Comedy Central 100 Greatest Standups of all Time

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-Which, when I checked on 5/24/05, no longer existed.
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Thanks for posting this list, I've been looking for it! I kinda argee with the top 10, I'm not a big Rodney Dangerfield fan, but the rest are pretty much in the right stop. I also think that Adam Sandler, Dana Carvey and Bernie Mac should be higher. I am surprised that Gilda Radner isn't on the list. I love her she is so funny! Besides that, I think this is a good list.

Yes, thanks for posting the list. My alltime favorite remains steve Martin, but the top 10 are indeed good comedians.

Jim Carrey with his rubberface could be higher, or maybe just deserves a special mention on the side somewhere. If Freddie Prinze hadn't died, he might be higher up. Howie was great back in the day. Where's Emo?

Holy crap... you're right. No Emo Phillips on this list is blasphemy.

my favorite is Russell Peters. he is the best. scrabble cheat

Let me disagree with you! I'm surprised that Allen isn't #1!
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You and me both.... he should definitely be #1

That list is like a bad joke. Louis ck should be allot higher, he is probably the best comedian in the world at the moment. I know this is meant to be the all time list, I am sure by the end of his career he will be near the top, if not the top. What is David Letterman even doing in the top hundred, he is with out doubt the unfunniest person on TV. I am guessing the person who made the list is a comedian hoping for a spot on Letterman's show.

No Mitch Hedberg? Come on!

I wholeheartedly agree. Wtf? Unbelievable

Cool List, but i would put definitely Seinfeld on the top spot, i like this crazy guy.

No Brian Regan, Mike Birbiglia, or Kathleen Madigan? Come on now...

the top 2 are right,but it gets hairy from there. chris rock #5? please, I would barely put him in the top 25. Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, Redd Foxx, and Bill Cosby are all better black comedians. And wtf is Adam Sandler doing on this list? He was great until I outgrew jiz jokes at 16. Am I the only one who thinks his movies suck too? Tim Allen? Seinfeld is in my opinion the greatest sitcom of all time, but this list is supposed to be about stand up comedy and Jerry is okay at best. And what bufoon decided Roseanne should be #9!!?? No I believe Pryor and Carlin are turning in there graves now, but thats just my opinion and what do I know.

Katt williams needs to be at the top of list

my top ten would be:

1) richard pryor
2) george carlin
3) eddie murphy
4) lenny bruce
5) bill cosby
6) dave chappelle
7) robin williams
8) dennis miller
9) redd foxx
10) don rickles

Yes seinfeld is very cool thank you for the list.

@Roberts34 Louis CK should not be up there, if hes up there where is Kevin Hart, right now kevin hart is the funniest comedian out right now he is like in the top 25

Chris Rock does seem a tad high, but he's probably important enough to be in the Top 10 -- maybe in the 8-10 range. Bill Hicks is an influential and seminal name, so he should have been in the Top 10, too.

WOW no mitch hedberg? really?? and fucking roseanne is in the top 10? mitch hedgerg was a comedic genius. he deserves to be high on this list.

He probably is deserving of a spot, but I couldn't see him awfully high. He does have quite a following even to this day, though.

I agree that Roseanne in the top 10 is a joke. What nobody seems to mention and disregards from even being on the list is the greates comedian of all time - Jackie Gleason.

No Whoopi Goldberg or Mel Brooks but a Gallagher, Janeane Garofalo and Sandra Bernhard? joke

This is really cool. Fantastic website, thanks for this.

1) Lenny Bruce
2) Richard Pryor
3) Roseanne
4) Redd Foxx
5) Bill Cosby
6) Eddie Mmurphy
7) Stiller & Meara
8) Buddy Hackett
9) Shelly Berman
10)Myron Cohen
11)Phyllis Diller
12)Alan King
13)Flip Wilson
14)Bernie Mac
15)Bob Newhart
16)Joan Rivers
16)Norm MacDonald
17)Patrice O'Neal
17)Rodney Dangerfield
18)John Pinette
19)Robert Schimmel
20)Woody Allen
21)Wil Sylvince
22)Sebastian Maniscalco
23)This tall, slim, pretty black female comedian I saw in Montreal who imitated a woman yelling at the man she killed by his grave "Why did you make me do this?"

I take it this is just your personal faves?

Bo burnham isn't On there!!!!!!! Wtf!! Piece of sh** he should be # oneeeee!!!!!!!!¡¡

I am assuming you were being fecetious. Bo Burnham was 14 when this list was made.

