Collection: In 80 Countries Around the (Film)world

  1. Europe

  2. Austria
  3. The Sound of Music
  4. The Third Man
  5. Belgium
  6. the whole country: Man Bites Dog
  7. Flanders: Pauline et Paulette
  8. Brussels: La Vie Sexuelle des Belges
  9. Wallonia: Rosetta; Les Convoyeurs Attendent
  10. Bosnia-Herzegovina
  11. Croatia
  12. Denmark
  13. Babette's Feast
  14. England
  15. Withnail and I
  16. Estonia
  17. Finland
  18. Drifting Clouds
  19. France
  20. Jean de Florette
  21. Napoléon
  22. Germany
  23. Heimat
  24. Goodbye, Lenin!
  25. Greece
  26. Zorba the Greek
  27. Hungary
  28. The Round Up
  29. Iceland
  30. 101 Reykjavik
  31. Ireland
  32. Ryan's Daughter
  33. The Quiet Man
  34. Italy
  35. 1900
  36. The Leopard, Il Gattopardo
  37. Ossessione
  38. Latvia
  39. Lituania
  40. Luxembourg
  41. Le Pont Rouge
  42. Heim Ins Reich
  43. The Netherlands
  44. Soldier of Orange
  45. Northern Ireland
  46. Norway
  47. Insomnia
  48. Poland
  49. A Short Film About Killing
  50. Portugal
  51. No, or the Vainglory of Command
  52. Romania
  53. Russia
  54. Doctor Zhivago
  55. Ivan the Terrible
  56. Scotland
  57. Edinburgh:Trainspotting, Shallow Grave
  58. Glasgow:Small Faces, Ratcatcher
  59. Island of Man: I Capture the Castle
  60. I Know Where I'm Going!
  61. Local Hero
  62. Breaking the Waves
  63. Spain
  64. Talk to Her/ Hable Con Ella
  65. Sexy Beast
  66. Sweden
  67. Fanny and Alexander
  68. Switzerland
  69. Turkey
  70. Midnight Express
  71. Ukraine
  72. Earth
  73. Wales
  74. Hedd Wyn
  75. Africa

  76. Algeria
  77. The Battle of Algiers
  78. Pépé le Moko
  79. Angola
  80. Cameroon
  81. Democratic Republic of Congo
  82. Egypt
  83. The Ten Commandments
  84. Ivory Coast
  85. Kenya
  86. Nowhere in Africa
  87. Libya
  88. Madagascar
  89. Morocco
  90. Casablanca
  91. Somalia
  92. South Africa
  93. The Power of One
  94. Sudan
  95. Tunisia
  96. The English Patient
  97. Asia

  98. Armenia
  99. Georgia
  100. The Color of Pomegranates
  101. India
  102. Gandhi
  103. West Bengal: Pather Panchali
  104. Indonesia
  105. Iran
  106. White Balloon
  107. The Color of Paradise
  108. Baran
  109. Iraq
  110. Turtles Can Fly
  111. Israel
  112. Exodus
  113. Japan
  114. Tokyo Story
  115. Sansho the Bailiff
  116. Lost in Translation
  117. Mongolia
  118. Storm Over Asia
  119. People's Republic of China
  120. The Last Emperor
  121. He ni zai yi qi, Together
  122. Saudi Arabia
  123. Lawrence of Arabia
  124. Thailand
  125. Tears of the Black Tiger
  126. Vietnam
  127. Apocalypse Now
  128. North America

  129. Canada
  130. Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner
  131. Cuba
  132. Before Night Falls
  133. Haiti
  134. Jamaica
  135. The Hard they Come
  136. Mexico
  137. Amores Perros
  138. Panama
  139. United States of America
  140. South America

