Darktremor's current top 10 songs or albums

  • October 2, 2008
  • 1.MGMT - Electric Feel; and; MGMT - Time to Pretend [genre: psychedelic pop/indie pop; track; 2008]
  • 2.Jens Buchert - Reflections [genre: ambient psy/abstract hip-hop/chillout; track; 2007]
  • 3.Xerxes - The Mirror Formula [genre: ambient psy/downtempo]
  • 4.Marcus Intalex - Fabriclive 35 [genre: liquid funk/jungle; 2007]
  • 5.Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon [genre: psychedelic rock/classic rock; album; 1973]
  • 6.Astral Projection - Trust in Trance [genre: psytrance/goa trance;]
  • 7.Hot Chip - Made in the Dark [genre: indie electronic/electro-pop; album; 2008]
  • 8.Foals - Cassius [genre: indie rock/dance punk; track; 2008]
  • 9.The Bug - London Zoo [genre: dubstep; album; 2008]
  • 10.Lindstrom - Where You Go I Go Too [genre: space disco; album; 2008]
  • May 30, 2008
  • 1.Tinariwen - Aman Iman [genre: Mali Blues/Desert blues/"world"; album; 2007]
  • 2.Octave One - Blackwater [genre: detroit techno/deep house; track; 2000]
  • 3.m83 - Saturdays = Youth [genre: indie rock/shoegaze/IDM Pop; album; 2008]
  • 4.Jay J & Halo Vega - Make My Heart (Miguel Migs Salted remix) [genre: deep house; track; 2006]
  • 5.Dizzy Gillesie - Salt Peanuts [genre: bebop; track; 1942]
  • 6.No Age - Nouns [genre: post-punk/indie rock/experimental rock; album; 2008]
  • 7.Julius Papp - Voce (Ralphi Rosario's main pass) [genre: latin house/deep house/latin acid jazz; track; 2007]
  • 8.Ghostly International - Ghostly Swim [genre: IDM/nu-gaze/abstract hip-hop/minimal/ambient dance/glitch/electro-pop/electro-house/IDM Pop; compilation; 2008]
  • It's a free download too
  • 9.Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim - Getz/Gilberto [genre: bossa-nova/cool jazz; album; 1964]
  • 10.Subtle - ExitingARM [genre: surrealist hip-hop/shoegaze/indie rock/post-rock; album; 2008]
  • 11.Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus [genre: cool jazz/bebop/calypso; album; 1956]
  • 12.Portishead - Third [genre: trip-hop/IDM/acid jazz/really bleak and despairing pop]
  • I really loved this album when it first came out, and I still do, it's just a month away from that, and I've heard many other masterpieces since then. It's a real reinvention for Portishead, who I'd written off as a relic of mid-90s trip-hop, and this shows that they are much more than that.
  • 13.Otis Redding - Otis Blue [genre: soul/funk; album; 1965]
  • Otis really has a powerfully moving voice.
  • 14.Islands - Return to the Sea [genre: indie rock/indie pop; 2006]
  • This album absorbs so many influences and styles that I can't call it anything but indie. It's otherwise really good.
  • 15.Ali Farka Toure - Soukora [genre: Afro-pop/Mali blues/desert blues; track; 1994]
  • March 26, 2008 [I've loved so much music in the last month, that I need 20]
  • 1.LSG - Hearts [genre: psytrance/goa trance/classic trance/acid trance; track; 1993]
  • 2.Atlas Sound - Cold as Ice [genre: indie pop/minimal techno/shoegaze; track; 2008]
  • 3.Pavement - Slanted & Enchanted [genre: indie rock/indie pop; album; 1993]
  • 4.Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend [genre: indie pop/afro-pop; album; 2008]
  • 5.Why - Alopecia [genre: underground hip-hop/abstract hip-hop/surrealist hip-hop; album; 2008]
  • Especially Good Friday, that track is so weird.
  • 6.Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over the Sea [genre: indie rock; album; 1998]
  • 7.Los Campesinos - Hold on Now, Youngster! [genre: indie rock; album; 2008]
  • 8.Liquid Soul - Evolution [genre: acid jazz; album; 2002]
  • 9.Bonobo - Ketto [genre: chillout/abstract hip-hop; track; 2006]
  • 10.The Brand New Heavies - Brother Sister [genre: acid jazz/funk; 1994]
  • 11.DJ Screw - 3 N Da Mornin' part 2 [genre: "Screw"/Screwed & Chopped/underground hip-hop; album; 1996]
  • 12.Busdriver - Along Came a Biter [genre: underground hip-hop; track; 2002]
  • 13.LSG - Fragile [genre: classic trance/acid trance/goa trance/psytrance; track; 1993]
  • 14.Hercules & The Love Affair - Hercules & The Love Affair [genre: house/disco/classic house {really, it is}/indie pop; album; 2008]
  • 15.Cybernaut - Hydroponix [genre: goa trance/psytrance; track; 1997]
  • 16.Quantic - Mishaps Happening [genre: acid jazz; track; 2004]
  • 17.Bob Dylan - Blonde On Blonde [genre: classic rock/psychedelic rock; album; 1966]
  • 18.Belong - October Language [genre: shoegaze/space rock; album; 2006]
  • 19.Nostalgia 77 - The Garden [genre: acid jazz; album; 2005]
  • 20.Aleph Zero Recordings - Midnight Soul Dive [genre: ambient psy/chillout; album/compilation; 2007]
  • Feb 14, 2008
  • 1.The Ananda Project ft. Gaelle - Cascades of Colour [genre: deep house; track; 1998]
  • 2.Mimesis - Art Imitating Life [genre: ambient; album; 2007]
  • 3.Alix Perez Ft. Redeyes - Watching You [genre: liquid funk; track; 2007]
  • 4.Atlantic Connection - Can't Destroy Love [genre: liquid funk/underground hip-hop; track; 2007]
  • 5.Charles Schillings - No Communication, No Love [genre: deep house; track; 1998]
  • 6.Alix Perez - Magnolias [genre: liquid funk; track; 2006]
  • 7.Nookie - Solstice [genre: liquid funk/atmospheric jungle; track; 2001]
  • 8.Klute - Off Up Out & Under [genre: liquid funk; track; 2005]
  • 9.Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz 1-5 [genre: deep house/underground hip-hop/abstract hip-hop/acid jazz; series of albums; 1996-2005]
  • 10.Calibre - Venus & mars [genre: liquid funk; track; 2003]
  • 11.Klute & Calibre - Losing You [genre: liquid funk; track; 2005]
  • Feb 8, 2008
  • 1.Blue Six - Music and Wine [genre: deep house; track; 1999]
  • 2.Satin Souls - Aziza [genre: deep house; track; 2001]
  • 3.Miguel Migs - City People [genre: deep house; track; 2003]
  • 4.Ella Fitzgerld - Slap that Bass (Petalpusher mix) [genre: deep house/vocal jazz; track; 2003]
  • 5.2nd Shift - Somethin' Else [genre: deep house; track; 2000]
  • 6.Joshua Heath - Delicious Again [genre: deep house; track; 2006]
  • 7.Makato - Inside your Love [genre: Liquid funk; track; 2001]
  • 8.Margarine Plantation - Randgruppe [genre: minimal/neo-trance; track; 2007]
  • 9.Rhythm Plate - Lean (Atjazz mix) [genre: deep house; track; 2003]
  • 10.Lisa Shaw - Always (Lovetronic mix) [genre: deep house; track; 2001]
  • January 9, 2008
  • 1.Charlie Parker - The Best of the Savoy & Dial Sessions [genre: bebop (jazz); album; 1944-1948]
  • 2.Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam [genre: freak-folk; album; 2007]
  • 3.Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else [genre: hard bop/cool jazz; album; 1958]
  • 4.Burial - Untrue [genre: dubstep; album; 2007]
  • 5.Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker - Bird & Diz [genre: bebop (jazz); album; 1950]
  • 6.Miles Davis - Kind of Blue [genre: cool jazz; album; 1959]
  • 7.Tim Berne - Fractured Fairy Tales [genre: free jazz; album; 1989]
  • 8.Kompakt - Total 8 [genre: minimal/neo-trance; album; 2007]
  • December 13, 2007
  • 1.Panda Bear - Person pitch [genre: ambient/glitch/sound collage/indie pop; album; 2007]
  • 2.Datura - Yerba Del Diablo [genre: classic trance/acid trance; track; 1992]
  • 3.Gregor Tresher - A Thousand Nights [genre: minimal/neo-trance; track; 2007]
  • 4.Burial - Untrue [genre: dubstep/ambient; album; 2007]
  • 5.Etnica - The Juggling Alchemists Under the Black Light [genre: goa trance/psytrance; album; 1996]
  • 6.Roisin Murphy - Overpowered [genre: dance/glitch/pop/acid/house/disco/everything{it's pop with no boundaries at all}; album; 2007]
  • 7.Cydonia - In Fear of a Red Planet [genre: goa trance/psytrance; album; 1999]
  • 8.Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing! [genre: indie rock/indie pop; track; 2007]
  • 9.Radiohead - In Rainbows [genre: indie rock/glitch/drill n' bass/IDM/pop/etc...; album; 2007]
  • 10.Venetian Snares - rossz csillag alatt szueletet [genre: drill n' bass/IDM/orchestral/musique-concrete; album; 2005]
  • December 3, 2007
  • 1.The Pop Group - Y [genre: post-punk/avante-garde/free-jazz/funk/musique-concrete/dub; album; 1979]
  • 2.Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
  • 3.Blu Mar Ten - The Fountain [genre: atmospheric jungle; track; 1996]
  • 4.Radiohead - In Rainbows [genre: indie rock/IDM; album 2007]
  • 5.Kettel - My Dogan [genre: IDM; album; 2006]
  • Especially the tracks "Follow me!," Mauerbrecher, and the little mini-ditties.
  • 6.Chica & The Folder - Angelus Novus (Ricardo Villalobos mix) [genre: minimal; track; 2007]
  • 7.Wagon Christ - Throbbing Pouch [genre: trip-hop/abstract hip-hop; 1996]
  • 8.Pierre Boulez and Luciano Berio - Sinfonia [genre: avante-garde/serialism; Symphony {album} 19??]
  • 9.The Soft Pink Truth - Make Up [genre: minimal/electro-house/glitch/absurdly stupid pop; track; 2002]
  • I actually like this song's lyrics because of just how blatantly stupid they are ("If I wear a dress, he will never call. So I'll wear much less, I guess I'll wear my camasol"). The rest of the track is great besides.
  • 10.Dusty Kid - Kore [genre: minimal/neo-trance; track; track; 2007]
  • 11.Vampire Rodents - Trilobite [genre: industrial/sound collage/free-jazz; track; 1994]
  • 12.A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray [genre: classic house/acid house/rave; track; 1989]
  • 13.Hauke Freer - My Beat [genre: minimal/neo-trance; track; 2007]
  • October 30, 2007
  • 1.Don Cherry - Mu [genre: free-jazz/world music/hot jazz/cool jazz; album; 1969]
  • 2.Carla Bley and Paul Haines - Escalator Over the Hill [free jazz/sound collage; album; 1971]
  • 3.White Noise - An Electric Storm [avante-garde/sound collage/musique concrete; album; 1969]
  • 4.Richie Hawtin & Magda - Live at PS1 in New York 2005 [genre: minimal techno/neo-trance/minimal house/microhouse/hard techno; DJ set; 2005]
  • This set is over 4 hours long. It makes it on for two posts in a row, simply because it takes several listens to digest it, and I think it's worth it: it's one of the most diverse (and best) live DJ sets I've ever heard, and it still manages to be completely cohesive throughout.
  • 5.Common - Be [underground hip-hop; album; 2005]
  • 6.The Magnetic Fields - Absolutely Cuckoo [indie pop; track; 1999]
  • 7.DJ Food - Ninja Walk [abstract hip-hop/acid-jazz; track; 1994]
  • 8.Anthony Pappa - Live at Kraft Club Kamasutra 2005 [progressive house/progressive trance; DJ set; 2005]
  • 9.Ben Sims - Remanipulated [genre: hard techno; track; 2001]
