Darktremor's 50 Favorite house tracks, in order of best to...less best

  1. House music. The strongest genre of EDM. Whether or not it is your favorite, any reasonable person would attest to it. Besides being the genre that invented EDM (disco), it also gave birth to every single other style of electronic dance. Trance: house in outer space. Techno: house made by Terminator in a honda factory. Jungle: House in the US army. DnB: House with its head up its ass (while armed with a plastic machine gun, firing blanks into a crowd it thinks it is killing). Hardcore: House, armed with nucleur missiles and a guitar distortion box. Happy Hardcore: House, after falling into a vat of gummy bears and eating its way out. Microhouse and glitch: A scratched CD full of house. Hardstyle: House inside a vacuum cleaner. Ambient dance: House in a zen garden. IDM: House that refuses to admit its house. Hip-hop: House in the ghetto. Speed Garage: House sitting on a whoopie cushion, minus the house part. Progressive: Must I really go on? It's all house.
  2. Now, I'm not a house DJ, and there is too much house music in existence for me to sift through all of it, too many styles, and too many eras for me to make a proper "Greatest house music of all time" list. So, I've done the second best thing. My favorite house tracks, in order of best to least best. Whether or not it means anything is questionable, but I truly love everything you'll see here.
  3. You're going to note a great omission of classic house tracks, I have yet to properly explore this genre. This will be remedied in the future, as I realize it's a fantastic genre, and have started taking a look at it, and quite like what I've heard so far.
  4. Note: I'm not going to document all the genres above I related to house on this - I'm going to focus on the area of music actually called "house."
  5. And here you are (I put the style beside it):

  6. The Bucketheads - The Bomb [Funky Disco house]

  7. Akufen - Deck the house [Microhouse]

  8. Cajmere - Brighter Days [Classic house]

  9. Marshall Jefferson - Move your Body [Classic house]

  10. Stardust - Music Sounds Better with You [French house]

  11. Octave One - Blackwater [tech-house/deep house/detroit techno, arguably]

  12. Frankie Knuckles - Back in the Day [Classic deep house]

  13. Markus Nikolai - Bushes [Funky house/Microhouse - but not weird and cerebral like microhouse: this is super-accessible like other genres of house]

  14. Phuture - Acid Trax [Classic Acid house]

  15. Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It [Classic house]

  16. MJ Cole - Sincere [Garage]

  17. Mirwais - Disco Science [Electro-house]

  18. Akabu - Ride the Storm [Deep progressive house]

  19. Inner City - Big Fun [Classic detroit tech-house]

  20. Mason - Exceeder [Electro-house]

  21. Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid [Acid house]

  22. Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving [Disco house]

  23. Tiger Stripes - Dingo [Funky house/Latin House]

  24. Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder [Classic acid house]

  25. David Morales - Needin' You [Funky Disco house]

  26. Blue Six - Music and Wine [Deep house]

  27. Phats and Small - Turn Around [French disco house]

  28. Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night [Classic house]

