Doing One New Thing Every Day *FINISHED*

  • Today, for the first time, I...

  • July 24 '04: Rode a Bike for Exercise - I hadn't rid a bike for more than two years before today (BTW, it's true - you don't forget). Today dusted off and oiled my bike and took it for 10 (I think) laps around a pond near my house. It was exhilerating and exhausting. I'll make it my new daily morning routine - it'll get my heart pumping, brain working, and ambitions driving. Notes for next time: (1) bring a water bottle, (2) stretch first, and (3) find a way to cushion the seat.
  • July 24: Received my Netflix movies TWO days before the estimated arrival date - hell yeah! Guess what I'm doing the rest of the day...
  • July 25: Finished watching SIX high-caliber films IN A ROW - should I be proud or ashamed? Anyway, the six films were: The Birth of a Nation (1915), The Lady from Shanghai (1947), The Magnificent Ambersons (1942), 8 1/2 (1963), The Battleship Potemkin (1925), and The Man Who Wasn't There (2001).
  • July 25: Did 150 kegels - now I've got muscles in places you haven't even got places! Lol, just kidding. Of course, it has taken me several weeks to work up to that number.
  • July 25: Called my mother just to wish her a Happy Birthday - ahhhh... aren't I sweet.
  • July 26: Seriously tried Opera and foobar2000 - and loved them both!
  • July 27: Took a random freeway exit and played BBall at the first hoop I saw - I had a basketball in the car, so I decided to do something totally random. By chance, right next to the exit was a public park a pair of basketball hoops, so I pulled over and shot hoops for a while (no one else was there). In many ways, this kind of spontaneous, unprecedented action is what I'm trying to do with this list, though I'm hoping more of it will involve other people in the future.
  • July 27: Threw out my back - well, there's a first time for everything, right? Ouch! The sad thing is that it happened while working with a 25-pound dumbell.
  • July 28: Ran around my suburban neighborhood house completely nude - this won't become a daily routine like bike riding has.
  • July 29: Did 35 'real' pushups in 30 seconds - may sound pathetic to most, but trust me, this is an accomplishment for me.
  • July 30: Biked for 20 minutes in pouring rain - in shorts and a T-shirt. It was only drizzling when I started, but by the 8th lap it'd picked up to the point where the rain was kinda painful. But it was my routine, and I wanted to keep it.
  • July 31: Wrote a sonnet - not as hard as I thought it would be.
  • August 1: Spent two straight hours screenwriting - I've spent longer working on screenwriting before, but it was usually reading books and very little actual screenwriting. Today I developed an entire story from nothing and wrote the first six pages in 2 hours. If I can make this a daily habit I'll be a millionaire inside of two years, I swear. That's a big 'if', though - I've got a bad track record when it comes to hard work.
  • August 2: Did 3 sets of 100 reps of the Bicycle Maneuver - owwwwwww... Come on, six pack!
  • August 3: Wrote a 9-page essay - believe it or not, the longest essay I've ever written. Not the best, though.
  • August 4: Spent an hour reading about car engines - I'm woefully ignorant about car engines, so I decided to remedy that, partly. I still don't know shit, unfortunately. But I tried. And yes, I know these aren't turning out to be as people-oriented as I'd hoped, but at least I'm doing it so far, and my upcoming road trip with friends will present plenty of opportunities to do one new social thing every day.
  • August 5: Followed a random person from the freeway to their home - luckily, it was only 20 miles from my own house! Or, they pulled off and stopped in some random driveway to get me off their tail.
  • August 6: Typed this message with my penis - but not this part, that would take too long. Precision is not the penis' forte on a keyboard meant for fingers.
  • August 7: Departed on a road trip around the western United States with my friends! - Okay, so I haven't left yet, but I can't type this out once I've left very well, now can I? In any case, you won't see Listology updates from me until I get back on the 16th, when I'll update everything, including this list of doing one new thing every day (which hopefully I'll be able to keep up during my road trip).
  • August 8: Road the world's longest tram - to the top of some mountain in Albuquerque. Albuquerque is much funner to say than spell.
  • August 9: Walked the Vegas Strip with friends - doing it with one's parents along does NOT count, or measure up.
  • August 10: Road a building-topping thrill ride - I've been afraid of heights and most thrill rides for my entire life, but hadn't tried one for half a decade. So, I decided to give it a shot. The X-Scream, located atop the tallest Vegas building, shoots you off the edge of the building, drops you, then pulls you back up. Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun, so perhaps I've outgrown both phobias! Yay!
  • August 11: Swam in the ocean - at Huntington Beach. Swallowing saltwater makes me sick.
  • August 11: Boogie Boarded - I'm not all that good at the timing part yet, but I got a few good rides and many head-over-heals waves pummelings.