  • 10.Tim Berne - Fractured Fairy Tales [genre: free-jazz; album; 1989]
  • 11.Sun Ra - The Magic City [genre: free-jazz; album; 1973]
  • 12.Aril Brikha - On and On [genre: deep techno; track; 2000]
  • October 18, 2007
  • 1.John Coltrane - Resolution [genre: cool jazz; track; 1965]
  • 2.Hernan Cattaneo - Live from the Womb Tokyo [genre: progressive house; DJ set; 2003]
  • 3.Charles Mingus - Haitian Fight Song [genre: cool jazz/post bop; track; 1956]
  • 4.Lennie Tristano - Descent into the Maelstrom [genre: free jazz; album; 1978]
  • 5.Squarepusher - Hard Normal Daddy [genre: IDM/drill n' bass; 1997]
  • 6.Claude Thornhill - Snowfall [genre: cool jazz; track; 1946(?)]
  • 7.Ornette Coleman - Eventually [genre: free jazz; track; 1959]
  • 8.Sun Ra - Atlantis [genre: free jazz; album; 1973]
  • 9.Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage [genre: hard bop/modal jazz; album; 1965]
  • 10.Richie Hawtin & Magda - Live at PS1 in New York 2005 [genre: minimal techno/neo-trance/minimal house/microhouse/hard techno; DJ set; 2005]
  • September 18, 2007
  • You'll note the chilled nature of more of these tracks than usual; I've been diagnosed with an (apparently) permanent anxiety disorder (generalized anxiety disorder) due to my College Pro experience, so I'm trying to calm down while the Zoloft kicks in.
  • 1.Miles Davis and John Coltrane - My Funny valentine [Cool jazz; track; approx. 1961 (?); track]
  • 2.Ulrich Schnauss - Stars [nu-gaze/chillout; track; 2007]
  • 3.The Orb vs. Youth - Appletree in my Backyard (Abakus mix) [ambient dance/chillout; track; 2006]
  • 4.The DI.FM chillout station [chillout; radio station; I think it's 2003-present]
  • 5.Global Communication - 76'14 [ambient; album; 1994]
  • 6.Italians Do It Better - After Dark [noir neo-italo-dance; album; 2007]
  • 7.Justice - {insert symbol for a cross here} [french-house/electro-house; album; 2007]
  • I avoided downloading this for quite some time, expecting from the name that it would be some nu-metal gospel monstrosity, despite all kinds of glowing reviews. It's great, and pretty much the exact opposite of what I expected from the name: it's a sleazy, filthy, catchy, really unpretentious and incredibly innovative house album.
  • 8.Lee "Scratch" Perry - Super Ape [dub; album; 1976]
  • 9.Feist - The Reminder [indie pop/ambient pop/orchestral pop; album; 2007]
  • 10.Nifflas' music [chilllout, nu-jazz, ambient; body of work of an online artist; ?-2007]
  • He's the creater of a wonderfully relaxing game called "Knytt." The game music was so relaxing that I seekd out his other music, and it was all relaxing too. The game is also great, and the newest version has a level editor. I'm going to post a game of my own when I'm finished it (And once I make it work in Ubuntu, which I just switched to. It's better).
  • August 24, 2007
  • 1.Kalabrese - Rumpelzirkus [genre: minimal/deep house/microhouse; album; 2007]
  • 2.Caunos - Herzsprung 1 [genre: classic trance; track; 1992]
  • 3.Efdemin - Lohn & Brot [genre: minimal/neo-trance; track; 2007]
  • 4.Louderbach - Grace (Anxiety) [genre: minimal; track; 2007]
  • 5.Death From Above 1979 - Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT edition) [genre: electro-house/dance rock/indie rock; track; 2006]
  • 6.The Hypnotist - House is Mine [genre: rave/breakbeat hardcore; track; 1991]
  • 7.Williams - The Arrival (Departure) [genre: electro-house; track; 2006]
  • 8.Riton - The Hammer of Thor/Cocks & Noodles [genre: electro-house; tracks; 2007]
  • 9.Samim - Hardma (Unfinished Sympathy mix) [genre: minimal; track; 2007]
  • 10.Funk D'Void - Emotional Content [genre: deep house/progressive trance/progressive house; track; 2003]
  • June 1st, 2007
  • 1.Midival Punditz - Dark Age (Karsh Kate mix) [genre: trip-hop/mesh {Asian Underground}; 2007; track]
  • 2.Phobia - Phobia (DJ Hell mix) [genre: neo-trance; 2007; track]
  • 3.The Magnetic Fields - I Don't Believe You [genre: indie pop; 2004; track;]
  • 4.Tetsu Inoue - Ambiant Otaku [genre: ambient; 1994; album]
  • 5.The National - Fake Empite [genre: indie rock; 2007; track]
  • 6.The Fields - If You Fail We All Fail [genre: indie rock/nu-gaze; 2007; track]
  • 7.Oliver $ - Hotflash [genre: microhouse/glitch house/minimal; 2007; track]
  • 8.The Egg - Walking Away (Tocadisco's Acid Walk mix) [genre: electro-house; 2006; track]
  • 9.Convextion - Convextion [genre: deep techno/dub techno; 1995; track]
  • 10.Banco De Gaia - Tongue in Chic [genre: mesh/"Asian Underground"/breaktrance]
  • 11.Fujiya & Miyagi - Collarbone [genre: "krautrock"/indie rock/electro-house; 2006; track]
  • April 24th, 2007
  • 1.Kiki - Boogybytes [genre: neo-trance/"minimal"; 2006; DJ mix]
  • Finally, neo-trance has a quintessential, representative mix. And it's great.
  • 2.Girl Talk - Night Ripper [genre: mash-up/sound collage/every kind of music played on the radio in the last 30 years; 2006; album]
  • This is a 42 minute album containing 168 pieces of pop songs mashed together better the original songs. Brilliant.
  • 3.Dominik Eulberg - Heimische Gefilde [genre: "minimal"; 2007; album]
  • 4.Marc August - Warm [genre: "minimal"/deep house; 2007; track]
  • 5.Redshape - Alone on Mars? [genre: "minimal"/detroit techno; 2007; track]
  • 6.Koop - Absolute Space (Jazzanova mix) [genre: jungle/liquid funk/nu-jazz/bossa nova; track; 1998]
  • 7.Gregor Tresher - Full Range madness [genre: "minimal"/neo-trance/electro-house; 2007; track]
  • 8.Glowing Glisses - Shaked ladies [genre: "minimal"/microhouse; 2002; track]
  • 9.Lindstrom - It's a Feedelity Affair [genre: space disco; 2006; album]
  • 10.Steve Roach, Mike Braheny, and Michael Stearns - Desert Solitaire [genre: ambient; 1989; album]
  • 11.Dominik Eulberg - Rotbauchunken (Robag Wruhme mix) [genre: "minimal"; 2005; track]
  • Track Darktremor doesn't like of the week: Alex Gaudino - Destination Calabria. This song is so annoying. It's probably going to be a cross-over hit. And call me gay if you want, but I'm actually really tired of badly produced "electro-house" videos featuring nothing but dozens of girls licking their lips with under-skirt close-ups, doing something like polishing saxophones (?) getting coated in yogurt (???), or giving Benny Benassi a blowjob (?????). Hot. (and yes, those are all real videos)
  • As if that even appeals to it's target audience of 14-year-old virgins anymore, seeing as they can see ACTUAL sex online for free with 3 clicks of a mouse. Or no clicks, if their computers have spyware, aka, if they've ever been on the internet.
  • April 3rd, 2007
  • I've gone over the number again, but electronic music has gotten so good again lately that I can't imagine what I'd take out.
  • 1.Aphex Twin - Didgeridoo [genre: classic trance/acid trance/acid techno/acid breaks/ambient trance/acid jungle; track; 1991]
  • Read my trance list for my opinions on this one.
  • 2.Will Saul - Pause [genre: "minimal"/neo-trance/deep house/electro-house; track; 2007]
  • Deep house seems to be the latest style to get eaten up by the minimal juggernaut, and it's all over this track, which is a beautiful frankenstein of everything the now ubiquitous German scene has swallowed in the last 5 years.
  • 3.Amon Tobin - The Foley Room [genre: Jungle/musique-concrete; album; 2007]
  • Amon Tobin goes back-to-basics: really back-to-basics. Not only does he return to the collage-like drum n' bass that initially made him famous, he goes right back to the musique-concrete that began electronic music. Even more surprisingly for a (relative) electronic music dinosaur, he does it with beautiful and original results.
  • 4.Thomas Fehlmann - Dusted [genre: "minimal"; track; 2006]
  • Thomas Fehlmann takes a cue from Isoleee with this rather country-tinged techno stormer. However, instead of erupting his track into a gorgeous trance anthem (a la Schrapnell), Fehlmann creates an hard electro monster.
  • 5.Fred Falke - Omega Man [genre: "minimal"/electro-house/acid!; track; 2006]
  • A gorgeous twisted disco gem, with the usual funk guitars and bounce replaced by a dirty acid line. Sitting somewhere between Tiefschwarz and Royksopp, Omega Man is simultaneously beautiful, funky, and gritty. Although it (sadly) has nothing to do with that ridiculous 70s movie. More deep house influence can be heard here: not surprising for a November 2006 "minimal" (ha)track.
  • 6.Whitey - Wrap it Up [genre: electro-house; track; 2006]
  • This country/classic rock tinged "minimal" and electro-house thing is becoming a genre in itself. It's a good thing the combination works really well. Take those analog synths, bass kicks, and clicks out, and you've got a Jet track. But that doesn't make it bad: it's the detail that elevates it. Imagine a much more complex Franz Ferdinand, and you've got the idea. Hopefully top 40 will take notice.
  • 7.Moonbeam - Sunshine [genre: neo-trance/"minimal"/deep house; track; 2007]
  • It's impossible to deny the existence of neo-trance at this point, and this beautiful track is just another testiment to the incredible creativity of this new style. How anyone can still listen to Tiesto, PvD, and Above & Beyond when such original new trance is coming out of the minimal scene is truly beyond me. And, the DJs are better (ie: Michael Mayer actually does more than just beatmatch!).
  • 8.Melchoir Productions - Different Places [genre: "minimal"/neo-trance; track; 2006]
  • 9.Escort - Starlight [genre: French house/disco/space disco; track; 2006]
  • 10.Jimmy Edgar - I Wanna Be Your STD [genre: IDM/glitch/hip-hop; track; 2006]
  • Hip-hop and glitchy IDM are such a perfect match that I don't know why more artists don't play with it. I mean, Timbaland hints at it in his better productions, and Prefuse has done a bit of it, but I don't know why it hasn't exploded. Anyways, this is a perfect example of the much-ignored style. It's a head-on collision between Aphex Twin and Kanye West, with a bit of a microhousey vibe.
  • 11.Stephan Bodzin vs. Marc Romboy - Phobos [genre: "minimal"/neo-trance; track; 2006]
  • 12.Dominik Eulberg - Der Buchdrucker [genre: "minimal"/neo-trance/electro-house; track; 2007]
  • Mar. 24, 2007
  • I know I have 15 tracks here, but "minimal" is so excellent lately that I can't imagine what tracks I'd take out.
  • 1.Und - Fox in the Box [genre: minimal/electro-house/electro-pop; 2006; track]
  • 2.Manix - Oblivion (Head in the Clouds) [genre: rave/breakbeat hardcore; 1992; track]
  • 3.Stefan Goldmann - Sleepy Hollow [genre: "minimal"; track; 2006]