  29. Cassius - Cassius 99 [French house]

  30. Dave Armstrong - Make Your Move [French house]

  31. Junior Jack - My Feeling [Funky house]

  32. DJ T - Philly [Electro-house]

  33. Ecstacy - This is my House [Classic house]

  34. The Juan Maclean - Happy House [Funky house]

  35. Maurice - This is Acid [Acid house]

  36. DJ Shorty - Chocolate Sensation [Funky house/disco house]

  37. Miguel Migs - City People [Deep house]

  38. Chew-fu Fat - Without You [Funky house]

  39. The Ananda Project ft. Gaelle - Cascades of Colour

  40. 2nd Shift - Somethin' Else [Deep house

  41. Felix da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene [Electro house]

  42. DJ T - Electrofied [Electro-house]

  43. Mylo - Drop the Pressure [French electro house]

  44. Miguel Migs - Petal Pushing [Deep house]

  45. Julius Papp - Voce (Ralphi Rosario's main pass) [Latin house/deep house]

  46. Tim Deluxe - It Just Won't Do [Latin House]

  47. The Ones - Flawless [French house]

  48. Tyree - Acid Over [Acid house]

  49. Bob Marley vs Funkstarr Deluxe - Sun is Shining [Funky house]

  50. Chelonis R. Jones - One & One [Electro-house]

  51. Groove Armada - I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim mix)

  52. Armand Van Helden - Hear My Name [Funky house]

  53. Underground Ministries - I Shall Not Be Moved [Funky house/deep house]

  54. Camel Riders - Twisted [Electro-house]

  55. Miguel Migs - So Far [Deep house]

  56. Armand Van Helden - Witch Doctor [Tribal house/funky house]

  57. Steve "Silk" Hurley - Jack Your Body [Acid house]

  58. Basement Jaxx - Red Alert [Funky house]

  59. Daft punk - Aerodynamic [French electro house]

  60. Cassius - The Sound of Violence [French house]

  61. Ultra-Nate - New Kind of Medicine [Deep disco house]

  62. Rhythm Plate - Lean (Atjazz mix) [Deep house]

  63. Lil' Louis - French Kiss [Classic house]

  64. Daft Punk - One More Time [French house]

  65. Soulwax - NY Excuse [French house]

  66. Eric Prydz - Call On Me [French house]

  67. Moodymann - Don't You Want My Love? [Funky deep house]

  68. Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head at [Funky house]

  69. Alter Ego - Rocker [Tech-house/electro funk]

  70. Daft punk - Around the World [French electro house]

  71. Blue Six - All I Need (Jimpster mix) [Deep house]

  72. Basement Jaxx - Bingo Bango [Funky Disco house]

  73. DJ Roog - Funk Three [Funky house]

  74. DJ Flex - Love for you [Funky disco house]

  75. Alan Braxe and Fred Falke - Rubicon [French house]

  76. DJ Sneak - Fix My Sink [Funky house]

  77. Charles Schillings - No Communication, No Love [deep house]

  78. Who Da Funk - Shiny Disco Balls [Disco house]

  79. Mu - Paris Hilton [Leftfield funky house]

  80. Terry Lee Brown - Terry's House [Deep house]

  81. Funk D'Void - Emotional Content [Tech-house]

  82. Dallas Superstars - Fast Driving [Funky house]

  83. Groove Armada - At The River [Deep house]

  84. Avalanche - Acid Attack [Funky house]

  85. Miguel Migs - Making Moves [Deep house]

  86. Charles Feelgood - Filtered madness [French house]

  87. Martin Solveig - Rocking Music [Funky house]

  88. Ian Pooley - What's Your Number? [Funky house]

  89. Fred Everything - One for me [Deep house]

  90. Armand Van Helden - You Don't Even Know me [Funky house]

I'm not as big into house but I have a few (There probably not all house though) :

Mansun - Wide Open Space
X-Press 2 - Lazy
Royksopp - Eple
Raven Maize - Fascinated
Billy Hendrix - Body Shine
Basement Jaxx - Bingo Bango
Stereopol & Nevada - Dancin' Tonight
De'Lacy - Hideaway
Fatboy Slim - Praise You
Way Out West - Gift
Moloko - Sing It Back
Frankie Knuckles - Move Your Body

The X-Press 2 track is progressive house.
The Basement Jaxx, Fatboy slim, Moloko, and Frankie Knuckles tracks are definitely house. Royksopp - Eple is downtempo/illbient, Way Out West - The Gift is trance/ambient breaks. I've never heard the others, I can't really say.

What about:

SNAP - Rhythm is a Dancer


other great ones:

Tori Amos - Professional Widow
Frank’O Moiraghi - Feel my Body
Kadoc - The nightrain
Mousee T. VS Hot 'n' Juicy - Horny
Temperer feat. Maya - Feel it
Rotane Celvin - I believe
Me & My - Dub-i-Dub
Double You - Loving You
Datura - Mystic Motion
Jinny - Keep Warm
Joy Salinas - Bip Bip
Everything but the Girl - Missing
Ti.Pi.Cal. - It's the color inside
Fargetta - Midnight
Scrapper - Let the music
Urban Cookie Collective - The Key The Secret
Corona - The Rhythm of the night
Playahitty - Summer is magic
Molella & Outhere brothers - If you wanna party
No Mercy - Where do you Go?
Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo - The Rhythm Is Magic
Club House - Nowhere Land
Wes - Alane
Funk Planet - Chase the Sun
Bump's & Vincenzo - Lady bug
Gala - Freed from Desire
Neja - Restless
Chase - Stay with me
Dana Dawson - Three is Family
Whirlpool Productions - From Disco To Disco
N-Trance - Do you think I'm sexy?
2 brothers on the 4th floor - Dreams
B.a.r. Feat. Roxy - Come Together
Reconstruction ICE MC - Take away the colour
2 in a room - Ahora
The Original - I love you baby
Whigfield - Sexy Eyes
Whigfield - Saturday Night
Whigfield - Think of you
Real McCoy - Love and Devotion
Black Machine - You make me come A Life
Zoonka - Beats in Africa
Alex Party - Wrap me Up

btw: how can Daft Punk be French House if they're 100% italian ? ;)

Aren't most of those eurodance? I don't know all of them, but the ones I recognize are all eurodance or non-house genres (with a couple of exceptions). I may make a eurodance list someday though, I do like it.

