Episodes of Fawlty Towers

  1. Series One (1975)

  2. A Touch Of Class
  3. The Builders
  4. The Wedding Party
  5. The Hotel Inspectors
  6. Gourmet Night
  7. The Germans
  8. Series Two (1979)

  9. Communication Problems
  10. The Psychiatrist
  11. Waldorf Salad
  12. The Kipper And The Corpse
  13. The Anniversary
  14. Basil The Rat
Author Comments: 

The first six episodes first aired in 1975, while the second series aired in 1979.

All the episodes were written by John Cleese and Connie Booth.

Were there really just 12 episodes?
Wow! But it is a terrible long time ago since I have seen them. I miss it so much.

The best TV comedy ever. My favourites are The Psychiatrist, Communication Problems (Que? Si! What? K.C.WATT- priceless), Gourmet Night and A Touch of Class.

Has there ever been a more overrated Britcom? :)

don't like Fawlty towers Wezzo?

It's alright, but I really find it just "ok".. hardly one of the best sitcoms ever!

*****jaw hitting the floor***** ????????????????????WHAT?????????????????????? Fawlty Towers....... *just*OK?....................'hardly one of the best sitcoms ever'............????????

lol hit some nervs with that comment here wezzo,.."Witch witch..burn himĀ¬" lol :-)

Yes....Only Fools And Horses.

Still, I like that one a lot, too.

Co-writer Connie Booth also played the part of the maid, Polly, and at the time was married to John Cleese. She also appeared in Monty Python's. &nbsp Website .