  141. Argentina
  142. The Motorcycle Diaries
  143. Evita
  144. Bolivia
  145. Brazil
  146. City of God/ Cidade de Deus
  147. Central do Brasil
  148. Chile
  149. The Battle of Chile
  150. Colombia
  151. Maria Full of Grace
  152. Ecuador
  153. Paraguay
  154. Peru
  155. Fitzcarraldo
  156. Uruguay
  157. Venezuela
  158. Australia

  159. Australia
  160. A Town Like Alice
  161. Walkabout
  162. The Sundowners
  163. Rabbit-Proof Fence
  164. Babe
  165. A Cry in the Dark
  166. New Zealand
  167. Whale Rider
  168. Poles

  169. North Pole
  170. Polar Express
  171. South Pole
  172. The Secret Land
Author Comments: 

Here the rules:
Lets try to find at least one movie for each of these countries. Therefore I really need your suggestions.
The film (or at least its story) you suggest has got to be set in one of the countries here above (please indicate the country!). Apart from that, it is important that the movie gives a (to a certain degree at least) panoramic view (culture, history, geography, ...) of the country.
Thanks for suggestions to: cramoukji, lukeprog, flfrleta, russa03, jpthompson, RosieCotton, icubaji, Mortimer
I accept MORE than just one movie per country.

Wish we were making this list while I was reading through A History of Narrative Film. I would've been able to complete the whole list in one swoop.

South Pole - The Secret Land (1948)
Japan - Tokyo Story (1953)

Thanks very much for your interest in this list.

A History of Narrative Film is an astounding book- the more i've come to know the more i've appreciated that.

My list of foreign films I've seen might be helpful, but it'll be hard to meet your rules about films that show off that countries culture and land and whatever.

How much of the film must be set in the indicated area?

North Pole: The Polar Express (2004)
Vietnam: Apocalypse Now (1979)
Austria: The Sound of Music (1965)
South Africa: The Power of One (1992)

Lots of others can be found by IMDB power searches, but I haven't seen the results so I don't know how well they show off a 'panorama' of the nation.

China: The Last Emperor (1987)

Thanks very much. Your suggestions are all OK (great).
I'll check out your list of foreign language films gradually.
>>>>How much of the film must be set in the indicated area?<<<<
Interesting question. Well, let us say that the 'major part' of the film must play in the suggested country.
Something I do NOT accept would be the following case: Someboy suggests The Lord of the Rings as representative movie for New Zealand. Ok, it has been made there, but the story itself doesn't take place in New Zealand.

If you want a belgian movie that gives out a cultural landscape of Belgium, knowing that Belgium is divided in three main parts (Flanders in the north where they talk dutch, Brussels in the middle basically french-speaking but officially bilingual and Wallonia in the south where we speak french), you may add up these three movies: Pauline en Paulette (Flanders), La Vie Sexuelle des Belges (Brussels) and either Rosetta or Les Convoyeurs Attendent for Wallonia. C'est arrivé près de chez vous (english title: Man Bites Dog) was made by Walloons but shot on the dutch-speaking seashore, in Brussels and in Wallonia so it could be a nice choice for just one movie giving as complete a scope as possible.

Yes, I think for Belgium the situation is quite interesting.
For the Germany it could be the same (East and West).

Switzerland must be a riot too but I am not so sure that they really make movies there... it's almost as dead as Luxembourg :p

Never underestimate Luxembourg! We have great film stars like Christopher Lee, Joseph Fiennes, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Willem Dafoe, John Malkovich, Gérard Depardieu, etc. who make movies in Luxembourg. But unfortunately most of them (the movies!) turn out as crap.
Hmmm... I should really think of a representative film for the Grand-Duchy. :)

C'était juste une bête moquerie, ne le prends pas mal... mais c'est vrai que je ne connais pas beaucoup de films du Grand-Duché

Oui, comme j'ai déjà dit: un chef-d'oeuvre n'a jamais été produit au Luxembourg. Malheureusement! :(

but of course there are swiss films! i suggest "The Swissmakers", if you don't mind it being at the same time a political film and made 1978, which means that it doesn't exactly show "contemporary" switzerland.