Daft Punk cannot be French if they're 100% Italian, which is why it's a good thing they're 100% French:
wiki article, stating Daft Punk originates in Paris

Last I checked, Paris is in France.

[Daft Punk cannot be French if they're 100% Italian, which is why it's a good thing they're 100% French]

My mistake! We've always been told they were italian ... or maybe I just confused them with Eiffel 65 that have a French name but are italian :|

I too believed that several of those tracks were eurodance but discogs.com list them as house

My definition of house is the combination of typically afro-american sounds (jazz, blues, grass, soul) with the eletronic sounds and kick'n'snares rhythm of dance. So piano, trumpets, organs and real bass are often present in an house song

Following this narrow definition the tracks I'm sure are 100% house among the ones I listed are:

Tori Amos - Professional Widow
Rotane Celvin - I believe
Double You - Loving You
Joy Salinas - Bip Bip
Dana Dawson - Three is Family
Whirlpool Productions - From Disco To Disco


Bamboo - Bamboogie
Boris Dlugosch - Keep pushin’
Regina - Killing me Softly
Justofunk - Can we Live
Martha Wash - Keep On Jumping
Hysteric Ego - Want Love
BarBara Tucker - Beautiful People
Robin S - Show me Low
Martin Solveig - Rocking Music
Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams
Tina Cousins - Killing Time
Tanya Louise - I Made It Over
Gala - Everybody has inside
Black Machine - You make me come A Life
Zoonka - Beats in Africa
Alex Party - Wrap me Up

Mason- Exceeder. Microhouse or Tech-House?

Actually it's clearly not microhouse.

Might I suggest

"One More Time"- Daft Punk

Love it or hate it, it was very big.

Yeah, it's a good track.

As we're on the topic of making suggestions might I suggest something by Fatboy Slim? The Rockafella Skank, Praise You and Right Here, Right Now being the most successful. Also, as At The River is on the list it reminded me of Groove Armada- I See You Baby. That one could fill any dancefloor in seconds.

Those are good tracks...I'll have to think about this list more.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Since Nalin and Kane - Beachball is ibiza house...shouldn't it be on this list too?

I don't even know anymore. It's widely regarded as trance, so I'll leave it as trance, I guess. (And everything else Nalin and Kane ever did is indisputably trance anyway).

Hey Darktremor-love ur posts dude....y dnt u create a list like "ESSENTIAL SONGS/ALBUMS FOR A DJ"...OR.."100 TOP SONGS THAT CAN ROCK ANY DANCE FLOOR-OR FILL-UP A DANCE FLOOR" or something like dat...it wud be awesome if u cud create lists like dat

Please stop typing like that, it's really annoying.

I don't post a list like that, because it would be impossible, subjective, completely based on situation and location, and depend massively on what it was mixed in and out of. I mean, firstly, what kind of DJ? And what year? 50 Cent's "In Da Club" was probably the best floorfiller for a mainstream hip-hop DJ in 2004, but it would empty a 2007 trancefloor. Energy 52's Cafe Del Mar will always break it down in Ibiza, but play it in your average top 40 club, and no one will dance. The wrong hard techno track might flatten a trancefloor if you start with it, but play the right one after the right superanthem, and the crowd will break the floor. Sometimes nothing you do will fill the floor (playing in a cancer ward), other times, anything will (playing techno right after Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos in a Berlin superclub at 3 AM to a crowd of minimal-loving drunks high on ecstacy). It's subjective and situatonal. So, such a list would be meaningless.

Glad you like the lists though.

I know everyone says Beachball is trance, but it seems closer to house to me.

Isn't Groove Armada's "At the River" Chill House, or Downtempo... rather than Deep House? I don't see how you figure...

I don't even know. Chill house is really just deep house anyway.

Some MORE suggestions...

- Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
- Narcotic Thrust - When the Dawn Breaks (Vocal Version) (Actually a personal favorite... I guess "Safe from Harm" and "I Like It" are the two more well known pieces by this group...but we all know how you feel about mainstream success...)
- Basement Jaxx - Rendez Vu
- Phats 'N' Small - Feels Good
- Pet Shop Boys - New York City Boy
- Inc. Nalin - Scream (Everyone's A Winner)
- Moloko - Sing It Back
- Till West & DJ Delicious - Same Man
- Eric Prydz - Fading Like a Flower (Although "Call on Me" was MUCH better, this one might not qualify as good enough. I like it alot.)
- Alex Gopher - The Child

I'll download those that I haven't heard from your list and get back to you (I've heard more than half of them, and none of the them quite make it, although some are fairly good). Thanks for the suggestions!

You have DJ Roog- Funk Three on this list. The only evidence I can find of its existance is your list and ishkur's gude to electronic music. Is it possible to find on soulseek? I have downloaded tracks named roog- funk three but they are misnamed assuming the one on ishkur's guide is the real one. Besides, having heard the preview that is the one i'm trying to get hold of. Any guidance would be appreciated :)

Yeah, I love the one on Ishkur's guide. It's better than the "Funk Three" I have posted, which is a really good deep house groover.

I really want whatever track that was on Ihkur's guide. I'll ask him for it.

Yeh I have the 1 you speak of I think when you describe it as a deep house groover. Its 6.11 long and sometimes misnamed as funk three on soulseek I believe because it is the third untitled track on an album I have where all the songs are untitled called "funky house music" by DJ Roog. I also like it a lot but prefer the one on ishkur's guide, its just too damn funky lol.

Lol, I prefer that one too. I've been looking for that track forever. I still haven't asked. I should do that soon.

check these out :
Crystal Waters - 100% pure love
Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman
Nightcrawlers - Push The Feelin On
Donna Summer - I feel Love (Patrick Cowley remix)
Wamdue Project - King of My Castle

Some of those are pretty good, but none are in my favorite 50.

Thanks for the list dude. I'm just getting into house, and your list was a big help.

Just a few recs for you:

Lady - Modjo
Tripping on Sunshine - Pizzaman (aka early Fatboy Slim)
Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix)

I've never liked Modjo - Lady much, but the other two I don't think I've ever heard... I'll track them down.

Hey, awesome list, even though it was posted quite a while ago. Just have to recommend the Vocal Mix of Larry Heard/Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It, featuring the vocals from Ecstacy - This Is My House and being totally awesome.

Thanks again!


I'm in search of some old school house music without lyrics. It is a percussion beat congo/bongos and has a snare drum beat.
I wish I could sound it off b'cuz it's in my head.
It may be on the list but i am unsure of the title.

It goes like this

bada bada bom bap bom bom bap
bada bada bom bap bom bom bap
bada bada bom bap bom bom bap
bada bada bom bap bom bom bap
bada bada bom bap bom bom bap
(snare) tsss tss tsss tsss tss
bada bada bom bap bom bom bap
bada bada bom bap bom bom bap
bada bada bom bap bom bom bap
bada bada bom bap bom bom bap
(snare) tsss tsss tsss tsss tsss

Can anyone help me I love this mad percussion beat circa house early 1990's

And much love
Hit me up at HAone69@aol.com
or thru this great site

I can't really say. That describes a huge percentage of dance tracks. Sorry, there's absolutely no way anyone can identify the track you're looking for from that information.

Hey, I'm just starting to get into acid house (808 State and Screamedelica so far). Any other albums you'd suggest?

I wouldn't really call either of those acid house. 808 state is more like ambient house - at times, and screamedelica is more like what I'd call indie rock dance.

Acid house is more like Phuture, A Guy Called Gerald, Tyree, and Maurice. It's a very track-based genre.

808 State are like Orbital, they sort of dabble in a lot of genres but mostly do techno/rave. In fact in my opinion if you like one of the two groups you'll almost certainly like the other.

Are there any good actual Acid House albums? I don't think there were. Obviously get hold of the standard tracks though Phuture - Acid Tracks, Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder, Bam Bam - Where's Your Child?. Another lesser known amazing one is The Party Boy - The Twilight Zone (Bam Bam's Corrosion Mix). The Party Boy is just an alias of Bam Bam.

Thanks guys. I asked mainly because I really liked Utd Pacific State, but also because I could possibly be getting an hour a week on a local radio station, and I'd like to play a different style of EDM each week.

808 State & Orbital = Amazing.

Agreed. As is acid house.
Let me know if you need any help programming any of the different styles, because I listen to pretty much every kind of electronic music (except the industrial and noise-based genres).

