Fallacious Celebrity Trivia I Have Believed To Be True In Approximate Chronological Order From Childhood To Present

  • Olivia Newton-John is the wife of Elton John.
  • Stephanie Zimbalist is a Junior.
  • KISS worship Satan.
  • Paul Lynde is straight.
  • Robert Reed is straight.
  • Richard Simmons is straight.
  • George Michael is straight.
  • Whitney Houston is sophisticated.
  • Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder WILL last forever.
  • Marilyn Manson played Paul on The Wonder Years.
  • The boys in Hanson are the sons of novelty-music DJ Doctor Demento (Barry Hansen).
  • The Fiennes brothers consist of Jospeph and twins Ralph and Ray.
  • Michael Jackson is just misunderstood.
  • The director of The Sopranos (Allen Coulter) is David Letterman's announcer (Alan Kalter).
  • Ted (The Exploding Man) from HEROES is played by the same actor as the Geico Caveman.
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Honorable Mention:
I couldn't include Richard Gere and the gerbil because I know a guy who's cousin's girlfriend was a nurse at the hospital where it was removed, so it's almost certainly true.

I used to think Jamie Foxx was Redd Foxx's son. Until I realized that neither one of them actually has the last name "Foxx."