Thanks for the idea!

Scotland: Trainspotting & Shallow Grave (Edinburgh), Small Faces & Ratcatcher (Glasgow), Local Hero and Breaking the Waves
Poland: A Short Film About Killing
Mexico: Amores Perros
Cuba: Before Night Falls
Japan: Lost in Translation
Brazil: City of God
Peru: Fitcarraldo
Iceland: 101 Reykjavik

Films that are set in major cities would be a good list because it would be more exact. You'd have a few major cities from the ones above.

Such a list for cities is an interesting idea... I think I'll make such a list as soon as this one is complete.

Some films i've seen that i'm pretty sure fit the requirements.

Whale Rider (New Zealand)
Babette's Feast (Denmark)
A Town Like Alice (Australia)

Thanks for the suggestions. Others welcome.

England - Withnail & I
France - Jean de Florette
Australia - Walkabout

Thx a lot for keeping up interest in this list!

Don't feel you have to put (by Russa03) beside my entries, i find them distracting anyway.

Good idea.

Australia - The Sundowners
Greece - Zorba the Greek
France - Napoleon
India - Gandhi
India - A Passage to India
Ireland - The Quiet Man
Ireland - Ryan's Daughter
Israel - Exodus
Italy - The Leopard
Italy - 1900
Kenya - Out of Africa
Saudi Arabia - Lawrence of Arabia
Russia - Doctor Zhivago
Russia - Ivan the Terrible, Part One & Two

Great suggestions, my favourites being Gandhi, Lawrence of Arabia and The Quiet Man.

These are my suggestions:
Germany: Goodbye, Lenin!
West Bengal, India: Pather Panchali
Colombia: Maria, Full of Grace
Australia: Rabbit-proof fence, A Cry in the Dark, Babe
Canada: Atanarjuat [The fast runner]
Italy: Ossessione
China: He ni zai yi qi [Together] (2002)
Algiers, Algeria: Pépé le Moko (1937)
Scotland: I Know Where I'm Going! (1945)
Isle of Man: I Capture the Castle (2003)

Great, thanks!

Do take any you want from my Different Countries list here. But how could you not even mention Wales?- poor little Wales, so often overlooked, even when we've won the Rugby grand slam! So do add Hedd Wyn, and from Japan, Sansho the Bailiff of course.

Oops, sorry. Actually I want to maintain a number of 80 countries. I have added Wales, and removed another country. Thanks.

Oh and also thx for your list. I'll check it out asap...

Perhaps for Argentina you could list "The Motorcycle Diaries" which, considering the roadtrip the characters went on, could be placed in several countries. Also, Evita.

Iran: White Balloon, Baran, The Color of Paradise
Spain: Talk to Her, Sexy Beast (Brits in Spain)
Turkey: Midnight Express
Tunisia: Star Wars (heh, I know, the story wasn't set there, but it certainly has great panoramic view of the country), The English Patient
Egypt: The Ten Commandments

I'll keep Star Wars in mind, and see whether I'll add it or not.
Thanks nevertheless for the great suggestions.

i see there is great difficulty in listing any movies for the US. . . ;)

Ukraine - Earth (1930)
Finland - Drifting Clouds (1996)
Hungary - The Round Up
The Netherlands - Soldier of Orange (1977)
Norway - Insomnia (1997)
Portugal - No, or the Vainglory of Command (1990)
Sweden - Fanny and Alexander (1982)
Morocco - Casablanca (1942)
Georgia - The Color of Pomegranates
Iraq - Turtles Can Fly (2004)
Mongolia - Storm Over Asia (1928)
Thailand - Tears of the Black Tiger (2000)
Jamaica - The Harder They Come (1972)
Chile - The Battle of Chile (1975)

How about these? I've seen most of them, all of them were fantastic.

I think these are excellent suggestions. Thank you very much.