Country Artists

  • Dwight Yokum
  • Jimmy Dale Gilmore
  • Mindy McReady
  • The Mavericks
  • Junior Brown
  • K.D. Lang
  • Johnny Cash - The Anerican Recordings
  • Gene Watson (more western swing- but nice)
Author Comments: 

Believe it or not, imho (in my humble opinion) there really is some very good country music out there. It is rarely heard on the radio, but it is there.

Just stumbled on this list by browsing the list author directory & viewing the lists of people who wrote comments about themselves.

Just gotta Have you been raiding my (actually my husband's) CD rack? The only two I haven't heard are Mindy McReady and Gene Watson. I love Dwight Yoakam, Jimmie Dale is very talented, the Mavericks just plain rock. Junior Brown is one of my husband's all-time favourites, but really not my thing. Johnny Cash is a legend, and so cool it hurts. I will have to check out Gene Watson as I really dig western swing. If you like that genre I highly (I emphasize HIGHLY) recommend Asleep at the Wheel.

If you haven't heard it, Dwight's latest ( cuts out all the extras and gets down to the bones of real country. Although not really a country fan per se, I am deeply affected by this album.