Favorite Album Art


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Good stuff.

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Hmmm... no album cover fans here, eh? Too bad...

I am very much a cover fan. Check out my two lists sometime...

Oh good!

I especially like the Tangerine Dream and the Massive Attack of those here, and the Madvillain is slightly disturbing, which is a good thing. I mentioned this on another cover art list, but check out John Cale's Vintage Violence cover; you obviously like interesting head shots, and I think Cale's is reminiscient of the Madvillain.

Great list.

Johnny Waco

Thanks for the suggestion! I do like that cover, though it won't make my top 10.

Well, here's a candidate for least favorite album art ever.

check out king crimson- in the court of the crimson king cover art. its really nice

Yeah, it's pretty sweet.

Yes, that was definitely in consideration. Didn't quite make it.