  • 4.Monolake - Alaska [genre: minimal/dub techno; 2006; track]
  • 5.Blame - Feel the Energy [genre: rave/breakbeat hardcore; 1993]
  • 6.DJ Koze - Djungle Froot [genre: minimal/microhouse (?); track; 2006]
  • 7.The Joker - Yeah Yeah Yeah [genre: breakbeat hardcore; track; 1992]
  • 8.The Field - From Here we Go to Sublime [genre: neo-trance/ambient trance; album; 2007]
  • 9.Aril Brikha - Winter [genre: neo-trance/epic trance/minimal; track; 2007]
  • Here's something I didn't see coming...an epic trance anthem from the man that (arguably) kickstarted the minimal explosion? It's a really good track though, it's got all the best aspects of neo-trance (Long, melodic melancholy), epic trance (gorgeous melodies), and "minimal" (much more complex beats).
  • 10.Minilogue - Elephant's Parage [genre: "minimal"/neo-trance; 2007]
  • See above.
  • 11.Manix - Feel Real Good [genre: breakbeat hardcore; track; 1992]
  • 12.Manix - Let the Music Move You [genre: breakbeat hardcore; track; 1992]
  • 13.Gabriel Ananda - Doppelwhipper [genre: "minimal"; track; 2006]
  • 14.Chateau Flight - Baroque [genre: "minimal"; track; 2006]
  • I really hate the word "minimal." You will never hear a less minimal track than this one.
  • 15.Ben Klock - Similar Colors [genre: minimal; track; 2007]
  • Feb. 26, 2007
  • 1.Paul Brtschitsch - Twirl [genre: minimal; 2006; track]
  • 2.Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhme - Draw Halcyon Days [genre: minimal; 2003; track]
  • 3.The Klaxons - Gravity's rainbow [genre: dance rock/indie rock; 2007; track]
  • 4.Superpitcher - Enzian [genre: minimal/electro-house; 2006; track]
  • 5.John Tejada - The End of it All [genre: minimal; 2006; track]
  • 6.Four Tet - Pockets [genre: glitch/neo-jazz; 2006; track]
  • 7.La Monte Young - The Tortoise, His Dreams and Journeys [genre: minimalism/drone; 195? 196?; track]
  • 8.Audion - Mouth to Mouth [genre: minimal; 2006; track]
  • 9.Cobblestone Jazz - India in me [genre: minimal; 2006; track]
  • 10.Martin Buttrich - Full Clip [genre: minimal; 2006; track]
  • 11. Tom Pooks - Amande Douce [genre: minimal; 2006; track]
  • Feb. 14, 2007
  • 1.Steve Roach - Dreatime Return [genre: ambient/tribal ambient; 1989; album]
  • 2.Bizarre Inc - Playing with Knives [genre: rave; 1991; track]
  • 3.Congress - 40 Miles [genre: rave; 1991; track]
  • 4.The House Crew - Keep the Fire Burning [genre: rave; 1991; track]
  • 5.Four Tet - Rounds [genre: glitch/nu-jazz/IDM; 2001; album]
  • 6.Joe Smooth - Promised Land [genre: classic house; 1988; track]
  • 7.Bedrock - Beautiful Strange (Bedrock's ambient beats) [genre: chillout/ambient; 2001; track]
  • 8.Bug Kann & the Plastic Jam - Made in 2 Minutes (Prodigy mix) [genre: rave; 1991; track]
  • 9.Adam F - Circles [genre: atmospheric jungle; 1995; track]
  • 10.GTO - Pure [genre: rave; 1990; track]
  • 11.Sasha - Fundacion [genre: electro-house/progressive house/minimal techno/tech-house/neo-trance; 2005; DJ mix]
  • December 20, 2006
  • 1.My Bloody Valentine - Loveless [genre: shoegaze; 1991; album]
  • 2.Air Liquide - The Increased Difficulty of Concentration [genre: ambient/electro/ambient dance; 1994; album]
  • 3.TV on the Radio - Let the Devil in; I was a Lover; Playhouses [genre: indie rock; 2006; tracks]
  • 4.Ticon - We are the Mammoth Hunters [genre: psytekk/minimal psytrance; 2001; track]
  • 5.My Bloody Valentine - Glider EP [genre: shoegaze; 1990; EP]
  • 6.Boris - Pink [genre: indie rock/metal; 2006; album]
  • 7.Salt Tank - Eugina [genre: ibiza trance; 1995; track]
  • 8.My My - Songs for the Gentle [genre: minimal techno; 2006; album]
  • 9.Grizzly Bear - Yellow House [genre: indie rock; 2006; album]
  • 10.Extrawelt - Doch Doch [genre: neo-trance; 2006; track]
  • I'm too lazy to put up genres, commentary, or whether it's a track on an album. Later. I'm just too tired today.
  • November 22, 2006
  • 1.Igor Stravinsky - The Rites of Spring [genre: classical/avante-garde; year: 1913; album]
  • Perhaps the only classical piece in all of history to start a riot, and it really shows in the sound. Hell, I'd go nuts if my local orchestra played this. It might even make me break windows, loot stores, beat up pedestrians, and throw molotov cocktails. Or maybe not. But it IS fun to listen to.
  • 2.Balloon - Monstersound (Pulsar Crew trance mix) [genre: Anthem trance/epic trance; year: 2001; track]
  • 3.Superpitcher - The Long Way [genre: neo-trance/Schaffel/Minimal/House; year: 2004; track]
  • 4.Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Trout Mask Replica [genre: art-rock/free-jazz/psychedelic/Blues/avante-garde; year: 1969; album]
  • I have more to say on this coming soon.
  • 5.Michael Mayer - Immer 2 [genre: neo-trance/Schaffel/Minimal techno/Minimal house/Microhouse/Space Disco/Electro-house; year: 2006; DJ mix]
  • 6.Phuture - Acid Trax [genre: acid house; year: 1985; track]
  • 7.I, Cactus - I, Cactus [genre: chiptunes/downtempo; year: 2003; EP]
  • 8.The new DI.fm techno channel [genre: hard techno; year: 1990-2006; radio station]
  • Normally I don't put online radio stations here, but this is a style the internet has been almost completely lacking since...actually, ever. Plus it's fun to listen to. Now all we need is minimal glitch...
  • 9.Fedde Le Grande - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit [genre: electro-house/electro; year: 2006; track]
  • Massive Ibiza anthem 2006. And it really shows. Capital tune, with a minimal edge.
  • 10.Loka - Fire Shepherds [genre: acid jazz/nu-jazz/psychedelic jazz; year: 2006; album]
  • The stuffy anti-electronic jazz community is going to ignore this one, but it really is the jazz album of the year, 2006. Evocative, psychedelic, and true to its jazz roots al at the same time. It sounds like the perfect soundtrack for The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
  • 11.Luomo - Paper Tigers [genre: Minimal House/Deep House/Dub/Microhouse/Pop/RnB/Funky House/Minimal Techno/Ambient Dance/Dub Techno]
  • It's like Luomo/Vladislav Delay has decided to melt everything he has ever done into a big pile, and sculp it into a sort dancefloor madness that would never fill a (normal) floor, or even try to. It's a difficult listen at first, but (contrary to what some say) it really does pay off. Weird and convoluted, but darkly beautiful, and sometimes even pop-sensible.
  • August 18, 2006
  • 1.Brian Wilson - Smile! [genre: indiepop/pop/indierock/orchestral pop; album; 2004]
  • I know I was 2 years late on this one, but I wouldn't've blinked at this back then, so I owed it to the universe to give it a listen now that I don't live in a musical box. And what a listen it was. There's a very good chance this is going to become one of my all time favorites. Heh...I didn't even LIKE the Beach Boys, why do I love this? Probably because the Beach Boys were the wire holding Brian Wilson to an anchor of creative stagnation and MOR pandering. And Smile! is a pair of really big wire-cutters. Or maybe I'm just really prejudiced against any pop that gets played on the radio. Either way, I like it a lot.
  • 2.DJ Shadow - Endtroducing... [genre: abstract hip-hop/instrumental hip-hop; album; 1996]
  • I know it's really old, but I hadn't listened to it in a while. It's every bit as brilliant as it was last time I listened to it, which is really surprising, considering this is the very first completely sampled album ever made, and considering it's been ripped off (sidewayseight) times since. Man, this guy must play his turntables like a guitar, because...DAMN.
  • 3.Akufen - Train to Barcelona [genre: neo-trance; track; 2002]
  • Before My Way's genius of Great Pyramidal proportions (Think: which one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World is still completely intact?), there was this [and some others, but that little fact spoils the effect of this passage]. It's quite lovely, but it really doesn't hint at anything Akufen would do in the years to come. Although that melodic style he perfected here does rear its pretty little head on "Skidoos." I actually like this more than "Skidoos."
  • 4.Espers - Espers [genre: indierock/indiepop/?Freak-folk?; album; 2003]
  • It msut be cool to be a druid.
  • 5.Lazy Fat People - Dark Water [genre: neo-trance; track; 2006]
  • I'm not going to comment. The urge to make really horrible puns here is WAY...TOO...STRONG. I'm totally inFATuated with this track. No more! No! I bet this track would go over well at a FATernity. Oh, just kill me now.
  • 6.Jesse Somfay - The Nectar of My Love [genre: neo-trance; EP; 2005]
  • I have absolutely no idea why this guy hasn't broken out yet, because almost everything he's ever done is a masterpiece. Between Somfay, Minilogue, Holden, Nathan Fake, The Field, Petter, Border Community, Gabriel Ananda and a lot of the now criminally underrated Traum label, neo-trance is really set to be the next big thing in dance music. I mean, everything is there: the big name that's already completely established (James Holden), his masterful little prodege (Nathan Fake), a string of hits bubbling into every DJ's box (The Sky Was Pink, Outhouse, Nothing, These Days), a definitive mix (Balance 005), a growing label that sells out before it releases (Border Community), and a legion of the criminally underrated and continuously brushed aside alchemists honing an ever-growing pile of brilliance (everyone else mentioned, and probably a huge number more I've a)forgotten, and b)don't know about). There's a good chance this might turn into it's own official subgenre, like anthem trance or minimal techno. I mean, even Tiesto is starting to play it now (Outhouse, The Sky Was Pink, Nothing, and Wurz + Blosse are all in his record box). And this stuff is distinctive (as anyone who's listened to it will know).
  • 7.Basteroid - Dawaj Dawaj [genre: electrohouse; track; 2005]
  • 8.Cern - The Message [genre: anthem trance; track; 2003]
  • What kind of a name is anthem trance, anyway? Every time I hear it, I imagine a club full of ravers saluting a flag. Good track though.
  • 9.Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup [genre: jungle]
  • Why had I never listened to these guys before? Apparently they invented both jungle and extreme oversampling. Bravo boys, bravo. No sarcasm, this track kicks ass, and probably most of the rest of what they've done (which I haven't listened to yet). It reminds me of killing a room full of security guards by bending the rules of reality and using a shitload of machine guns. My originality and imagination is really showcased with that analogy. Oh, you'll know what I mean if you listen to it...
