Cravings (for May '05)

  • A Simple Costco Polish Dog, with Sauer Kraut and everything (sp?), accompanied by a Coke
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake (why wait for Thanksgiving?)
  • Sicily's Mamma Mia, thick crust, with Pineapple
  • Fresh Watermelon
  • Extra Sharp Black Label White Vermont Cheddar Cheese
  • Bacon & Spinach Salad, emphasis on the Bacon, with a fatty vinaigrette dressing
  • Tuna and Swiss melt, toasted on homemade rye
  • Caribou Lasagna
  • Cherries, bing or whatever, just lots of them
  • Hot salsa, and fresh, with ripe tomatoes, cilantro and jalapenos, maybe a serrano pepper too. Note to self: try mango salsa.
  • Omlette with summer veggies, and said cheese (salsa too)
  • Coldstone White Chocolate Ice cream with Heath bar Mix-in
  • Reindeer Sausage in Spicy Spaghetti
  • Just a hot loaf of crusty French bread, with plenty of butter, or by itself
  • Pugilese bread
  • A Dagwood Sandwich
  • Montana Moon Cookies
  • Pretty much the only baking I do - Big Toasty Banana-Bread Muffins, with slabs of butter.
Author Comments: 

Guess if I'm hungry. Next list: what I won't eat (it's a very short list)

Caribou Lasagna? Reindeer Sausage in Spicy Spaghetti? I'd certainly be game (pun intended, I guess) to try them, but how in the world did you try them?

Johnny Waco

I guess it helps if you live in alaska, and know plenty of hunters. I've never seen caribou meat sold in stores, but the Reindeer Sausage is available commercially. And don't even get me started on the Bear steak... (dry & tough)

Ah, Alaska...well, that explains it. I guess in the same spirit, living in Alabama is why I get cravings for Possum dumplings and Racoon bacon. Unfortunately, you can't order either of those.


Johnny Waco