Days of brunettes passed : my choice of the all-time 50 best rock albums

  1. DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED The Moody Blues (UK-1966)
  2. TROUT MASK REPLICA Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band (US-1970)
  3. LONDON CALLING The Clash (UK-1979)
  4. HUNKY DORY David Bowie (UK-1972)
  5. BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME Bob Dylan (US-1964)
  6. PET SOUNDS The Beach Boys (US-1966)
  7. THE VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO The Velvet Underground (US-1969)
  8. SUICIDE Suicide (US-1979)
  9. TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (US-1976)
  10. IN THE COURT OF THE CRIMSON KING King Crimson (UK-1971)
  11. FOREVER CHANGES Love (US-1966)
  12. YOU'RE GONNA GET IT Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (US-1978)
  14. THE HONEYMOON KILLERS Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel (Belgium-1980)
  15. DAMN THE TORPEDOES Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (US-1979)
  16. WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT The Velvet Underground (US-1970)
  17. PURPLE RAIN Prince and the Revolution (US-1984)
  18. HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED Bob Dylan (US-1965)
  19. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Rage againt the Machine (US-1992)
  20. HOT RATS Frank Zappa (US-1968)
  21. WILDFLOWERS Tom Petty (US-1994)
  22. RAW POWER Iggy and the Stooges (US-1973)
  24. STICKY FINGERS The Rolling Stones (UK-1969)
  25. PARANOID Black Sabbath (UK-1970)
  26. ECHO Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (US-1999)
  27. ALL THINGS MUST PASS George Harrison (UK-1970)
  28. EXILE ON MAIN STREET The Rolling Stones (UK-1971)
  29. TUPELO HONEY Van Morrison (UK-1973)
  30. HARVEST Neil Young (Canada-1972)
  31. ELECTRIC WARRIOR T.Rex (UK-1969)
  32. AFTER THE GOLD RUSH Neil Young (Canada-1971)
  33. DéJà VU Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (US-1969)
  34. GENTLEMEN Afghan Whigs (US-1992)
  35. HOE STERK IS DE EENZAME FIETSER? Boudewijn de Groot (Netherlands-1972)
  36. DUST BOWL BALLADS Woody Guthrie (US-1940)
  37. IN UTERO Nirvana (US-1993)
  39. AT FOLSOM PRISON & SAN QUENTIN Johnny Cash (US-1989)
  40. BAT OUT OF HELL Meatloaf (US-1978)
  41. ROXY MUSIC Roxy Music (UK-1974)
  42. BAYOU COUNTRY Creedence Clearwater Revival (US-1970)
  43. BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER Simon&Garfunkel (US-1970)
  44. LIVE AT FILLMORE EAST The Allman Brothers (US-1969)
  45. IT'S ALIVE The Ramones (US-1979)
  46. HIGHWAY TO HELL AC/DC (Australia-1979)
  47. WALK ON John Hiatt (US-1994)
  48. SONGS FOR THE DEAF Queens of the Stone Age (US-1998)
  49. LICENSED TO ILL Beastie Boys (US-1986)
  50. 666.667 CLUB Noir Désir (France-1996)
Author Comments: 

This is not simply a rating of favourite albums... this rating was compiled following a few rules: 1) I only considered for inclusion albums I own 2) I rated each following a stat-o-chart made of five criterias : songwriting quality, impact at the time of release, lasting factor of the album, cohesion of the songs making up a cohesive album, personal note.
So it ended up as being a very nerdy thing to do but I did it in my spare time in college a few years ago so that explains... And also, parts of it would have changed if I did it again today but not really in the top 25.
Added release dates of these albums but some might not be completely accurate.

Hmm, good taste as always, except I'm one of those who still doesn't get Trout Mask Replica. But I am glad to see T-Rex's Electric Warrior here; I hadn't listened to it in a while, but I pulled it out a week or so ago and just loved it. The Slider is just a notch below, in my opinion...

Johnny Waco

Well, thanks a lot for the acknowledgment... It's always fun to find people who share the same taste in music or movies or wine or women or whatever... As for Trout Mask Replica, I am not convinced it's an album you have to get or not... I rather believe you only have to let it grab you and see how it makes you feel... and if it makes you feel uneasy and clueless, it's perfectly ok... and if it makes you joyful and stupid, it's very good too... heck it could make you feel sad and depressed, especially when you hear the Captain sing about his dead china pig Oink oink... or it could make you feel all of these things at the same time... but really, I don't believe you should try understanding it because well, what's to understand apart that insanity and genius have seldom been so closely knit together... :p