  • 10.Junior Boys - Last Exit [genre: electropop/house/IDM/Pop; album; 2004]
  • While I like this album a lot now, I think I'm going to hate in about a month. You see, it lives in the same universe as Boards of Canada's Music has the Right to Children: it's "effervescently nostalgic." In other words, it reminds us of another time and place, but not any one in particular. That feeling grows on you, as time goes on, with repeat listens to these albums (Note that some other things that grow on you include herpes, systemic gangrene, tapeworms, and the AIDS virus). No matter how much I like one of these (rare) kinds of albums at first, they eventually turn into pockets of personal Hell; I just don't like looking into my past (even though this album feels more like a past that didn't happen). Now, don't get me wrong, this sounds NOTHING AT ALL like Boards of Canada (besides the skittering beats), it just has that same "effervescent nostalgia": In a completely different way, with a completely different atmosphere.
  • 11.Paris Hilton - Stars are Blind [genre:reggaepop; track; 2006]
  • This track is not on my list because it's a genuinely brilliant masterpiece. It's also not here because it's original and unique in a mind-bending way. It is not the epitome of stupid fun, it is not lyrically genius, and it does not contain an incomparable danceable groove. No, this is number one, because I have final, untouchable proof that the mainstream is made in the studio by producers, and the name on the album is an advertising model, no more an artist than the pin-ups in cover girl flyers. Legions of little girls delude themselves into things like "Britney is a real artist, the producer doesn't do much except maybe a few little recording touches" or "BT [the legendary trance producer who created everything N Sync ever did] couldn't do what N*Sync do, lets see BT get up on stage and sing like they do." Now that Paris Hilton has made her own track (and, I hate to admit it, it's a pretty decent pop song, even if it blatantly rips off UB50's "Kingston Town"), the machinations of the music industry are laid bare, and pop stars can be seen for what they really are: shiny packaging. Because, does anyone REALLY think Paris Hilton has an ounce of talent in her entire body? Even the brainwashed hordes of little boys and girls who convince their parents to buy them CDs year after year don't think Paris Hilton is anything more than a spoiled little rich girl with a talent for ruining parties when the tabloids are present. Still, I don't think that's going to change anything, I think this song is just the record industry admitting what we've pretty much known all along, and being cocky little shits about it. "We know you know everything we create is as real as the "meat" in your overpriced Big Macs, but we know you're going to keep eating them anyway. So weren't not even going to bother packaging it as meat anymore. Yeah, it's really radioactive waste. So what? You're going to eat it anyway."
  • August 11, 2006
  • 1.Danielson - Ships [genre: Indie pop/indie rock; album; 2006]
  • 2.Scott Walker - The Drift [genre: dark ambient/indie pop/orchestra pop; album; 2006]
  • 3.Basteroid - Meteorchester [genre: electrohouse/minimal; track; 2006]
  • 4.Basteroid - Sympathy for Disruption [genre: electrohouse/minimal; track; 2003]
  • 5.DJ Koze - The Gekloppel Continues [genre: electrohouse/minimal; track; 2003]
  • 6.Ivan Smagghe - Fabric 23 [genre: electrohouse/mininal; track; 2005]
  • 7.James Holden - Live on Proton Radio [genre: progressive/minimal/neo-trance/microhouse/trance; DJ mix; 2003]
  • 8.Unai - A Love Moderne [genre: dub/techno/minimal/house/glitch; album; 2006]
  • 9.Claude Debussy - The Best of [genre: impressionism; album; 19?? - I'm guessing pre-1929 though]
  • 10.Animal Collective - Sung Tongs [genre: indiepop/indierock; album; 2004]
  • July 25, 2006
  • 1.The Vegetable Orchestra - Automate [genre: minimal techno/ketaminimal/minimalism; album; 2003]
  • They actually play vegetables. I'm not kidding. They even serve up the vegetables as soup at the end of each performance. It's especially ironic, considering the music made is MINIMAL TECHNO, aka the least organic music on the planet. I'm serious, these guys could be mistaken for Monolake. Although you can hear the vegetables if you listen closely. Even more fantastic: it's not novelty music. It's actually musical; they're not going: "hey look! we can play vegetables!" Still, I really want to try the soup.
  • 2.Orbital - Snivilization [genre: rave/classic trance/techno/downtempo; album; 1994]
  • 3.Ellen Allien - Berlinette [genre: neo-trance, electro, IDM, techno; 2003]
  • 4.Max Graham - Airtight [genre: trance, progressive; track; 2001]
  • Last night I had a dream I was Max Graham. Only, I was also Max Graham's conjoined twin, also called Max Graham, and we were playing at a nightclub with a soup kitchen in the middle. Our discussion was as follows:
  • "Dude, I got a wicked chill request for you!"
  • "What is it, man?
  • "You gotta play Airtight!!!"
  • "Man, it's like you know me. I was just gonna play Airtight!"
  • "That is sweet!"
  • "You are so chill, man..."
  • "No, not chill..."
  • (both)"AIRTIGHT!!!"
  • Kids, stay off drugs.
  • 5.Ashtrax - Digital Reason [genre: neo-trance/progressive trance; track; 2002]
  • 6.Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon Love [genre: dance rock/indie rock/funky house; album; 2004]
  • 7.The Dining Rooms - Fluxus [genre: lounge/chillout; track; 2003]
  • 8.Yahel - Liquid Love [genre: psytrance/pop; track; 2005]
  • Who could've seen this coming? A pop music/psytrance hybrid becoming Israel's radio music of choice? I've heard Infected Mushroom are worshipped as gods over there.
  • 9.Deep Forest - Deep Forest [genre: worldbeat; track; 1992]
  • 10.Ricardo Villalobos - Balacharde [genre: minimal techno/ketaminimal/microhouse/WTF???; track; 2006]
  • The first time I listened to this, I thought I'd downloaded a bad version. So I downloaded 6 other copies (because I've loved every track this guy has ever done). All of them came out the same. So I looked for a sample online. Again, same. Conclusion: it's just a really fucked up track. I swear, if a record company tried to make an "undownloadable" version of this track, they'd just end up making it more normal. Yeah. It's that good.
  • 11.Douglas Adams - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Radio Show) [genre: awesome; radio show; The date is hard to say, but it's from the 70's]
  • Best radio show of all time. Except maybe that broadcast of "War of the Worlds" that created a nationwide panic and put the US government on high alert. Good times.
  • July 15, 2006
  • 1.Kompakt - Total 7 [genre: neo-trance/microhouse/ketamine house/minimal techno/tech-house/electro-house; album/compilation; 2006]
  • Best tracks: Kontrast - Grey Skies to Blue; Triola - Leuchtturm (Wighnomy Brothers Polarzipper mix); Gui Boratto - Like You (Supermayer mix) [ignore the lyrics! Just listen to the pads.] DJ Koze - Getreide Phunk; Justus Kohncke - Love & Dancing; Wighnomy Brothers - Wombat; The Rice Twins - For Penny & Alexis; Gui Boratto - Arquipelago; The Field - Over the Ice; Wasserman - In Tyrannis 2006. Actually, it's all pretty good, those are just the best. Needless to say: Kompakt is back for good! But did they ever really lose it? I mean, Total 5 wasn't THAT bad, and they had many great tracks on the label that year that didn't appear on the Totals (ie anything Rex the Dog).
  • 2.Spicelab - A Day on Our Planet [genre: classic trance; album; 1993]
  • Lieb's new track (featured below) led me back to his older work. I hadn't actually ever checked his Spicelab project in the album arena, but now that I have, I can see why this is regarded as one of the greatest treasures of classic trance. Only 4 tracks long, but each is a beautiful atmospheric epic, full of sci-fi quotes (including a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio show snippet), ever-shifting acid lines, constantly changing gorgeous melodies, ambient pads, trippy sound effects, and other bits of overstuffed but appropriate genius.
  • 3.Ticon - Prologue [genre: ambient/progressive psytrance; track; 2005]
  • The track is only a minute and a half long, but it's still the most grand and epic thing I've ever heard, and probably the best album intro ever created, hands down. With most intros, I find myself reaching for the skip button; this time, it's repeat.
  • 3.Carl Craig - The Album Formerly Known As... [genre: Detroit techno/tech-trance; album; 1995/2005]
  • 4.Oliver Lieb - Papel [genre: trance/tech-trance/techno; track; 2006]
  • While Lieb will never live his Spicelab, Paragliders, or LSG projects down, or being one of 4 different people/groups to be pegged with INVENTING trance music (the others being The KLF, Psychic TV, and The Age of Love), or the fact that he is the undisputed inventor of progressive trance, but this is a good track nonetheless. Although, yeah yeah, it doesn't compare with his older work...but honestly, what POSSIBLY could? Short of kickstarting yet another international phenomenon? As for the track itself, hard machine techno beats in the vein of L.S.G., only tougher. Until the melody kicks in, that is, which slowly percolates out of a gorgeous ambient synth, at which point, it's like walking into a beautiful futuristic fairyland after being trapped inside a mechanized robot factory for 20 years. And what a gorgeous melody it is.
  • 5.Ame - Rej [genre: neo-trance/minimal techno; track; 2006]
  • At this point, can we please just admit that trance is good again? And that neo-trance is a real genre? Minimal techno and melodic trance were practically designed to be together, now that someone (read: everyone) has done it, I really think it constitutes a new genre. Anyways, this is my latest good neo-trance favorite. Off-kilter and ominous but lovely...Transylvanian melody, micro-galloping (whatever that means) beats, subtle subtle subtle ambient strings. It's like the soundtrack to a microscopic but creepy and sexy vampire film.
  • 6.Choice - Acid Eiffel [genre: classic trance/acid trance; track; 1993]
  • 1993 was the year of trance, I have enough masterpieces now to prove it. Here is my latest find, and it's as subtle and gorgeous as the 303 can get. Which is to say: pretty damn subtle and gorgeous. Perhaps the first ambient trance track? Certainly one of the best, anyway.
