by The Green Mile (John Coffey watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, shortly before his execution)
  • … in a class room: Dead Poets Society (“Oh Captain, my Captain!), followed by Clueless (Travis’ acceptance speech for the most unexcused delays)
  • … in a closet: E.T. (Elliot and the extra-terrestrial secretly watching Elliot’s mom reading Pete Pan to little Gertie), followed by Der bewegte Mann / Maybe, maybe not (Doro discovering gay Norbert in her husband’s closet)
  • … on a couch: Titanic (Jack drawing Rose, accompanied by a nice piano melody), followed by Jo / The busy body (the interrogation of Brisebard by the inspector in a really hectic but funny French comedy featuring Louis de Funés)
  • … in a courtroom: A few good men (the great showdown between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson – “I want the truth.” You can’t handle the truth!”), followed by Pleasantville (Tobey Maguire bringing color into the town) and Miracle on 34th Street (the final “proof” convincing the judge that Kris Kringle is Santa)
  • … in the darkness: Silence of the Lambs (“Buffalo Bill” stalking Agent Starling with night-goggles), followed by Blair Witch Project (the frightening and ambiguous last shot with one of the film students standing motionless in a dark corner)
  • … in the desert: Se7en (the great showdown with equally great Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt – and a bloody box…), followed by Independence Day (“Welcome to Earth!”) and The Mummy (great visual effect when Imhotep influences the sand to “swallow” his enemies)
  • … at dinner: American Beauty ("...and then I blackmailed my boss for almost $60,000. Pass the asparagus."), followed by Beetlejuice (Day-O – The Banana Boat Song)
  • … in an elevator: Vanilla Sky (David Aames discovering that he actually died, and the “Tech Support” telling him about his memorial – “Consequences, David. It's the little things. There's nothing bigger, is there?”) followed by the Rocky Horror Picture Show (the introduction of the legendary Frank ‘n Furter – “I’m just a sweet transvestite”)
  • … at an execution: The Green Mile (He kill 'em with they love. That's how it is ever' day. All over the worl'...), followed by Fallen (Time is on my side…) and Dancer in the Dark (Björk in a heartbreaking movie ending)
  • … at a fast food restaurant: American Beauty (“Smile! You’re at Mr. Smiley’s!”), followed by Falling Down (Bill Foster complaining about his flat burger – “Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this picture?”)
  • … on a field trip: Rebel without a cause (the tense knife-blade fight outside the planetarium), followed by Spider-Man (the spider biting Peter Parker)
  • … in a forest: E.T. (the splendid finale – “I’ll be right here”), followed by The Fellowship of the Ring (Aragorn killing the Uruk-Hai)
  • … at a funeral: My Girl (most tear-jerking scene I’ve ever seen, Anna Chlumsky’s just great here), followed by Cruel Intentions (Sebastian’s funeral accompanied by The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”) and Four weddings and a funeral (the reading of W.H. Auden’s “Stop all the clocks”)
  • … at a gas station: From dusk till dawn (“You – be cool!”), followed by Romeo + Juliet (nicely photographed introduction to modern Verona’s Montague and Capulet boys)
  • … in a gunfight: Once upon a time in the west (the assassination of the McBains family and the final confrontation of Frank and Harmonica), followed by Sin City (“My warrior woman. My Valkyrie. You'll always be mine, always and never…”)
  • … on a horse: Dances with wolves (the attempted suicide of John Dunbar at the beginning of the movie), followed by The Lord of the Rings (the Rohirrim encircling Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli in TTT, Gandalf riding to Minas Tirith in ROTK, and many other scenes including some at the battle on the Pelennor fields)
  • … in a hotel room: Fight Club (Jack / The narrator finding out that he and Tyler are the same person – “It’s called a changeover – the movie goes on and nobody in the audience has any idea.”) , Almost famous (William missing his graduation to help groupie Penny Lane), Terminator (the beautiful love scene between Sarah Connor and Reese in a motel)
  • … in a library: Breakfast Club (several scenes, like the confrontation between Bender and teacher Vernon or the moving and honest conversation between the five teenagers, including laughing fits and cathartic dancing), followed by Ghostbusters (the introductory scene and the following investigation) and Se7en (Detective Somerset's research accompanied by Bach's "Air on G String")
  • … in a mental institution: 12 Monkeys (Brad Pitt’s rage about TV and the consumer society – “What a fruitcake!!”), followed by Girl Interrupted (Lisa and Susannah singing "Downtown" for their friend)
  • … on a motorcycle: Terminator 2 (the final chase scene), followed by The Rules of Attraction (rejected Sean Bateman riding off into the snowy night in the last scene)
  • … in a nightmare: Carrie (Carrie’s arm bursting out of the ground to grab classmate Sue Snell), followed by Vanilla Sky (David Aames suddenly looking defaced again)
  • … in an office: Fight Club (“I am Jack’s smirking revenge”), followed by Dogma (Loki and Bartleby teaching the Moody worshippers a lesson) and Charade (“Oh, I love you, Adam... Alex... Peter... Brian... Whatever your name is!”)
  • … on the phone: Jerry Maguire (the famous “Show me the money!!”), followed by Pillow talk (the bathtub scene) and Scream (“What’s your favorite scary movie?”)
  • … at a piano: Interview with the Vampire (Claudia killing her piano teacher and the tormented Lestat playing a sad melody in the end), followed by Groundhog Day (Phil’s most successful version of February 2nd as he plays the piano at a party)
  • … in a prison cell: Primal Fear (the last scene – Edward Norton at his best in his debut movie), followed by Silence of the Lambs (“Quit pro quo, Agent Starling…”) and The Green Mile (Coffey healing Mr Jingles by blowing life into it in his hands)
