Favorite Comedians

  • 1.Lenny Bruce
  • 2.Andy Kaufman
  • 3.John Belushi
  • 4.George Carlin
  • 5.Richard Pryor
  • 6.Dennis Leary
  • 7.Jim Carrey
  • 8.Dana Carvey
  • 9.Jay Mohr
  • 10.Daniel Tosh

OMG! Daniel Tosh! I have never ever met anyone in the world who even knows who Daniel Tosh is, let alone how hysterical he is! Man! Plus, Denis Leary, Lenny Bruce, Jay Mohr and Andy Kaufman are all brilliant. (I could watch Lock N Load a billion times and not find it any less funny.) I would add Lewis Black and David Cross, but otherwise, excellent list!

Daniel Tosh kicks butt!