  • 7.Broadcast - America's Boy [genre: glitch pop; indie rock; track; 2005]
  • 8.Carl Craig - Just Another Day [genre: minimal techno/Detroit Techno; EP; 2005]
  • Another old master proves he's still got it. Featured on Richie Hawtin's brilliant "Transitions" mix.
  • 9.Jurgen Paape - How Great Thou Art [genre: microhouse; track; 2001]
  • 10.Joachim Spieth - Abi'99 [genre: microhouse; track; 2001]
  • 11.Jesse Somfay - Tonight Frail Desire [genre: neo-trance; track; 2006]
  • June 26, 2006
  • 1.Further - Stone Cold [Genre: Ketamine house/minimal techno/microhouse; track; 2004]
  • 2.Minilogue - Spam [Genre: Progressive house/Progressive trance/Microhouse/Microtrance/Neo-trance; track; 2005]
  • 3.Luciano - Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi [Genre: Minimal Techno/Ketamine house; album; 2006]
  • 4.Paul Van Dyk - My World [Genre: Classic trance; track; 1993]
  • 5.Speedcats - Speedcats [Genre: Electro-house/Progressive trance/Neo-trance; 2006]
  • 6.Perlon - Superlongevity 4 [Genre: Ketamine house/Microhouse/Minimal techno; 2006]
  • 7.Jesse Somfay - The Days of My Youth Ended with Broken Bottles [Genre: Ketamine house/Microhouse/Neo-trance; track; 2005]
  • 8.Ricardo Villalobos - Que Belle Epoque [Ketamine house/Microhouse/Minimal techno/Funky house; track; 2006]
  • 9.The Field - Sun & Ice [Microtrance/Neo-trance; EP; 2006]
  • 10.Filterheadz - Endless Summer [Trance/techno/tech-trance; track; 2006]
  • 11.Round Two - New Day (vocal mix) [Classic house/Garage/Dub/Techno; track; 1995]
  • 12.Minilogue - The Leopard [Progressive house/Neo-trance/Microhouse; track; 2006]
  • 13.Chris Salt - Future house [Progressive house/Neo-trance/Microhouse; album]
  • January 16, 2006 {A couple extra here I didn't feel quite right not adding, especially since this will be the last entry in a while}
  • 1.Sufjan Steven - Illinois {again} [Genre: indierock/indiepop/folk/minimal classical/Broadway showtune; album; 2005]
  • 2.Vitalic - My Friend Dario [Genre: Electropop; track; 2005]
  • 3.Zdarlight - Drug Queen [Genre: Electropop/Techno; track; 2005]
  • 4.Sasha & Digweed - Northern Exposure 1 CD 2 [Genre: classic trance/progressive; DJ mix; 1996]
  • 5.Kundabuffer - Consequences of the Properties [Genre: progressive trance/psytekk/deep trance; DJ mix; 2001]
  • 6.Isolee - Schrapnell [Genre: microhouse/funky house; track; 2005]
  • 7.Orbital - In Sides {again} [Genre: Classic Trance/ambient/breaks; album; 1997]
  • 8.Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! [Genre: indierock; album; 2005]
  • 9.Richie Hawtin - We(all)Search [Genre: minimal techno/Ketamine House(?); track; 2005]
  • 10.Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl [Genre: Techno/Electro/Minimal; track; 2005]
  • 11.Armin Van Buuren vs Gabriel & Dresden - Zocalo [Genre: trance/progressive; track; 2005]
  • 12.Markus Schulz ft Departure - Without You Near [Genre: trance/progressive/electro; track; 2005]
  • December 21, 2005
  • 1.Richie Hawtin - Closer to the Edit [genre: minimal techno/microhouse/something odd and electronic never heard before; album/DJ mix/track; 2001]
  • 2.Daft Punk - One More Time [genre: French House; track; 2001]
  • 3.Juno Reactor - Beyond the Infinite [genre: psytrance; track; 2005]
  • 4.Richie Hawtin - Transitions [genre: minimal techno/microhouse/something odd and electronic never heard before; album/DJ mix/track; 2005]
  • 5.Art of Trance - Octopus [genre: classic trance; track; 1995]
  • 6.Hernan Cattaneo - Rennaisance: The Masters Series [genre: deep house/progressive/progressive trance; DJ mix; 2004]
  • 7.Brainchild - Symmetry (C-mix) [genre: classic trance; track; 1994]
  • 8.The Visions of Shiva - How Much can you Take? [genre: classic trance; track(s); 1993]
  • 9.Paragliders - Oasis [genre: classic trance; track; 1995]
  • 10.The Books - The Lemon of Pink [genre: indierock/indiepop/sound collage/experimental; album; 2003]
  • December 12, 2005
  • 1.The Fiery Furnaces - Paw Paw Tree; Bird Brain; I Lost My Dog [genre: indierock; tracks; 2003]
  • I know I already posted Blueberry Boat, but these 3 songs won't leave my head...
  • 2.m83 - Don't Save Us from the Flames [genre: neo-trance; track; 2005]
  • 3.Plastikman - Consumed [genre: minimal techno/ambient; album; 1998]
  • 4.Dominik Eulberg - Flora & Fauna [genre: deep techno; album; 2004]
  • 5.Man With No Name - Interstate Highway [genre: psytrance; album; 2003]
  • 6.Three Drives - Greece 2000 (Man With No Name mix) [genre: progresive trance/psytrance; track; 1998]
  • 7.Jamiroquai - Travelling without Moving [genre: House/disco; track; 1996]
  • 8.Sasha - Live at Mark Hunt's House 1996 [genre: progressive trance/progressive house/techno/ambient breaks; mix; 1996]
  • 9.UGK - Pocket Full of Stones [genre: classic "screw" hip-hop; track; 1993]
  • 10.Dandy Jack & The Junction SM - Los Siete Castigos [genre: microhouse/minimal techno; album; 2005]
  • December 3, 2005
  • 1.Marc Leclair - Musique Pour 3 Femmes Enceintes [genre: ambient, glitch, drone, ambient techno, space; album; year: 2005]
  • I actually added this to my "best ambient music" list, which is something I never do. That's how good this CD is: the artist otherwise known as Akufen (honestly, this guy is amazing. That's two absolute essential masterpieces by one man: entirely different genres too) has crafted a real gem here. It sounds like floating through a friendly nanobot-filled sky, strangely obscured gargantuan machines perfectly crafted for Miyazaki films flying by, all while slowly floating down towards a gorgeous but lonely future...all gleaming cities without people, everything perfect and pristine, but strangely...abandandoned. This has it's own previously unheard but brilliant atmosphere, as all great ambient does. I could go on, just get this album, it's fantastic.
  • 2.Lance Cashion - The Sound [genre: progressive/progressive trance/progressive house/progressive breaks/minimal trance; DJ mix; year: 2005]
  • A trance mix so good that I actually added it to my "top 15 trance mixes of all time" list (at number 5, specifically), and again, that's something I never do. In the spirit of Northern Exposure, this is the perfect listening mix, absolutely essential, and completely gorgeous. While few have heard it, due to it's odd distribution (online only), those who it's reached rave to no end, this is incredible stuff.
  • 3.Ricardo Villalobos - Taka Taka [genre: microhouse/minimal techno; DJ mix; year: 2003]
  • What a great week for music, that's the third classic CD in a row. Microhouse perfectly here, this mix clicks along in the best sort of way. If I had a top microhouse mixes list, this would be second only to Mayer's Immer: just plain great
  • 4.Ada - The Red Shoes [genre: electro/techno/funky house/microhouse tech-house (basically, it has the glitchy cut-up sound of microhouse, only it's all big); track; year: 2004]
  • Wow. Such funk. Such melody. Such beauty. To all wannabe producers trapped in dutch trance formulae: this is how dance music should sound. Pull your heads out of your asses, and start making music like Ada (actually, forget that, you'd probably just turn her brilliance into another tired formula). This is a great track, I'm not going to dance about architecture, this will appeal to a fan of just about any genre of EDM.
  • 5.Claude Debussy - Children's Corner [genre: classical/impressionist; album; year: 1907]
  • A gentle and lovely classical world here. Unlike the pompous bombast of many of his contemporaries, Debussy has crafted simple, lovely, impressionist beauty: this is truly under-rated. I don't know enough about classical music or the impressionist movement to really analyze it yet: I'm still in the "in awe of this sound" state with the genre. However, from what I've heard, this stands head and shoulders above the vast majority, totally holds up against Beethoven, Mozart, and all of thier kind. I'd call this the precursor to modern ambient, without the repetition.
  • 6.Adam Starr - Bad Acid Jesus [genre: acid/acid trance/acid techno; year: 2001]
  • 7.Ada - Maps [genre: microhouse, house, electro, ambient house; track; year: 2005]
  • See comments on Ada - The Red Shoes. Only this one has a bit more of an ambient sheen.
  • 8.Steve Bug - Bugnology [genre: microhouse/minimal; compilation; year: 2004]
  • See comments of Ricardo Villalobos - Taka Taka. Fantastic, but not quite as good as that, would probably get third if I made the aforementioned "microhouse mixes" list.
  • 9.Architecture in Helsinki - In Case We Die [genre: indiepop/experimental/indierock; album; year: 2005]
  • WOO! Random! But good. This is really quirky stuff, excellent pop music, only cut into ten thousand pieces. Many compare this to The Fiery Furnaces' Blueberry Boat, and it's an apt analogy: this is deep, complex, and eccentric music, but incredibly fun. A childish streak runs through the whole thing, it's like the artists are 100 naturally talented and ingenious children who have just discovered music, and now want to play with this fun new idea, so pick up everything in the tox box and make incredible tunes with everything they pull out.
  • 10.David Morales - Needin' You [genre: house; track; year: 1999]
  • Perfect modern funk. DeepfunkyFrenchmacrodiscohouse at it's absolute best exemplified right here. Again, added to another of my "top" lsits: this time in the genre of house.
  • November 20, 2005 (still being worked on)
  • 1.Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene [genre: indierock/experimental; album; year: 2005]
  • 2.Morane - Living on a Traffic Island [genre: Microhouse/dub/house; track; year: 2005]
  • 3.Funk D'Void - Bad Coffee [genre: techno/acid/classic trance; track; year: 1996]
  • 4.!!! - Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story) [genre: indierock/dance rock; track/album in itself; year: 2003;]
  • 5.Barbarella - My name is Barbarella [genre: classic trance; track; year: 1992]
  • 6.Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat [genre: indierock/folk/experimental/???; album; year:]
  • 7.Toy - Rabbit Pushing Mower [genre: experimental/microhouse/dub; track; year: 2005]
  • 8.Sasha & Digweed - Northern Exposure series [genre: trance/progressive house/progressive trance; set of albums; year: 1995-1999]
  • 9.Egg - A Floating Mind [genre: techno/progressive trance; track; year: 2005]
  • 10.Luke Chable - Sealer's Cove [genre: Progressive breaks; track; year:]