I may need your help later on, because the guy told me to get 4-6 months worth of themes & material. Here's what I've got so far:

Ambient Dance/Pop
Acid (I might squish Acid House & Acid Trance together)
Classic House
Deep/Funky House
Prog House
French House
Hard Trance
Classic Trance
Ibiza Trance
Prog Trance
Trip Hop
Electro House

Any more you can think of?

Techno, Jungle, Hardcore?

Good ideas, but I'm trying to do stuff that would appeal to the mainstream, and plus I know little about any of those. Jungle, maybe, Techno, yes, Hardcore, I doubt.

Blind will mean Hardcore before the BPM went out of the normal range to appeal to idiots and an unbelievably templated 4/4 pounding beat was inserted. This got even worse with 'artists' such as Darren Styles who play Trancecore-ish stuff but pop trance with the pounding 4/4 beat. Rave stuff is the positive contribution to EDM, like the 'Rave' genre Ishkur has in his guide under hardcore. As soon as it turns to gabber and beyond it lost the innovation and skill. Think of what happened to trance except in hardcore the drop in quality (mostly) was 10 times worse. In fact as you're getting 808 State you should know that some of their stuff is Rave Hardcore such as Colony and In Yer Face. You could put some New Beat stuff in with the Acid House, at the time the two genres often got played together.

Agreed, that Rave stuff is fantastic. The best is oldskool breakbeat hardcore, especially the piano breakbeat hardcore (IMO). Love it.

You may already have them, but if not, get

Twinhead - U Said U (very rare though)
The Hypnotist - The House Is Mine (Original Mix)

Two of the most amazing piano breakbeat hardcore songs out there, but they both have a darker, hypnotic layer too. If you don't have them, I can almost guarantee you'll love them.

IMO the best oldskool breakbeat hardcore artist is Acen, some amazing songs from him. Although probs my favourite hardcore is Rave Hardcore/Techno Hardcore like The Hypnotist and a lot of Joey Betram's stuff. My fav is Second Phase - Mentasm, more hypnotic and entrancing in fact than many trance songs and the equivalent of Acid Tracks for the Hoover.

88-93 Hardcore (oldskool & rave stuff) is awesome, don't snuff it without hearing it first.

Sorry, I thought by Hardcore you meant that extremely hyper shit that we have now. Rave isn't too bad, but my knowledge of it extends only to the Prodigy.

I have an new hardcore list (it's still in early stages) but download (if you can find them) the top 10 or 15 or so for a real taster of the music. Some, like Mentasm may need time to grow on you, or they may just click straight away.

Great! I've been waiting for one of those forever: I'm a big fan of early 90's hardcore. I was, in fact, going to make one myself, once I'd been exposed to more of it, so bravo.

Thankyou, it's still quite small at the moment, but in a week or so's time, I will expand it much more, as I do currently have a lot more songs than just those featured on there at present. If you have any recommendations, please post them on the list as I'm completely open to hearing new songs from that amazing era.

Definitely, I'll check it out. :D

If I think of anything great you've missed, I'll post a recommendation.

To AsColdAsIce: Check out my list of every kind of music under the electronic section, and you'll find TONS.

Also, I recommend squishing classic trance with acid trance, and acid house with classic house. There's more similarity there.

If anything, I have more classic trance then anything else, so it isn't a problem to make an hour out of that. It's the same with classic house as well, so I'll have to think about it. I may have enough of both acid trance and acid house for an hour each though now.

Btw, have you checked out torrenttech? It's really good for high quality electronic EPs and albums.

Hey, I could make a list for you with my personal 10 or 20 favorites in every electronic genre (I can mostly do that) to help get you started.

I'll defeinitely check torrenttech out, thank you. :D

That would be very helpful, thank you.

If you want an invite, just ask, I've got at least one.

Hey, I was sifting through the vast internets and came across this post of yours flaunting invites to torrenttech. I was wondering if you still had any of those left, and if so would be willing to hand one my way. I'm a member of some other trackers that went private, so I know about some of this stuff :) Thanks in advance, Mike.

This might be spam. Jibby has no other posts and this post makes no sense.

Actually there is one good acid house album, 808 State's debut Newbuild, released in '88. That album had a huge influence on UK acid house sound and on "Second Summer Of Love" in general.

And there's Farley "Jackmaster" Funk's No Vocals Necessary album released in 1986, also hugely influential. Just the a-side is acid house though, b-side is deep house.

So if you liked 808 State, here are some other UK acid house tunes you might like:
Ecstasy Club - Jesus Loves The Acid (Acid Chant)
A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray
Jolly Roger - Acid Man
Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid
Man With No Name - Way Out West
The KLF - What Time Is Love
D Mob - We Call It Acieed

Thanks, I'm grabbing the two albums.

