Entertainers Who Put Their Significant Other In A Music Video

  • Marilyn Manson/ Rose McGowan
  • Counting Crows/ Courtney Cox
  • Enrique Iglesias/ Anna Kournikova
  • J-Lo/ Ben Affleck
  • Michael Bolton/ Ashley Judd
  • Dave Navarro/ Carmen Electra
Author Comments: 

Don't hate it when you break up with someone and you're like, "I hope I never have to see their stupid face again." And then you turn on VH1 and there you are, getting it on with them on the hood of a car. Man, I hate it when that happens. Post me any additions to this list you can think of.

The Counting Crows all got to date Courteney? Rock star life is pretty lush, no doubt. I wonder if they all got nicknames or nametags or something.

also, Dave Navarro put Carmen Electra all over his videos! Yuck! As if they ddint sound crappy enough...

I recall Michael Bolton was once dating Ashley Judd, and she appeared in a video of one of his insipid songs. And even though they weren't videos in the truest sense, John and Yoko did spend a lot of time together on film promoting his/their songs.

Thanks to all for your suggestions- have updated the list.

speaking of hood-ornaments, don't forget that whitesnake video with whatsherface.

i'll definitely be thinking of more for this--great topic!

ok i'm back... and here's what i've come up with:

1. (to clarify) david coverdale of whitesnake/tawny kitaen
2. billy joel/christie brinkley
3. ric ocasek of the cars/paulina porozkova
4. axl rose of guns n' roses/stephanie seymour
5. robert smith of the cure/mary poole
6. perry farrell of jane's addiction/casey niccoli
7. paula abdul/arsenio hall

unconfirmed but seem to make sense:
david bowie/iman
harry connick jr/jill goodacre
eddie van halen/valerie bertinelli
tim mcgraw/faith hill
james taylor/carly simon

this would be so much easier if www.groupiecentral.com were up!

Jack White/Meg White ~ but in a weird, sisterly kinda way.