Damn who has time to watch movies these days. ...Not me too often

  • 1. Big Fish Precocious movie that really kind of annoyed me. I'm not sure why either. Tim Burton on Autopilot.
  • 4. Japanese Story This movie did not end like I was led to believe how it was supposed to end. That does not make it any better or worse a movie just made it a little more enjoyable for me. Maybe some movie should try very hard to develop a market campaign to lead the public to think the end of the movie is going to be one thing and then have a completely different ending. Maybe they could call it the Iraq War.
  • 5. Dirty Pretty Things An entertaining enough movie if you don’t mind body slicing in hotel rooms. Audrey Tattoo still grates on my nerves though
  • 6. Hellboy Will someone please tell Selma Blair to eat something. That girl is frighteningly skinny. If Hellboy were to ever get his way with her it would not be pretty. Pretty tame movie. Too bad they didn’t let Perlman unleash a little.
  • 7. Kill Bill Vol. 2 Quentin, have you got it out of your system now? Can you please go back to some self-restraint? Please? Remember the story has to have some credibility. It has to make some sense.
  • 8. Dogville As an American, I have to say Lars at least have the balls to come to America before ripping it so much. But as a film fan, I must say well done. It is a little bizarre. It does take a little while to get used to but there are some truly powerful scenes in this movie and the ending is a left cross you may see coming but still is going to leave you staggering if not flat on your back.
  • 9. Starsky and Hutch Definitely one of the reasons why I stopped watching so many movies. Dreck like this is praised by some and really I think it caused me actual physical pain to watch.
  • 10. Taking Lives Routine thriller made bearable by two things. Angelina is mighty pretty and the ending is not horrible
  • 11. Monster Charlize can act but the performance was overrated. She went the makeup and weight school of winning the Oscar.
  • 12. City of God A really good movie. You don't need me to tell you that.
  • 13. The Station Agent This too is a really good movie. Not a great movie because it tries a little too hard but the portrayal of sadness by the lead actor, who I am to lazy to look up how to spell his name and I dont really want to call him the dwarf or little person (though of course I just did), is so good it makes up for the strain.
  • 14. 50 First Dates Maybe it's because I work in New Hampshire now but I have become an Adam Sandler butt boy lately. I am not proud of it but the guy makes pretty good movies. I am so ashamed.
  • 15. Spartan Mamet good.
  • 16. The Bourne Supremacy I liked the first one better but this one is still quite good. Matt Damon is a better actor than Ben Affleck. I am not sure anyone questioned that but I thought it just should be stated.
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This consitutes all the movies I think I have watched in the last 5 months. I think in my Heyday I have watched 16 movies in a week. My how the mighty have fallen.

Heck sometimes I surprise myself. Comments included.


I'm telling you right now, there are a great many people here who would love to hear your comments! :-)

I would definitely love to hear your comments on the Station Agent. Well, I'd love to hear your comments on all of them really, but I figured I'd make an easier request. :-)

You kinda lost me on saying the film tries too hard, but I'm glad you liked it anyway. Thanks for taking the time to add these comments! Hope everything is going well.

A little of your presence here is better than none at all! I'd be curious to get your thoughts on Miracle and Dirty Pretty Things, since they're in my queue and you could spare me the viewing if they aren't worth it. Also I'd love to hear your thoughts on The Bourne Supremacy, and whether or not you liked Kill Bill Vol. 2 better than the first one.

Comments, Comments, who wants some comments...

Mmmmm, tasty.

Great to hear from you!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Wow, more than I'd hoped for, thanks! It sure is nice to see you 'round here, even if the visits are few and far between. Working in NH, eh? Is that a terribly painful commute?

I only agree with about 30% of what you said. The other 70 made me laugh though. Yes...Matt is better than Ben but the inanimate objects in movies are generally better than Ben. Take the oil rig in Armaggedon, it totally steals every scene from him.

Taking Lives <---is it worth it just to see A.J. lips?