I've heard Voodoo Ray before, and it kicks ass.

Agreed. It's going on this list when I update it. The definitive acid house track is Phuture's Acid Tracks, though.

Agreed, it's another level of hypnotism, akin to Second Phase - Mentasm, Plastikman - Plasticine, Joey Beltram - Energy Flash etc. It's gotta be in the top 20 EDM songs of all time. Now a best songs of all EDM list would be an interesting one, ever thought about making one Darktremor?

Yes, but I'm still thinking, because I need to actually explore every genre of EDM to ensure that the list isn't biased (which I'm currently working on). Plus, I'm having trouble deciding on number 1 (although I have some ideas).

Hey, would you check out my Upcoming Radio list? I sorta need help.

Yes, for sure. I'll do it sometime in the next few days, and make a list of my ten in each style that you'll be able to use.

Thanks. I'm actually thinking about skipping the themed nights, because I only really have knowledge about 5 or 6 different styles. Random EDM songs would be better because it would be easier on me, and would keep listeners that wouldn't like hearing the same style of song for an hour straight.

I found a really good house album on torrenttech by Superpumas, called Muscles. I totally reccomend it.

Never heard it, I'll download it.

How about a few of these

Inner City - Good Life
A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray
808 State - Pacific State
Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul
Soft House Company - What You Need
Charles B & Adonis - Lack Of Love

Sure I'll download those of that list that I don't have.

hey darktremor, have you heard Slammin' by eric prydz?? I think it is pretty good and you could like it... anyway, I always enjoy your lists, keep it up

It's a good track, I'll think about that one.

sorry to do this in a different post xD but I just remembered another track that might make it into the list: Dirty Vegas - Days Go By , even though I am not so sure about the genre OK... just that sorry for doing it ina separate post

I don't think I'd call that house, actually.

here ya go will give ya some tracks to listen to fella!