  • November 13, 2005:
  • 1.Taylor Deupree + Eisi - Taylor Soshite Hossuru [genre: clickity poptrancy microhouse meets orchestral indiepop (A la Sigur Ros), ambient and minimalism; track; year: 2005]
  • This song can be described as every kind of music I like mixed together in the most excellent and fantastic way imaginable, and somehow still resulting in a tune better than everything that went into it. So beautiful and ethereal, I've really never heard anything like this before. Perfect electronic music. I feel like I'm in a magical forest suspended on a cube in the middle of outer space, frozen in it's mythical beauty, but surrounded by vast wasteland. Bits of technology stick out of this fantastic little world, all kinds of unimaginable and beautiful creatures flit, hop, or saunter by. Glistening alien spacecraft slide over a distant-moutain flecked horizon under a sky more densely packed than anything human eyes have ever set sight on before (full of galaxies, shooting stars, neblulae, aurora borealis, and of course, unfathomable numbers of our simple shining friends).
  • 2.Monolake - Polygon Cities [genre: minimal techno, microhouse, ambient; album; year: 2005]
  • The best techno album I've heard all year. This makes me think of flying into gigantic brushed silver robot cities on uber-futuristic airplanes in the year 4000. Exactly how techno is supposed to make you feel. A bit of an ambient edge too, this is great sleep music. Another band (like Biosphere) to keep their edge many albums in: I think this is the 8th CD by Monolake, and it's almost as good as their first (very little is AS good as their first, Hongkong, because Hongkong is an almost untouchable ambient techno classic).
  • 3.Mitch Hedberg - Mitch all together [genre: comedy; album; year: 2003]
  • After being compared to Mitch Hedburg in my stage comedy something like 100 times, I decided to pick up his CD and see if this is a compliment or not. After listening to his album I have decided: a)that is one of the best compliments I have ever been given, thank you and b)people are giving me WAAAY too much credit, that most certainly isn't true. I don't think anyone ever to live is funnier than this guy: probably the most original jokes I've heard in my entire life. Quite sad with his death and all: R.I.P. Mitch.
  • 4.Sigur Ros - Hoppipola [genre:orchestral indierock; year: 2005]
  • The best track off their newest album (Takk), should definitely be released as a single. If top 40 radio DJs weren't such pretentiously uneclectic and boring shitheads, this would definitly be a number one hit. A very wintery, majestic feel, like the soundtrack to driving through the Alps without a care in the world (as everyone describes them). Fantastic song.
  • 5.m83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us [genre: IDM, trance, orchestral indierock, new wave; album; year: 2005]
  • Lovely and surreal. This band took all the most cliche electronic music sounds, then mixed them with all the most cliche indierock sounds, and somehow came out with an album thousands of times greater than the sum of all it's very weak parts. Surprisingly brilliant. It's like a flying over a beautiful world made out of electricity, static, and emotion.
  • 6.m83 - Run Into Flowers [genre: IDM, trance, orchestral indierock, new wave; track; year: 2003]
  • A track off m83's earlier album, which their new CD reminded me of. Totally phenomenal, the best song off the whole thing.
  • 7.Ferry Corsten - Fire (radio edit) [genre: trance; track; year: 2005]
  • A top-notch trance song, really nothing more to say than that. Melodic from start to finish, never wear out it's welcome, minimizes the stupid euro cliches, it's really just an all-around great track.
  • 8.Futurhythm - Phuture 2 [genre:acid trance; year: 1992]
  • Great oldskool rave anthem. Everything that should be present in acid trance is present in this track. Conclusion: your collection is not complete without it.
  • 9.Fairmont - Gazebo [genre: progressive trance/neotrance; year: 2005]
  • The latest from Border Community. How would I describe it? Dark, brooding, minimal, full of growling basslines, squelching acid, a light anger stewing under a tranquil surface of lovely but disconcerting melody: in other words: good dark trance. Exactly what we'd expect from Border Community.
  • 10.DJ Scotch Egg - KFC Wonderland [genre: gameboy gabber]
  • DJ Scotch Egg creates him music by hooking a soundsystem up to five gameboys and three turntables, then mixing oldskool gabber hardcore with his favorite video game themes, all the while throwing scotch eggs at the audience. I recommend this for the sheer surrealism alone.
  • November 6, 2005:
  • 1.Julien Jabre - Swimming Places [genre: progressive house; Year: 2005]
  • I love this track. It's just...so...damn...pretty. I can't not love it. Honestly, best song I've heard all year. It reminds me of all the best parts of summer, you just feel so warm and relaxed listening to it. Lovely lovely lovely.
  • 2.Hybrid - Symphony [Genre: progressive trance; Year: 1997]
  • Great stuff here, a real classic. And, believe it or not (if you're a trancehead, that is), I'd never heard it before. Wow. I love when this happens. It's like the background music of 100 really good movies, minus the stupid, plus FUNK!!! Actually, it's not funky. But it's deeply ethereal and incredibly gorgeous, probably the best faux-classical track the trance assembly line has ever churned out. Honestly, I don't know how anyone can even CONSIDER William Orbit's sad little remix to be anything but utterly disposible under this titan of incredibly awesome (no offense to the fans, I just really love this song). Seriously, it just builds, and builds, and BUILDS, almost like...real classical! (gasp! Symphonic trance that actually works!?!?!? Press conference!!!!). Just fantastic.
  • 3.St Germain - Alabama Blues [Genre: funky house/not really microhouse; year: 1996]
  • What a real gem. I didn't even know they had the ability to make house this good back then...wait...what am I saying...house was awesome back then. But still, even in a period that churned out classics like Paris Hilton churns out nothing at all, this one really stands a cut above. YES! Glitched up like Akufen (not quite THAT good), long before people even knew such a think existed, funked out like James Brown, jazzy and swingy and all around...cool. Everything house should be, everything house should do. ****, I'm tired of describing it, just GET IT!!! NOW!!!
  • 4.The Orb - Toxygene [genre: ambient breaks/dub/ambient house/What the **** am I listening to???; year: 1998]
  • The Orb are insane. I too am insane. Which is probably why I like the Orb so much. Probably one of the strongest tracks they've ever produced, this is just great. Especially that opening sample: "Oh...what a beauty...I've never seen one as big as that before...Oh...what a beauty...it must be two feet long or even MOOOOORE!!!" Immature dick jokes are funny in EDM, more producers should do things like that. Seriously, tis classy stuff. Anyways, moving past my obvious immaturity, it's quite an excellent track. Full of the Orb's trademark wacked-out samples, uber-catchy melodies, and beats that make you feel like you're smoking a 40 foot long joint in outer space. In a good way, of course. Some of the Orb's best stuff, this is indeed. BREAK IT DOWN!!!
  • 5.Coburn - We Interrupt this Program [Genre: microhouse, glitch, electro, a general can of audio whoop-ass; year: 2005]
  • Note to reader: The writer is too busy dancing around the room to review above track. Will return when author either a)collapses, or b)someone takes Coburn - We Interrupt this Program off repeat.
  • Ok, I'm done. Seriously, I don't even really dance (OK, I do, but I look like a yak trying to milk itself, you don't want to see it). Well, my girlfriend doesn't dance, anyway, and this track managed to get her going. That should tell you something. (Hint to all lobotomy patients: it's good to dance to!!!). But wait Darktremor...isn't hitting two rocks together also pretty good to dance to? Onto the track itself: EXCELLENT!!! Everything I love in a track, all rolled up together into one big katamari of HOLY GOD THIS IS ****ING AMAZING!!! It's a combination of microhouse, electro, crazy, psychotic samples, random head noises, little nintendo twerps, futuristic lazers, with a general can of audio whoop-ass thrown in to boot. My faith in mainstream dance is entirely restored (my first reaction on hearing this was: This is a club hit?!?? My second reaction, shorty after my jaw went through the bottom of my foot was: 2005?!?).
  • 6.Biosphere - Dropsonde {Whole album} [genre: ambient jazz (???); year: 2005]
  • What is it, 20 albums in? This guy just hammers out one classic after another. I don't know how he does it; I've probably spend more time in my life listening to Biosphere than any other artist. His newest is no exception, just completely chillin. If I were bothering to rate these tracks out of 5 stars, 1000000! So innovative: the absolute first in what is possibly a new genre: ambient jazz. Geir Jennsen has redefined ambient again, I mean it. I can't even describe how he does this, it's still trademark Biosphere, but...it's jazz! Well, it's ALSO jazz - only it's not jazz...I really can't explain this release, nothing like it has ever been created before, just get it. Honestly, this is worth selling your entire family to acquire, take my word for it. The "long-player" to end all "long-players." (although not as strong as Substrata, but this is impossible).
  • Note: that review was for the vinyl release. The CD version is not as strong, the tracks that pad it out don't meet the quality of the original LP.
  • 7.Deep Dish - Say Hello [genre: progressive trance; year: 2005]
  • Yay! Trance is good again!
  • I really love this song. Get it if you possibly can, it's great. Number one dance hit too, how eccentric. Way too good for the mainstream (This and that fantastic Coburn track).
  • 8.Stephan Mathieu - Orange (for Eva-Lucy) [genre: ambient/experimental/What on earth are you listening to?; year: 2002]
  • I'm not really sure what this is supposed to be, but I like it.
  • 9.Hellothisisalex - Toy Trains for Birds [genre: IDM/experimental/avante-garde; year: 2002]
  • All I have to say is...teehee!!!
  • 10.Philip Glass - Music in 12 Parts, Part 1 [genre: Minimalism; year: 1972{approximately}]
  • A cure for insomnia in the best possible way.

