Episodes Ranked: The Venture Brothers

  1. Are You There God? It's Me, Dean (1-9)
  2. Home Insecurity (1-3)
  3. Return to Spider-Skull Island (1-13)
  4. Eeny, Meeny, Miney... Magic! (1-5) [Dr. Orpheus is another great character. More involved and considerate as a father than Dr. Venture, but still ultimately over his head.]
  5. Ghosts of the Sargasso (1-6)
  6. Tag Sale - You're It! (1-10)
  7. A Very Venture Brothers Christmas (1-14)
  8. Past Tense (1-11)
  9. Midlife Chrysalis (1-8)
  10. Dia de los Dangerous (1-1)
  11. The Trial of the Monarch (1-12) [Disappointing, since it prominently features the Monarch ("I'll be in my room - Crying!") and his relationship with Dr. Girlfriend, but Dr. Venture's unneccessary comments, the only slightly-amusing attorney, and a complicated, borderline incoherent plot really bring it down for me.]
  12. Ice Station - Impossible! (1-7)
  13. Careers in Science (1-2)
  14. The Incredible Mr. Brisby (1-4) [Did I even finish this episode?]
  15. The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay (pilot)
Author Comments: 

Although nominally about Hank and Dean Venture, the dopey sons of scientist T.S. Venture (and protected by Venture's bodyguard, Brock Samson), I'm primarily fascinated by Venture's self-proclaimed nemesis The Monarch (as in butterfly) and his companion, Dr. Girlfriend. These are, for my cable money, two of the most interesting characters on TV right now. They aren't particularly deep -- it's not that kind of show -- but as characters that actively question, deconstruct, and destroy the superhero/pulp/SF genre, they're wonderfully addictive. Not that that kind of thing hasn't been done before, either, but never with characters as unique as these two.

(And the Dr. Girlfriend character is brilliant. She really only has one distinctive quality - her voice - but everything we need to know about her is in that voice. Change that to "normal", and she'd disappear.)

12/21/04: Dia de los Dangerous up one to #10; A Very Venture Brothers Christmas debuts at #6
1/4/05: Ghosts of the Sargasso up 4 to #5.

I believe it's called Tag Sale, Your It!, but it's definitly my favorite episode... the one where the ventures are having a yardsale... i also love the one where they go to the funeral and reminisce about their college days.

The Venture Brothers is probably my favorite show on television right now and even ranks up there with my favorites of all time... I believe it ranks 5th on my list... I love it, it's funny, it's action packed, and brock samson kicks ass... but my favorite character is also The Monarch.

Yeah, "Tag Sale - You're It" (#5 on my list) is pretty good ("Depeche Mooooode!"). I love the build-up to the sale in the pre-credits sequence.

The funeral episode is "Past Tense" (#6). I went to college about ten years later than Dr. Venture (i.e., early 90s), but clearly some things don't change.

saw the incredible mr brisby again and i can't see how it's so low on your list... one of best episodes i've seen... would probably go no. 3 behind the other two i mentioned...
then again they are all so i great i couldn't choose.

I realized, when they replayed "Brisby" the other night, that I haven't seen it all the way through, so it really doesn't belong on the list just yet.

(and unfortunately, I didn't really have the opportunity to sit down and watch it again when it was on, so it may be awhile before I see it.)

Venture Bros. rule. I recall loving one of the earliest episodes I caught, with the pirates and all... :-)