1. Romanthongy - Make This Love Right [original]
2. Sunscreem - Perfect Motion [junior boys remix]
3. Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman [basement boys mix]
4. Danny Tenaglia - Music is the answer [Tourism Mix
5. Deep Dish pres Prana - The Dream [Dubfire Mix]
6. Ian Pooley - Ready to Flow [stab mix]
7. Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song [original]
8. Yellow Sox - Flim Flam [Original Mix]
9. Dubtribe Sound System - Do it now [Original]
10.The Beloved - The Sun Rising [Mark Farina Mix]
11.Salt City Orchestra - The Book [Bookin da beats]
12.Jephte Guillaume - The Prayer [Acroostic Mix]
13.Matthew Herbert - The Audience [Herbert's Mix]
14.Telepopmusik - Breathe [Extended Version]
15.Yann Fontaine - Open Your Eyes [New Phunk Theory Mix]
16.Marshall Jefferson Vs Noosaheads - Mushrooms [Mazi Remix]
17.Swingtime Dee - Your Wildest Dreams [Original]
18.Groove Armada - Easy [Album Version]
19.Chaser - Tall Stories [Ian Pooley Remix]
20.Brother Brown - Under The Water [Deep Dish Remix]
21.Paperclip People - Throw [Original Mix]
22.Ruffneck ft Yavahn - Everybody Be Somebody [MAW Remix]
23.Lil Louis - I Called You [The Conversation]
24.The Beloved - Up Up & Away [Beautiful Baloon Mix]
25.Marshall Jefferson - Open Our Eyes [Celestial Mix]
26.Swayzak - Make Up Your Mind [Original Mix]
27.Basement Jaxx - Be Free [Original Mix]
28.Green Velvet - Land of the Lost [Swag Remix]
29.Ian Pooley - Chord Memory [Daft Punk Remix]
30.Dajae - Get Up Off Me [Original Mix]
31.Fish Go Deep - Nights Like These [Original Vocal Mix]
32.Robin S - Luv 4 Luv [Terry Lee Brown Jr Remix]
33.Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On [Original]
34.Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives [Original Mix]
35.Octave One - Blackwater [Extended Vocal Mix]
36.Kerri Chandler - Ye Yo Ma [Kaoz Drums]
37.Dj Ali & Tim Fuller - You Don't Know [Original]
38.The Greenmen - Blink [Main Mix]
39.Basement Jaxx - Samba Magic [Original Mix]
40.Marcus Nikolai - Shake [Original Mix]
41.Louie Austen - Hoping [Matthew Herbert Remix]
42.Random Factor - Without You [Fred Everything Mix]
43.Solu Music - It Ain't Love [Quentin Harris Remix]
44.Harrison Crump - Deep In The Clouds [Original]
45.Deep Dish - Future of The Future/ Stay Gold
46.Random Factor - Broken Mirror [David Duriez Mix]
47.Sia - Breathe Me [Mylo Mix]
48.Soldiers of Twilight - Believe [Original Mix]
49.RC Groove ft Superfreaque - Musique [RC Groove's Original Body Mix]
50.Blaze - Lovelee Day [2020 Vision Mix]
51.Royksopp - Poor Leno [Original Extended Version]
52.Kenny Hawkes - Play The Game [Mazi & Joshua Remix]
53.Audio Soul Project - Tied To You [Original Mix]
54.Inner City - Big Fun [Kenny Hawkes Remix]
55.Funky Green Dogs - Get Fired Up! [Original Mix]
56.Telepopmusik - Dont Look Back [John Tejada Remix]
57.Dark Mountain Group - Loose Control [Original]
58.Daft Punk - Around The World [Original Mix]
59.Dj Deep - Dom Dom Dom Jump [Original Jazzy Mix]
60.Arnold Jarvis - Rising Into Joy [Jay-J Mix]
61.Isolee - Beau Mot Plage [Original Version]
62.Moloko - Sing It Back [Herbert's Tasteful Dub]
63.Heller & Farley - Sun Rising [Tenaglia Mix]
64.Everything But The Girl - Missing [Toddy Terry Mix]
65.Elastic Reality - Casa de x [Chamber of sounds dub]
66.Dj Sneak - The Summer Song [Original Mix]
67.Inaya Day - Keep Pushin [Dj Disciple Hard Mix]
68.Kerri Chandler - The Dark Past [Finger Pryntz Ep]
69.Rick Preston - Cha [Deep Fried Cha]
70.Naomi Daniel - Feel The Fire [Deep Dish Mix]
71.Romanthony - Never Fuck [Original Version]
72.Two Right Wronigans - System Error [Original]
73.Roland Apprel - Dark Soldier [Original]
74.Tim Fuller - Beautiful [Fred Everything Mix]
75.Romanthony - Let Me Show You Love [Re-Edit]
76.Miguel Migs - City People [Petalpusher Vocal Mix]
77.Fish Go Deep - Cure & The Cause [Dennis Ferrer Mix]
78.Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke [Afro Acid Mix]
79.The Daou - Surrender Your Love [Original Mix]
80.Malice - What We Gonna Do Now [Original Version]
81.Nikolai - Ready To Flow [Original Mix]
82.Cricco Castelli - Life Is Changing [Original Mix]
83.Dj Sneak - You Cant Hide From Your Bud [Original Mix]
84.Gene Farris - Visions Of The Future
85.Sebastian Leger - Come On [Original Mix]
86.Kenlou - The Bounce [Original Mix]
87.Jay Tripwire - Vibefunk [Original Mix]
88.Marco Militano - Good People [Original Mix]
89.Roland Clark - I Get Deep [Original Mix]
90.Marcus Enochson - Musical Prayer [Original Mix]
91.The Timewriter - So Free [Original Mix]
92.Markus Nickolai - Just Wanna [Original Mix]
93.Mylo - Zenophile [Album Version]
94.Octave One - Somedays [Extended Vocal Mix]
95.Underworld - Dirty Epic
96.Mighty Dub Katz - Magic Carpet Ride [Original]
97.Mass Syndicate - You Don't Know [Mass Collective Mix]
98.Mighty Dub Katz - Just Another Groove [Original Mix]
99.Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face [Orignal Mix]
100.Mount Rushmore - You Better [Original Mix]

These are in no particular order and are defintiely 100 of my favorite tunes, Im sure their is plenty more I could add to this and they are in no order of my favorite there, they scattered about but I love each of these tunes, well worth a look if your into deep, tech & funky house tracks.

Thanks. I've heard a number of those, but I'll chip away at those that I haven't over time.

Would be most grateful if anyone can give me a list of Breakbeat hardcore songs?

Specifically songs which can be described as having lots of piano rolls, bouncy basslines and breakbeats and plenty of female vocals and classic "rave" sounds (I think this is what Breakbeat hardcore is?!).

I think an example would be Bizarre Inc - Such a Feeling?

Thanks very much.

I'll post more in a little bit. I may make a favorites list for that genre, actually.