I could keep old lists, if people are really interested, but I have a suspicion they won't be.
One interested here, so... ;)
You could archieve the old ones in the grey font.?

Good idea, actually.

Glad you enjoy the list :)

This list will get pretty big then, considering the amount of songs you get through.

lol, certainly.

Is that a good or a bad thing?

I'm also interested. It's fun to track your rapidly changing favorites.

Awesome, glad you like it. :)

You'll be happy to know then, regular updates from here on out. I'm also going to try and set up some kind of "sample" service, for people who want to hear them.

On top of that, I'm considering starting my own website, with all kinds of up-to-date information on electronic and underground music...sort of like...the Rollingstone of electronic and experimental.

If possible, actually, you may be able to help me out with that. Let me know if you think there's anything you could contribute...

Do Amazon and similar sites not have samples for these discs, do you think?

Some of them, but not most. Most of them are too obscure or new (I looked into that as one sample source).

just listened biosphere- dropsonde. very intresting. geir jensen likes to surprise people, and i like that. pretty short bechouse it's EP but really good.

Surprising, yes, but once you see what he's doing, it just seems like such a logical progression. That's why Biosphere is one of my all-time favorite music artists; like I said, long-player.

Notice to everyone:
I won't really be here for a while. Until about early May (2006), I'm pretty much entirely tied down to the rest of my life: I'm going to have almost no time at all to respond or update here. I may make an occasional post, but don't expect anything regular (and don't take offense if I don't answer you for a very very long time).

Sorry to anyone who has posted and I can't respond to: I'm juggling university (a SCIENCE degree, in others words the nightmare of university existence - this is a complete time filler as it is), a (very serious - not in nature, in depth of relationship) girlfriend, two entirely seperate groups of friends, several plays, several clubs, and possibly soon a job. There really isn't time left to handle answering comments...

Goodbye for now everyone! (I'll be back again, eventually). It's been fun.

I've made a personal album recommendation for you as part of this game. You should check it out!

