Far Side Cartoons I Never Got As a Kid

  • A group of moray eels at a party, holding martini glasses, all talking and having a good time. Caption: Social morays.
  • A chicken sits on a barstool, looking around the bar she's in. Some cows are carrying bottles, and two cows are sitting at a table enjoying a pile of hay. Caption: Vera looked around the room. Not another chicken anywhere. And then it struck her - this was a hay bar.
  • Three lethargic-looking wolves hang out in the forest with some ducks. One wolf has a duck's head in his nostril. Caption: Some wolves, their habitat destroyed and overwhelmed by human pressures, turn to snorting quack.
  • A committee of dogs wearing suits sit around a conference table. One dog is speaking while holding a pointer in reference to a blackboard, which has some graphs on it. One dog is, I now realize, administering oral sex on himself. Caption: "Now if you all would examine the chart, you will notice - well, well... seems Mr. Sparky has found something more engrossing than this meeting."
  • A bald man with a big beard sits in very small house. Outside, an enormous mountain is at his door. A sound effect at the door says "Ding dong!" Caption: Again the doorbell chimed. With his wife out of town, and not expecting any visitors, Mohammed began to grow uneasy. (Yes, that's right. Gary Larson was putting Mohammed in cartoons LONG before they did it in Denmark.)
Author Comments: 

I picked up my old Far Side Gallery 5 for some light bathroom reading while at home, and was surprised to find some cartoons I never got when I first read the book, but which I do get now.