Did you ever put a list on for piano breakbeat hardcore or know where I can get one? I suppose another example would be Playing with Knives (Bizarre Inc again) or What you Do - Big Bass?

No, I never made that list. I find I can't listen to piano breakbeat hardcore for very long without getting tired of it, so I can't make a good list.

Try these too:

Solu Music-Fade
MANDY-Body Language
Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz-The way you love me
The Nightcrawlers-Push the feeling on

I wouldn't call MGMT "house" by any standard. I'll take a look at the others though.

Are you sure MANDY put out a track called "Body Language?" That's the name of his DJ mix series.

100% its by MANDY ft booka shade and the track is called body language. Try the soulwax mix of kids. Also on another forum i posted that M83 colouers was trance and you disagreed but i dont think you heard the sasha invol2ver cut of it!

OK, cool, I'll check them out. I've heard the Couleurs Involver mix, and I agree that is indeed trance (you always have to list the remix you're talking about when you post a song, otherwise I won't know what track you mean).

There seem to be 2 mixes by Sasha, a mixed (this one is 5:15 for me, it was on the invol2ver album) and an unmixed (this one it 10:42 for me and was on a album called Invol2ver Unmixed Digital Version [Which I seem to be the only person to own ?_?]). Personally I like the longer one much more, which is rare for a ten minute song. But hey, we are talking about Sasha here, and it is a great remix.

Sure, I'll give that one a listen, if I can find it. Invol2ver was fairly good, I'll likely like the track.

There's only one 'r' in the track 'Bob Marley vs Funkstar Deluxe - Sun is Shining'.

Since you have Mylo on your list, I was curious if you had heard/liked:
Mylo - Drop the Pressure (Laidback Luke Bootleg)

Pryda - Animal
Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (I'm assuming that you've heard this track before)
Sébastien Léger - Pluton

(Just curious if you have listened to them/like listening to them.
I like a lot of your lists!)

I've actually never heard any of those tracks, I'll check them out. Thanks for the suggestions.

I'm glad you like the lists :D

Schmoov! - Playground
Taras van de Voorde - Crêpe D'Amour

Two ridiculously good deep house tracks.

Well done! I'm sure it has taken you a lot of time and effort to do all these lists.

I know there's a lot of suggestions to listen to from everyone but it would be great to hear your thoughts on these house songs.

iO - Claire
Chiapet - Westworld (Medieval Funk Mix)
Sagat - Funk Dat
Hollis P. Monroe - I'm Lonely
I Cube - Disco Cubism (Daft Punk Remix)

Azzido da bass - azzido da bass
Sliver City - Sliding the groove
Joshua Heath - How y'all feeling
Inland Knights - Hole Sole

What about Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank?
This one should realy be on this list, it's a classic!

Aquatonic (feat Nick Muir - unreleased dub) - John Digweed.

I just bought his new album (October 2009, that's new enough for me :P), and all I can say is I am completely addicted to it. You should check out Bedrock 11, it's really got me by the balls right now, but definitely find that song, it's fucking amazing to me.

What do you think of Fedde Le Grand - Hands Up For Detroit? I think this one is listworthy

Some more classics for you:

Paul Simpson & Adeva - Musical Freedom (1989)
Ten City - That's The Way Love Is (1989)
Jomanda - Got A Love For You (Hurley's House Mix) (1991)
Alison Limerick - Gettin' It Right (Kenlou Mix) (1992)
Shawn Christopher - Don't Lose The Magic (Morales Club Mix) (1992)
Pamela Fernandez - Kickin' In The Beat (1992)
Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (Underground Network Mix) (1994)
Degrees Of Motion - Shine On (Radiant Mix) (1994)
Juliet Roberts - I Want You (Monster Mix) (1994)
Sabrina Johnston - Satisfy My Love (House Factor Mix) (1994)
Shawn Christopher - Make My Love (Kerri Chandler Remix) (1994)
Kim English - Nite Life (MAW Nite Mix) (1994)
Jeannie Tracy - Do You Believe In The Wonder (Stone's Vocal Diner Dub) (1994)
Sounds Of Blackness - The Harder They Are (E-Smoove's Harder Anthem) (1995)

Thanks, I'll get downloading.

oh and, nothing Fatboy Slim has ever produced is house (unless it's a remix)

Arguable, but you may be technically correct (I think the genre is specifically "big beat" under "breaks"). Yeah, you're probably right, I'll fix that in future.

All and all it's bloody good music!! Nice one people!!

you might like this one:
Trip To Chicago (Original Mix) - Mika Olson