Thanks :)
I'll try and track that down. Everything I've read about the album makes it seem like EXACTLY my kind of thing.

So, thoughts on Fedde Le Grande - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit?

Really not that many. I just like it. It doesn't inspire powerful imagery or anything like that for me, it's just an amazingly catchy track.

Oh yeah, that bassline is powerful too. Probably the best bassline in any track, ever. I have to dance when I hear it, I have no choice, it's that funky.

I'd say it's pretty much the perfect summary of what dance music looks like these days, it being a combination of the best of electro-house and minimal.

try listening Stephan Bodzin, really really nice. try pieces like hyperion, Atlas,... all of the songs are incredible.

Wow... that igor stravinsky track is actually rediculous. It's really really abstract in the way that a lot of the trumpets just blare out stuff starting on weird off-beats. Its VERY movie-soundtrack-like. However, I predict it was not made for a movie soundtrack, being it was written in 1913. Very ahead of it's time, very scary-ish, and VERY interesting.

You're pretty much dead-on to call it "movie-soundtrack-like." It was actually written for a really avante-garde ballet about the primal rituals of an ancient pagan tribe.

Very ahead of its time, for sure. It was so controversial and so opinion-polarizing when it was released that the uptight classical crowd that viewed the first performance actually broke out into a riot. And I don't mean a pansy uptight classical riot, full of Victorian wig throwing and overzealous shoe-polishing, I mean a full blown beating-raping-looting-killing riot that would put a crowd of German soccer fans to shame. It must've been a really hilarious sight.

Seeing as From Here We Go Sublime is basically the same as Sun & Ice EP minus Istedgade add a bunch more and you like it doesn't it warrant more of a place in your top 100 electronic albums? I also believe The Foley Room is worthy of a spot, it being possibly the best release of 2007 so far.

I'll have to think about those, seeing as they're so new. From Here We Go To Sublime has the issue of giving diminishing returns when you listen to it beginning to end - it's good, no matter where you start, for the first 2-4 tracks (depending on where you start), then it all starts to sound very much the same, until the last song. So I'll have to see if that goes away, or if it's a problem with "The Field" composing every track the same way, with the same structure. The EP didn't do that. The Foley Room I haven't listened to enough to decide. But I will.

Speaking of chilled out tracks, have you heard BT's latest album - This Binary Universe? The Antikythera Mechanism was.. something totally unexpected. Which is to say, pretty awesome.

Sure, I'll give it a spin (when I can download again :( :( )

Good to see you like Voodoo Ray, it is a really good song.

Agreed, lots of fun.

Wow, nice to see Etnica up. Finally someone around here is paying them some attention.

Agreed, excellent band. I've added a few of their tracks to my top 400 trance tracks list as well. It was by your suggestion that I downloaded them. Thanks very much! :D

Always glad to help with Goa recommendations :)

What were your thoughts on In Rainbows? Were you disappointed compared to Amnesiac and Kid A?

Well...I'm still digesting it.

So, thoughts on BT's This Binary Universe yet?

I didn't like it, actually. I think it's typical BT, in my opinion: technically proficient, musically barren. This time he's mastered the production techniques of glitch and IDM, but the result is just cold and soulless. BT is a producer at heart, and probably one of the best around, but production ability doesn't equal musical talent.

Wow, really? Oh well I thought it was a supreme masterpiece, although after a lot of relistens and repeats. This is nothing (imo) of the BT we have seen (Epic, Pop, Anthme, Prog, Breaks etc.). This is an entirely different kind of music! And you're right, he is a technical genius. The emotion in his songs is that of perfection.
Do you really think the Good Morning Kaia track (for eg.) is cold and souless? And The Antikythera Mechanism as musically barren? Some tracks (The Internal Locus ) feature a full 110 piece musical orchestra, if web reports are to be believed.
I dunno, barren really doesn't click. I do suggest you give it a lot of relistens. Especially if you've gotten the original 5.1 surround edition CD. It is something like avant-garde IDM/Glitch/Downtempo/Ambient/Epic all mashed up in a post-anhilation soundscape. Or something like that.

This Binary Universe may be different from BT's previous stuff and he may be technically good but I would say the emotion in his songs is non-existant rather than perfection, certainly on this album. It's not really that much of a venture from things already tried by other artists.
Using an orchestra does not automatically make a song amazing.
If you want some IDM/glitch stuff which would come under the definition of materpiece I would suggest getting some Autechre stuff such as Amber or Tri Repetae. Amber especially has Further on it which is undoubtably the best song of the genre. That is an example of a song which sounds unbelievably machine orientated yet is filled with emotion. Also I really wouldn't count This Binary Universe as that avant-garde, perhaps it is bordering on it but certainly nothing that revolutionary.

Undoubtedly? :P You mean, in your opinion? lol

"Using an orchestra does not automatically make a song amazing.

That was in reference to "musically barren" comment. I never said using an orchestra "automatically makes a song amazing".

To each his own, but I've got a feeling people might be just biased against BT because he is BT. Really, this album needs a lot of listens without any sort of comparision or prejudice.

Thanks for the recommendtaions (no sarcasm). I'll definitely get 'em.

On the contrary, I really do want to like BT. He put out a few amazing classic trance tracks (albeit usually with vocalists and other songwriters...hmmm...).

As for the orchestra, that just further shows his technical proficiency. So he can manage an orchestra now too (I'm really not surprised). That doesn't mean that what he gets the orchestra is going to be moving or original, regardless of how flawless the playing and layering is or how excellent the sound quality. That's just more technical proficiency. Like I said, engineer, not artist.

I'll take your advice though, and give it a few re-listens.

Chris I've just realised you're actually Jeremy Clarkson haha! It's technically amazing, but it has no soul.

I don't understand the Jeremy Clarkson reference at all (the car critic?), but you're right, The Binary Universe not only has no soul, it has no emotion whatsoever, or even evoked imagery.

No don't worry it's a reference to Top Gear a show we've got over the pond - Clarkson is always going on about how technical brilliance is nothing compared to cars which have soul and certain zest about them. And this applies perfectly to Binary Universe too.

That's sad. I don't understand. No soul? Man..that's like saying Music for Airports is just a kid randomly playing some keyboard notes over and over again. And no ivoked imagery? Try checking out the videos on YouTube. And it might be glitchy but hey it has got more soul than Autchere's most works. I really don't understand the whole ' BT-is-a-soulless-producer' phenomenon.

I just don't feel anything in his music, and a lot of people seem to agree. And while Autechre is often soulless, there's always at least something evoked (and often Autechre takes it too far and makes boring music. Their earlier stuff was better, pre-Tri Repetae IMO).

Personally I like the album, but I've just recently (this year) gotten into "electronic" genre. I found the album to be awesome, but I also must say about 8 months ago I thought Benny Benassi was an artist (HA, I laugh at myself everyday now about that). I don't know much about production, or tracks, or really anything about how music is made (which is why i go to the pros like you darktremor, and a few personal friends who have been in the genre for around 30 years), but I do know what I enjoy, and it is a variety of things. Do I think "This Binary Universe" is good. Well, of course! Do I think in several years I will think it to be average and a "been there done that" type of thing? Of course.

I personally believe that's how most people go through the music genre. That's how I do it...

I don't know, what do you think DT?

(sorry for the rant.....:P)

All I can say about the album is that I can see it sounding wonderful to one who is relatively inexperienced in electronic music (like within 1 or 2 years of listening, around the period where listening diversifies from the poppier electronic music), but for someone who has been listening to the more experimental side of the style for longer, it just comes across as well-produced and "been there done that." I mean, I don't hear anything fresh and original when I listen to it (typical glitchy IDM), and since BT has never had much of a personal style to apply to new genres (he's just a producer/sound engineer, really), the album comes across as derivative and mediocre. I suppose if you hadn't heard very many other (more recent)glitchy IDM artists, it would sound blindingly original.

Alright, much has changed in my taste in Glitch since my last small post. I downloaded a torrent of ALL of Autechre's albums (along with The Orb and Art of Noise). I checked out Tri Repetae and Amber, and even one (such as myself) who is inexperienced in this genre should realize the difference. I must say Autechre does a significantly better job (IMO) that BT. I thought I would be going back to "This Binary Universe" but I find that I am, well, basically done with that album. I now understand where everyone is coming from with the "production differs from emotion." I have been listening to Tri Repetae for about 3 hours now (and I've listened to it on and off the past few days), and...well, to put it bluntly (with my gorgeous run-on sentences) it is my favorite album at the moment. Amazing how taste can change in such a short while.

Indeed, it often takes hearing the best parts of a genre to understand how inferior the tracks/albums one started on in the style were. I went through a similar process with a lot of genres (especially trance), and I think most people do as well.

Reading your recent edit.......have you heard the Soulwax remix of Kids my MGMT? It's not that bad.....pretty good infact

No, but I will take a look, because I love Soulwax, and Kids is my 3rd favorite track on that album.

MGMT! I fell in love with this album before it became "the shit" (which I am proud of...it rarely happens). In the movie "21" they totally destroyed the song. I almost turned off the movie after they cut out half the song...lol. ELectric Feel is by far my favorite. The drums just get my entire body moving. I think it's in my top 25 most played.

And what's kind of ironic, was the fact I was going to ask what you thought of the new Lindstrom album (I got it just about 4 days ago) lol (I ended up loving it...). Also, made a new list for my fav. songs this week. If you have time, check it out and let me know what you think =D!

P.S. Hope life is treating you "swell" (my new fav. word rofl)

Yes, MGMT is good stuff, although the album has way too much filler.

"Swell"? I can't even imagine how one would say that out loud without irony.