College Majors I Considered

  • English
  • creative writing
  • psychology (my official minor)
  • philosophy
  • geology
  • neuroscience
  • cinema studies
  • African-American studies (my official major)

you can major in african-american studies? I thought that was purely for joke purposes.

If you really want a good laugh:
I considered majoring in Communication Studies, Adolescent Education, Phrenology and Physical Education. I finally accepted a degree in Cognitive Philosophy Resignment. My concentration was in the amygdala... which explains my grades.

But the funniest thing about my academic career was my dissertation. Not to toot my own horn but it was entitled The N'awlins1 Brass Diaspora: From King Oliver to Nicholas Payton.

I guess the joke was on me.

1 That one went out to dayfornight...

Cognitive Philosophy Resignment... okay. I can't even imagine what that was all about. The amygdala is a fascinating brain part though. :-p

Cognitive Philosophy Resignment is the study of reconciling oneself to the fact that other people may not think like you do, believe what you believe nor behave like you behave. Our Patheticratic Oath is "quod ad me nihil attinet." (trans: As far as I'm concerned it is pointless.) While it is an abstruse, highly specialized and impractical area of study it is also made up. I invented it to deal with potential Cranial Knuckleology majors.

I love the amygdala... sold on corners for €20 a bag by the street name of "Almond Joy."

...sorry 'bout all that.

Ah... ok ;-)

Yup, it's a real major. Why would it be a joke? It's as authentic as any other major-- same job prospects as any other unfortunate soul majoring in English, philosophy, Latin, East Asian Studies, etc... :-p

I didn't mean it was a joke to major in it... I just didn't know it was a real major, the only time I'd heard anyone reference it was in a joking manner, your right, it's just as legitimate as any other major, even if it belongs to the group of 'not so useful' majors.

Ahhh, I hate those jokes-- usually implying that Blacks should major in it to get an easy 'A'. I wish it were that simple, like "Ebonics 101" or something. :-p

well to be fair, all of the 'not so useful' majors and the people enrolled in them are unfairly bashed... which makes up about half of your list.

A word about "not so useful" arts degrees:

Although I would like it on record that I don't think anyone was really criticizing here - just that the attached article provides an interesting view on the subject. I was referred to this article just today, and I thought it was a little bit topical - apologies for not addressing anything really specific to the discussion at hand.

John Cleese speaks out on Philosophy Majors (and, by extension, all "not so useful" Majors.)

Very critical point he makes-- ideas, unique ideas & critical thought, are the seeds of social change.

Great article-- it does bring up a lot of valid points about the liberal arts degrees. Students with these degrees do tend to be versatile and excellent critical thinkers. I find that some of us are a lot more willing to ask "how" and "why" about a variety of subjects than those in the "practical" majors, though!

I think you're right. I find (many) arts majors more inquisitive in general about all manor of things. As always, there are lay-about arts majors the same as any other field.

I regularly face this debate with some coworkers who all have engineering degrees. They complain about being company whipping boys, then have the nerve to call my degree useless, and claim that arts majors end up working at Wendy's. Hmmmm.... who's making more than who? I don't see a Wendy's nametag on my shirt.

I don't think it's a question of liberal arts majors making those students more inclined to be critical thinkers and being more inquisitive, i think people who are more inquisitive and critical thinkers by nature are more inclined to decide to major in a liberal art. I think all thats being said is right, but you have the cause and the effect backwards.

I'm not sure it is an either/or situation.

Or uniform, for that matter.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I don't think I was making a case either way for which was the cause and which was the effect.