Y isn't Dave Chappelle #1!!!!!!

The fuck?

Americans don't care much for British acts do they. Billy Connolly and Eddie Izzard normally place top 5ish in British polls but here they're so low.

billy connelly top 50 for sure. brought me to tears first time i heard him.

Who ever piled this list up is fuckin high Lewis black even in 2005 is higher and was higher than number 51 and how is Eddie Izard not in the top 30 and black not on the top 10 how the fuck is bill hicks not number 3 what the fuck in the words of the great Lewis black " GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!" oh and Gallagher sucked ass Dave chappelle should be higher as well and where the fuck is Carlos mencia Konnichiwa Bitches

Carlos Mencia is one of the least respected comics on the planet actually.

Really?? Still haven't heard...He is a thief. I was taken in too. He was funny. but he is great with others material. I only get annoyed when i hear him or his name mentioned. He pulls from classic bits that comedy fans can't mistake. Sorry Budz

thumbs down

for a reason. Mencia would sit at the back of the comedy store with a notepad and write down others material. Fuck Carlos Mencia.

I'm with you, dude.

This List is so terrible. The writers must of had been paid off. 1.George Carlin 2.Richard Pryor 3.Bill Hicks 4.Richard Jeni 5.Doug Stanhope 6.Louis C.K. 7. Robert Schimmel 8.Rodney Dangerfield 9.Sam Kinison 10.Dave Chappelle.... After this hard to place top 10 the following comedians are all better that most of the list posted in no particular order.Patrice Oneal, Greg Giraldo, Mitch Hedberg, Daniel Tosh, Nick DiPaolo, Dave Attell, Dane Cook, Ralphie May, Joe Rogan, Nick Swardson, Redd Foxx, Jeremy hotz, Russell Peters, Jimmy Carr, Lewis Black, Ron White, David Cross, Charlie Murphy, and Jeff Ross. I have more tat should be added to this list. The following should be removed or bumped to the bottom. Ellen Degeneres. Robin Williams. Denis Leary (is famous because there is no cure for cancer). After reading this again i am even more annoyed with this list. And STOP puting Lenny Bruce at the top of the list. I get it he inspired Carlin. I love comedians too much to see the shit rising to the top of the list.

This List was made in 2005. That was before Daniel Tosh and Louis CK were the comedians they are today.

Weak. Is there an upadted list we can pick on instead? Tosh was Ok in 2005 just not popular, not worthy of the list yet but it is 2012 and i cant remember 2005 that well. Fuck in 2005 i might have still liked Carlos Mencia. As much as I hate him for stealing he was super funny with others material and his delivery. Screw off, I'm Joking...Hillarious And Louis CK was not the phenom he is now because he was a writer for others. Check out Louis CK, Dave Attell and Jon Stewart writing for Collin Quinn pirate sketch. Oddly funnly. A top 100 is so hard to create but i hoped comedy central would do a better job. Spots were probably for sale.

It's an ok list but many of the people on this list just aren't very funny. For some, the lines are written for them. Tim Hawkins, a current comedian, is not even on the list, yet he is as funny as Carlin and Richard Pryor.

"...many of the people on this list just aren't very funny."

"Funny" is subjective. I think the list-makers were trying to include stand-ups who were influential and/or historically significant. No, it's not a perfect list, but I think it was an admirable attempt on Comedy Central's part.

Okay, how does this list (which is almost a decade old now) receive more traffic than almost every other list on this site, on a daily basis?

Does not compute.

This list claims to be "100 greatest standups of all time", but it's really just the greatest from like the 1960's onward. Except for Henny Youngman and George Burns, there's no comedians from the old days, like the 1930's, 1940's, or 1950's. For example, where's Groucho Marx? He should possibly be #1! Where's WC Fields? Mae West? Curly Howard? Surely Groucho Marx is a better comedian than some of these lame-o's like David Brenner and Adam Sandler! Where's Jerry Lewis? And I think possibly Robin Williams should be #1.

How could Robin Williams possibly be #1?

This list is totally misogynistic. There is no justification for Phyllis Diller not being in the Top Ten, or for that matter being the top female stand-up comic on the list. She blazed the way for every female stand-up comedian that followed her, and I'd bet you they'd all say as much, including Roseanne. I think Joan Rivers actually DID say that. Diller was a comedic genius. Stuff of legend. Also Joan Rivers, should be much, much higher. She's easily the female equivalent of Don Rickles. Adam Sandler's stand-up career puts him at #46? Give me a break. He did stand-up at the beginning of his career. He was memorable on SNL, but that wasn't stand-up. His movies are not stand-up. But he's rated a higher stand-up comic than Henny Youngman who was the definition of a stand-up comic. This list artificially elevates newer comics, TV and movie stars who are popular with a younger generation.

