Clint Eastwood : best films he directed

  • 1. A Perfect World
  • 2. Unforgiven
  • 3. Play Misty For Me
  • 4. Pale Rider
  • 5. True Crime

Whoa! Bold move having A Perfect World top Unforgiven. Care to elaborate on its superiority? Was it at least close? :-)

very close. A Perfect World is so gritty and the story is a little better.

I completely agree here jeff; A Perfect World is criminally underrated. When I saw it a few years back I was surprised it was so good! Critics seemed lukewarm, and moviegoers stayed away in droves. Maybe they hated Costner as a villain...

Johnny Waco

Thats the beauty of the film. Costner's villan is so deeply complew and multi dimensional. I agree with you Johnny, this film is overlooked.

Welcome back!

I'm not back all the way as you can see. I rarely get to a computer so I have to log on when I can. But I'm saving for a computer so this wont be a problem any more. I miss you guys.

Well, nice to hear you're on the road back, at least! The place hasn't been the same without you. :-)

Jeff, what happened to your old computer?

I never owned a computer. I always had access with room mates and relatives. I recently moved to Florida and have no regular computer use.

dude, you live in Florida now? i just moved here in February, to fort myers beach. what part are you in?

Naples, Dan. I'm 35 minutes away. I'm leaving Sunday July 8 to Michigan though. I dont know if we have time to hook up.