  • August 11: Dug a 4.5-foot hole in beach sand - in obsessive-compulsive frustration over not having what I was watching, some guy making out with a sexy girl for about an hour on the beach.
  • August 12: Pissed in a sink - Always wanted to do it, finally did, and it wasn't a disappointment because I didn't expect it to be anything at all.
  • August 13: Toured San Francisco - thank God I didn't have to drive. Or park. Or live there. It was certainly fun to explore, though.
  • August 14: Crossed swords - that is, pissed into a toilet simultaneously with another person, allowing our streams of urine to cross. That two nearly consequitive items on this list are about peeing is terribly telling.
  • August 15: Drove for 9 straight hours - in a stretch of being awake for 39 consecutive hours. Not that fun.
  • August 16: Mxxxxxxxxxx Txxxx, Wxxx UNxxxxx Fxxxxxx Ix Txx Cxx - (mostly) ommitted for my own 'protection'. If you can crack the code, you win... well, you're amazing. Given letters only capitalized to distinguish from x characters. EDIT: AJDaGreat solved the puzzle! Anyone else wanna take a crack at it? Email me your guesses (in-progress or not).
  • August 17: Wrote more than 50 emails, forum posts, and Listology items - I'm actually surprised I'd never done this many in one day, but thinking back I can't think of any single day I've done this many (this time, due to returning from a 10-day road trip).
  • August 18: Watched more than a dozen live-action short films - the live-action qualifier is necessary because I use to watch a tape called 'Classic Cartoons' at my grandmother's house when I was little, occasionally for six hours straight.
  • August 19: Said 'Cabbage' 750 times - I'm a sad, sad, man.
  • August 20: Made a game (or 2 or 3) on Listology! - I've never made one before on a forum or anything, either.
  • August 21: Saw my six pack! - very faintly, and it still prefers to hide, but I know it's in there and it's about ready to show itself! :-)
  • August 22: Went to the store solely for Wheat Thins - gotta have my Wheat Thins!
  • August 22: Sang "meow meow meow meow" to the tune of "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" in a crowded Cub Foods - a few strange looks, but that's what I'm trying to do - expand my comfort zone. But I should have done it while going through checkout.
  • August 23: Began a routine of learning one new song on the guitar every day - I know almost no songs for the guitar, despite having played casually for several years. Today I learned the Super Mario Bros. theme.
  • August 24: Watched some of the 2004 Olympics - but, only during commercial breaks for VH1's special: Jenna Jameson Confessions. And hey! I've now done one new thing every day for a whole month! Not all of them terribly impressive, but it's still a feat, I think!
  • August 25: Make an ambitious plan for my day and accomplished it! - I'm fed up with not doing anything to chase my dreams and live a full life. So, last night, I wrote, on a 8.5x11" paper, in BIG letters: "NO INTERNET, TV, OR MOVIES BEFORE: Biking, Exercise, 50 pgs. Schoolwork, 2 hrs. Screenwriting." And today, I was able to accomplish that! I almost died during the last hour of screenwriting until I finally relieved myself by coming straight here to Listology! If I can keep this up (and expand it), I'l be sooooo happy!
  • August 26: Went to a lake and fed the ducks - actually, pretty fun, but I didn't bring enough bread. The ducks went wild for the pieces. At one time, a piece changed 'hands' three times before the victor came away with it. Also, one landed on the back of a duck who didn't realize it was there, so another jumped on its back and grabbed it. Great fun.
  • August 27: NOTHING! - arghhhhhh.... and my streak is ended. It's alright, though: it was a great exercise, I succeeded for more than a month, and now I'm ready to take a break from trying to do one new thing every day. What I really need to do is the SAME things every day, anyway, in order to accomplish what I want.
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Think I can do something new every day? Yeah, neither do I. We'll see.

hey mate, was just on your blog and saw your comments on 'Garden State' , im a huge scrubs fan and would like to see the film as it stars Zach braff, do you have a release date?


It opens to limited release (wider if it succeeds) on July 28 in the US, but you live in Britain, right? I have no idea about any release dates in Europe.

oh ok, thankyou anyway mate

Quite an interesting list my friend.

Thanks! It will get more interesting as time passes, I'm sure. I'll have to keep thinking of new things to try and do, and eventually they'll get pretty crazy.

August 16th - I think I can get the first part; at least, I'm sure of the first word and pretty sure of the second. After the comma I think I only know the second word, though I might know the W-word too. I have no clue what the last three words are.

Wow, nice. E-mail me what you think it is.

BTW, the letters that are given are only capitalized to make them stand out from the xxx's, not because they are supposed to be capitalized, gramatically.


Hurray! You guessed it! Anyone else wanna try?