This List is almost as much of a joke at the Mark Twain Prize which was awarded to Ellen DeGeneres, Will Ferrell and Tina Fey before they finally got around to recognizing Carol Burnett. Oh, really? Tina Fey = yes, totally deserving, in about 20 more years. Ellen DeGeneres maybe in 25, and Will Ferrell maybe, maybe in 30. Carol Burnett … should've been 5 years sooner.

Paul Mooney who also wrote for many if these Kats in the top 10 including the top 2. His comedy album Race is one of the highest rated and he is not in the top 100

Am I the only one thinking: Demetri martin?

Aziz Ansari, Demetri Martin and Bo Burnham should definitely be up there. Watch any of their specials and say they shouldn't. Dave Chappelle should be much higher, being a better black comedian than Chris Rock. The only thing funny about Roseanne is her obesity and the fact that she can stand-up is a true miracle, she does not deserve to be considered for this list, let alone be top ten. Bill Cosby is not nearly as talented as my recommendations. Most of the people on this list are terrible, plus Kevin Hart. Shut up people that say Kevin Hart is the best modern comedian, he is not funny, he is a stupid person and his jokes are unintelligible.

The best standup comedy ages well or changes the direction of comedy at the time it was current. Most standup comedy falls flat years later so it's hard to appreciate if it wasn't experienced first hand. For example, @Jcon1000 doesn't like Roseanne Barr, but she broke new ground for female comedians covering controversial topics. Of course, Dave Chapelle is funnier than Chris Rock. It would be more objective to rate greatest standup comedians by decade. Comparing Phyllis Diller with Amy Schumer seems ludicrous.

This list claims to be "100 greatest standups of all time", but it's really just the greatest from like the 1960's onward.

I would delete Richard Lewis, Dennis Miller, Paul Reiser, Gallagher and Robert Klein from the List, would move up David Brenner to the position held by Dennis and fill in Emo Philips, Mitch Hedberg, Franklyn Ajaye (check it out if you don´t know him) and Demetri Martin on the list, if I would redo it today.Dick Gregory should be a little higher than 81, he was a Trailblazer for black Comedians as Philis Diller was for women.

Where the fuck is Patton Oswalt???

Americans don't care much for British acts do they. Billy Connolly and Eddie Izzard normally place top 5ish in British polls but here they're so low. Chris Rock does seem a tad high, but he's probably important enough to be in the Top 10 -- maybe in the 8-10 range. Bill Hicks is an influential and seminal name, so he should have been in the Top 10, too.

"Americans don't care much for British acts do they. Billy Connolly and Eddie Izzard normally place top 5ish in British polls but here theyre":) British humour is a bit dry i think but I agree with you. I definitely think Kevin James needs to be there -- Dane Cook is also missing therealso his standup his hilarious but all in all this is a good list I must say even though there are at least 5 comedians that should be there and some positions should be exchanged its pretty spot on

Seinfeld and Letterman are way overrated. This list obviously has politics embedded within. No Patton Oswalt, no Mitch Hedberg, where's Patrice O'neal and Pablo Francisco?

People who are or were able to be funny and make others laugh may be different than "pure" stand up comedians, who can be in front of an audience all alone. My list is based on degree of influence, and how often they worked in stand up.

1. Jonathan Winters
2. George Carlin
3. Richard Pryor
4. Robin Williams
5. Shelly Berman
6. Godfrey Cambridge
7. Bill Cosby
8. Phyllis Diller
9. Red Foxx
10. Robert Klein
11. Bill Hicks
12. George Burns
13. Moms Mabley
14. Jack E. Leonard
15. Cheech & Chong

Of course, I am thankful to everyone of the great talents, listed and unlisted who had the courage to make others laugh.

Where's Tyler Perry!?!?!?

Woody Allen, Rodney Dangerfield and ROSEANNE ahead of Robin Williams?


In my opinion:

1. Richard Pryor
2. George Carlin
3. Lenny Bruce
4. Bill Cosby
5. Woody Allen
6. Steve Martin
7. Eddie Murphy
8. Rodney Dangerfield
9. Jerry Seinfeld
10. Chris Rock