Favorite 90s R&B songs, no particular order

  • "If I Ever Fall in Love Again" Shai
  • "You Send Me Swingin'" Mint Condition
  • "Freak Me, Baby" Silk
  • "Comforter" Shai
  • "Nobody" Keith Sweat
  • "Twisted" Keith Sweat
  • "White Men Can't Jump" Riff
  • "Something In Your Eyes" Bell Biv Devoe
  • "I'll Make Love to You" Boyz II Men
  • "Water Runs Dry" Boyz II Men
  • "On Bended Knee" Boyz II Men
  • "Love U 4 Life" Jodeci
  • "Gangsta Lean" DRS
  • "I'm Still in Love With You" New Edition
  • "Angel of Mine" Monica
  • "All Cried Out" Allure and 112
  • "The Love We Had Stays on My Mind" Dru Hill
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I'll add more.

Nice list, a lot of songs on that list bring back some good memories.