  • … in a prison yard: Shawshank Redemption (“It was like some beautiful bird flapped into our drab little cage and made those walls dissolve away, and for the briefest of moments, every last man in Shawshank felt free.”), followed by Blow (the sad last scene when Depp imagines his daughter visiting him – “How could I live without my heart?”)
  • … in a psychiatrist's office: Good Will Hunting (“It’s not your fault.”), followed by K-Pax (the emotional outbreak of the great Kevin Spacey) and Armageddon (the whole crew failing the NASA’s mental tests)
  • … on rails: Once upon a time in the west (“Looks like we're shy one horse.” - “You brought two too many.”), followed by Stand by me (the four boys running from the approaching train) and Groundhog Day (“‘Take it like a man!’, ‘Be nice to your sister!’, ‘Don't mix beer and wine, ever!’. Oh yeah - ‘Don't drive on the railroad tracks!’”)
  • … in the rain: Shawshank Redemption (Andy Dufresne’s famous escape from prison), followed by Se7en (Cop David Mills chasing John Doe) and Four weddings and a funeral (“It's the person standing opposite me now in the rain.- Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed...”)
  • … in a restaurant: When Harry met Sally (“I’ll have what she’s having…”), followed by About a boy (“I am an island. I am bloody Ibiza!”)
  • … on a rooftop: The Shawshank Redemption (Andy organizing cold beer for the inmates and smiling quietly), followed by Mary Poppins (the Chim-chim-charee singing and dancing) and Spider-Man (Peter Parker practising his new capabilities – “Kazaam!”)
  • … on a ship: Forrest Gump (“Come on! You call this a storm? You'll never sink this boat!”), followed by Titanic (the sad scenes of passengers awaiting the sinking) and Pirates of the Caribbean (the first introduction of Jack Sparrow on his impressive boat, and his last appearance in part 2)
  • … with skyscrapers: Fight Club (“You met me at a very strange time in my life…”), closely followed by Ghostbusters (the appearance of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow-Man)
  • … in the snow: Edward Scissorhands (“Sometimes... you can still catch me dancing in it”), followed by Home alone (the last scene when the old man reunites with his family) and Groundhog Day (“We’ll rent to start…”)
  • … on a stairway: The Exorcist (the horrifying spider-walk of possessed Regan), followed by The Devil's Advocate (“Vanity - definitely my favorite sin…”) and Run Lola Run (Lola’s recurring departure in comic style)
  • … on the street: Vanilla Sky (David Aames running along an empty Times Square), followed by The Truman Show (Truman stopping the cars on the street after finding out something’s wrong) and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the shocking last scene)
  • … with attempted suicides: Groundhog Day (Phil Connors electrocuting himself with a toaster, stepping in front of a moving truck and jumping off a building), followed by Rules of Attraction (Sean Bateman failing to kill himself and then faking his suicide)
  • … in a swamp: The Two Towers (Frodo falling into the swamp), followed by The Never-ending Story (the horse’s death in the Swamps of Sadness - and Morla the Ancient, of course)
  • … in a swimming pool: The thrills of it all (“Dr. Beverly” driving his car into the new pool), followed by Poltergeist (the gruesome floating corpses)
  • … in a table dance bar: From dusk till dawn (“All right, vampire killers, let's kill some fucking vampires!”), followed by Sin City (“Eyes to the stage, pilgrim. She's just warming up…”)
  • … in a trailer: Brokeback Mountain (the very sad ending – “Jack, I swear”), followed by From dusk till dawn (“From here on, you are all in my cool book!”)
  • … in a tree: My Girl (“I'm gonna be an acrobat when I grow up.”), followed by Forrest Gump (“Sometimes, we'd just sit out and wait for the stars.”)
  • … in front of a TV: American Beauty (“Sometimes, there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it.”), followed by Poltergeist (“They’re heeere…”) and Forrest Gump (Forrest and his son watching Sesame Street)
  • … in a ventilation system: Mission:Impossible (the infamous scene of Ethan Hunt hanging down from the ventilation system), followed by Breakfast Club (Bender crawling back to the library – “Could you describe the ruckus, sir?”)
  • … in war: Schindler's List (Ithzak Stern typing the list and Oskar Schindler’s final address to his factory workers), followed by Forrest Gump (Forrest saving Lieutenant Dan and losing his best friend in Vietnam) and Life is beautiful (Guido’s death and the reunification of his son Giosue with his mother)
  • … at a waterfall: The Fugitive ("I did not kill my wife!"), followed by The Beach (The three adventurers jumping down a waterfall on their way to the awaited beach) and The Fellowship of the Ring (Boromir's "funeral" at the end)
  • … on a wedding: My best friend's wedding (The last scene when the broom has left the wedding, and Julia Roberts, the heroine who didn't get the guy, stays dancing with her gay friend), followed by Four weddings and a funeral (Hugh Grant seated at a wedding table with a bunch of his ex-girlfriends)
  • … at a window: Network ("I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"), followed by The Omen (The Nanny jumping out of the attic window on Damien's 5th birthday)

Nice. A real pleasure to read. Any favourites for under water? I'd be partial to something from Das Boot , and that brilliant scene of the main character and her boyfriend telling secrets to each other under water in Saved! .

Thanks! I had that category in the beginning (and about 30 others that are not included here), but I couldn't come up with any good scenes.
I haven't seen Saved! or Das Boot (shouldn't I, as a German movie lover??), so I'll just have to think for a little while longer...

Well, there's always The Graduate or Ferris Bueller's Day Off . Ferris would be my choice of those two - Cameron is ace.

I've got to look a little deeper for lists like this. Great format. I won't ruin it with suggestions.