Countries Which Have Received the DM

  1. Hong Kong (when it wasn't China. But still very hot.)
  2. Singapore (band trip. Lots of plane vomiting.)
  3. Malaysia (End of band trip. Lots of flu.)
  4. France (so. many. times. Bordeaux, Toulouse and especially Marseille are particular favourites. Partly for the "Young Men Are Often Good" reference)
  5. Spain (Only the orange city - Seville - though. Madrid and Barcelona still no Must See list. Oh wait, also the Canary Islands. Closer to Africa, but technically Spain.)
  6. Denmark (The Mermaid. The House of Hans. Lovely friends.)
  7. Luxembourg (Where? No really, look at a map!)
  8. Mexico (blurry university allnight road trip)
  9. USA (hey, I don't live there, so it counts, right?)
  10. England (technically UK, but the 4 "states" are so different, and proud of it... and will probably end up devolving any minute now. So listing them separately. Deal.)
  11. Scotland (Aye!)
  12. Wales (Castles rock.)
  13. Ireland (The real one)
  14. Northern Ireland (Even better than the Real One. Promise. Just avoid the suspicious-looking packages...)
  15. Italy (Viva Ice Cream!)
  16. Switzerland (French and Italian speaking bits. Not the German bit. Yet.)
  17. Netherlands (Good times...)
  18. Germany (Not so good times)
  19. Canada (eh? Eh! Can't recommend Toronto airport, but will vouch for Banff and Calgary. Fab.)
  20. Hungary ('nother band trip.)
  21. Austria (Home o' Mozart. Band trip again.)
  22. Yugoslavia (When there was one. Band trip.)
  23. Greece (One of the best on the list.)
  24. Belgium (only on a train though. Does that count?)
  25. Monaco (I know this one counts, I stepped off the train at Monte-Carlo station just to be sure.)

Wow, I'm jealous (well, of everything except the plane vomiting)! I'd clone this list, except mine would be so much shorter (in order, Thailand, China, Mongolia, Russia, Czeckoslovakia, and, much later, Scotland) and it was all so long ago.

I'm jealous of Thailand, if it's any consolation...? It's never too late to start a Countries Yet to Visit List, which would be much more impressive in length!

Thailand was great, my favorite of the lot, although the whole trip was wonderful, if difficult at times.

A "countries yet to visit" list would be very long indeed. I'm sure we'll start putting a dent in such a list eventually, after we grow the kids up a bit.

Welcome to Listology, to you and your friends, by the way!

Wow, these are quite a lot of countries.
I am very glad to see Luxembourg on your list.