favorite Edward Gorey lines...

  • 1. "It was subject to fits of bewildering wrath, during which it would hide all the towels from the bath..." (from THE DOUBTFUL GUEST)
  • 2. "The Crunk is not unseldom drastic and must be hindered by elastic" (from THE UTTER ZOO)
Author Comments: 

suggestions are welcome....i don't have any gorey books with me now...except for THE DOUBTFUL GUEST

still under construction...that's obvious, i guess

for nadine...edward gorey was this really neat illustrator and writer who died just a few weeks ago...his work was characterized by black and white illustrations and eccentric humor..umm can anyone else help me out here? he also created the introduction for PBS's MYSTERY! series...

I hope I'm not completely ignorant, but could someone fill me in on who Edward Gorey is? The line is really great and interesting, however I have no context.

I'm replying to myself, but thanks for the comment. I do know the PBS illustrations, but I didn't know where they came from. I'll have to check it out.