Current Addictions

  1. Pepsi- Can't get enough! Did I tell the story of how I walked a mile at midnight in sub-freezing temperatures for a Pepsi that I didn't even drink?? I just had to know it was there. :-D
  2. Buffy, season 4 (particularly Spike)- I don't recall this season having so many hilarious moments! "A bear! You made a bear! Undo it! Undo it!"
  3. "This is How a Heart Breaks" by Rob Thomas- I bought this CD shortly after it was released, and the stupid Dual Disc format can't be read in my computer, so I've listened to this album a grand total of three times, despite being a huge MB20 fan. But I found a "free" digital version of this song and I can't get enough of it.
  4. My iPod video :-D
  5. America's Next Top Model- It's a lot of fun to watch and root for your favorite girl, at least.
  6. "I'm Feeling You" by Santana, Michelle Branch & the Wreckers- It has a nice little country/latin/pop twang goin' on. It's darn catchy. Can't wait to hear the Wreckers' CD. I love Michelle's voice.
  7. Firefox Extensions- I'm currently using 15, heh...
  8. Konfabulator Widgets- I'm currently using 26 of these, heh. Not all at once, I just have 26 available...
  9. "Please" by Toni Braxton- It sounds more like a Beyonce song, but I can't help it!
  10. "This Christmas" by Just About Anyone Who Sings It- The Christmas classic. :-D